Marvel’s “Runaways” Picked Up at Hulu


By: Michaela Bush

Heads up, Marvel fans! Hulu has officially jumped on the Marvel TV train.

The streaming service recently picked up Marvel’s Runaways as a TV series, which is based on the comic series of the same name. The TV show involves a group of teens and the events that occur after they find out their parents are involved in an evil crime organization, The Pride. Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona created the comics, with the first issue published back in 2003. The fact that the series was given a straight-to-series order rather than testing the waters with a pilot episode first is pretty fantastic.

The TV series will star Gregg Sulkin (Pretty Little Liars, Wizards of Waverly Place) as Chase and Ever Carradine as Chase and Janet Stein; Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez; Ariela Barer (Modern Family, ER) and Brigid Brannagh (Supernatural, Star Trek Enterprise) as Gert and Stacey Yorkes, respectively. Alex Wilder will be brought to the screen by Rhenzy Feliz.

Hulu made this announcement last Wednesday during its Upfront session. The series will be co-produced by Marvel Television and ABC Signature. Kevin Feige, Lis Rowinski, and Brian K. Vaughan are producing, with Jim Chory, Jeph Loeb, Josh Schwartz, and Stephanie Savage as executive producers.

“We’ve known the Runaways story would make great television…and being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie — who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience — write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable,” Jeph Loeb stated.

The first teaser trailer for the show was leaked online as well, but was just as quickly taken down, so it looks like we’re going to have to be patient for the trailer’s official release. Runaways is set to launch this winter on Hulu, but it’s suggested that it will be an early 2018 release rather than releasing over the 2017 holiday season. Filming wrapped up earlier this year for the show. What do you look forward to most, or expect to see, from this series?

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