Man of Steel


by Rebecca Mallory (@becs_mallory)


This is the Superman we’ve been waiting for. Long-time Superman fans and newcomers will all find something to enjoy in the new Man of Steel.

The movie opens with this idea; the idea of a man who doesn’t know where he fits, where he belongs, or what his future will bring. We finally saw a “human” side to Clark Kent. In the past, we have never seen him question what he should do or even who he is. We have seen the strong farm boy raised by morals and cornbread, but we have never been able to see the internal struggles he’s faced. Should he save the busload of students and expose himself or should he let them die and pretend that he is just a normal teenager? Clark Kent feels lost and alone in this world. For the first time that I can remember, we finally have a Superman the world can relate to. He is no longer “too perfect.” He just happens to be a man who can do more than we can.

Henry Cavill not only looked the part, his hair a perfectly-coiffed dark brown, but he played the man of steel perfectly. Russell Crowe played a fantastic Jor-El. They say Clark gets his sense of morality from the Kents, but I can see how his birth parents have influenced his decisions as well. Lois Lane (Amy Adams) was a fearsome thing to behold. She is ballsy, snarky, intelligent, and fearless, not unlike we’ve seen her in the past, but there was just something different. We are all used to Ms. Lane finding out who Superman is after years of only knowing the clumsy Clark Kent, hiding behind his glasses. In an interesting turn of events, she learns who the alien is before she meets him as Superman. She knows both sides of the man before he wears the cape.

This movie went more in depth about Krypton, and more into Superman’s alien side, which has often been passed over. Superman was the first naturally-born Kryptonian in centuries, meaning he is able to make a choice about who he is to become, unlike his artificially-born ancestors. This idea adds a sense of urgency to the idea of the hope that Kal-El will bring to the new world, should he choose to do the right thing. Others were bred with a purpose, such as General Zod. His sole mission and imbedded design, was to do what was best for Krypton, even if it meant destroying other planets to restart his race to do so. Michael Shannon portrays this character in such an enthralling way that you not only loathe the man, but pity him. Zod thoroughly believes he is doing what is best, which makes him all the more dangerous.

Hans Zimmer delivers once again with another epic cinematic score. Zimmer stated in an interview that “hope” is what Superman is about, so that is what he wanted to create, and he succeeded. The soundtrack added to the emotion of the film. You felt scared, you angry, excited, and wait for it…hopeful. Just don’t listen to it while driving. You may find yourself speeding, then you’ll get a ticket, and none of us want that.

Action, sci-fi, a sprinkle romance and good humor make for the perfect superhero flick. Multiple viewings may be in order just to process it all. Critics can say what they want, but it’s not about being Oscar-worthy. It’s about giving the fans the Man of Steel they have waited for and deserve. Superman is no longer on the bench with Aquaman. He’s not hiding behind glasses or kryptonite or bad spandex. He’s been waiting his turn patiently and his time has arrived.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars


  1. MeghanJune 17th, 2013 at 10:47 am

    Man of Steel…what can I say? Man of Steel was…eh. It had SO MUCH fighting to the point that it was downright boring. And just when you thought it was over…Round Two. However, I really liked Henry Cavill and his portrayal of Superman. Hoping the next one has more substance (as in way less fighting that goes on and on and on…). Anyone else notice the LexCorp vehicle? Anyway, I won’t be seeing it again in theaters, and it will probably be a while before I even watch it again on DVD, if I watch it again at all, that is. Superman Returns, which a lot of people didn’t really like, was better than this, in my opinion (despite the fact that they merely reused a lot of the same lines from Christopher Reeve’s version).

  2. AshleeJune 25th, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Thank you Meghan, I agree completely.

  3. TimJune 26th, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Agree with Meghan as to the long fights…mind numbing and kind of ruined the movie for me. Thought first two-thirds or so was excellent with good character development. One question though..***SPOILER ALERT*** if Superman and General Zog can fly into space…where there is no atmosphere…how can they be impacted by atmosphere (Earth’s or Krypton’s) at all? Or am I thinking this over too much?

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