M-O-M Spells Love: Celebrating Amazing Mothers


By: Angela Russo (@NerdGirlForever)

She’s the one in your corner, the tireless protector: she’s mom! It doesn’t matter if your mother is the tough-love type or a laid-back spirit: there is no one-size fits all approach to being an awesome mom. These gems of the female gender sacrifice many comforts to ensure yours, and persevere through the inevitable battle of self-doubt inherent to every parent’s journey. Nobody is perfect, but the love is everything.

A Mother’s Love

What is a mother’s love? It comes in many forms. It’s learning to roll with the punches, and always striving to be a source of knowledge and security. Knowing when to take charge and when to step back and let their little birds test their wings and find their own path. That love is unconditional, encouraging, and supportive as we grow up, explore who we are, and discover our passions and creative talents. No matter what life throws at you, mom is there to celebrate your unique beauty, and foster your confidence.

The universal trait of all true mothers is love, and Mother’s Day isn’t just about the traditional mother figure. Let’s take a moment to appreciate every kind of mother in life, and throughout nerd culture.

Single Mother

I have many single mother friends and I have to say, their ability to provide for and nurture their children into thriving happy individuals is nothing short of inspiring. They pull double-duty and do it with incredible determination. These women are admirable models of strength and independence. Let’s give a standing ovation to brave warrior-woman single mothers everywhere.

Dr. Beverly Crusher – Star Trek: The Next Generation

This Starfleet physician handles single motherhood with grace, skillfully balancing raising her intelligent and ambitious son Wesley with her duties as Chief Medical Officer on the Flagship of the Federation. Wesley’s transformation from child to ensign to the Starfleet Academy holds numerous dangers and challenges for both of them, but their strong bond and commitment to supporting each other through thick and thin carries them through the toughest obstacles.

Adoptive Mother

Nothing quite compares to a mother’s love, and biology isn’t always a prerequisite. There’s something truly special about this type of motherhood. Love is a choice, and women who become adoptive mothers make a very conscious decision to seek out and find a child who needs that love. Here’s to the women who go to great lengths to become “mom” to a child in need.

Regina Mills – Once Upon a Time

Longing to build the love she never received growing up, the former Evil Queen and current mayor of Storybrook is a heartwarming example of someone who transforms through the love for her child. It hasn’t always been an easy road for Regina and her adoptive son Henry, but Regina’s fierce love for her son helps her overcome the most difficult circumstances. At the end of the day, they both go above and beyond in support of each other’s happiness.

Motherly Role Model

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. Whether your mother has always been a part of your life, or circumstances have kept you from knowing one another, there are women who we remember being there for us as a rock of support and encouragement. It may be an aunt or other relative, the mother of a friend, or even just someone in your community, but these beautiful souls are women who have played a pivotal positive role in your life.

Eve Baird – The Librarians

As the guardian of the Librarians, it is Colonel Baird’s job to guard both their physical safety and the emotional well being of their souls. All four of the Librarians have come quite a long way since they formed their team, and it’s due in no small part to Eve’s tough love and tender guidance. With her support, the Librarians have flourished into the best versions of themselves.


When you think of Mother’s Day, your grandmother may not be the first one who comes to mind, but this is the woman who taught your mother how to be a mother! If you have an awesome mom, your grandma likely played a role by setting a positive example. Beyond that, she’s a woman who is there when you need her, ready and willing to be a source of wisdom and support.

Mary Bartowski – Chuck

As an operative for the CIA, Mary’s career takes her into some dangerous situations, but not even Alexei Volkoff can stand in her way when it comes to the happiness and safety of her family. From telling spy mission bedtime stories to her granddaughter, to protecting the nation from terrorists, no one could ask for a more kickass grandma.

Stay-at-Home Mom

This powerhouse woman does it all and more for her family. She cooks, she cleans, and essentially makes motherhood a career of its own. There’s something to be said for women who forego a personal career and dedicate a massive amount of time and energy into maintaining a nurturing home environment. These women know who they are and what they want, and their children thank them for her tireless support. There aren’t many long-term stay-at-home moms out there these days, but they are hardly forgotten.

Helen Parr AKA Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible – The Incredibles

Mrs. Incredible may be an animated example of motherhood, but she is truly the embodiment of stay-at-home moms everywhere. Her dedication to the well being of her family is undeniable. From making sure they’ve done their homework, to training them to use their superpowers, Elastigirl is one awesome supermom.

Mother’s Day is a time when we celebrate the nurturing women who are there to see us through the growing pains of life. Regardless of what kind of mother figures you have had, make a special effort this Mother’s Day. Reach out and show your love and appreciation for these wonderful women.

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  1. Jack NastMay 14th, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Reminders of the many Moms out there in the Nerdiverse. I’m sure many can relate there Mom to one of these super nerd women.

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