Lucifer: “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy” Review


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Welcome to the Lucifer review and this week’s episode, “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy.” We pick up where last week ended, Chet a steaming heap on the floor, and Mum stapling the hole in her stomach together…that’s not a euphemism, she’s literally stapling herself. Amenadiel is “processing” what it means to be God’s favorite and Lucifer literally chases him while trying to get the third piece of the sword. Mum goes to Dr. Martin to get healed, and again, we witness Mum’s lack of awareness of humans. Dr. Martin is a doctor, so therefore she can heal her…right? I mean the fact she nearly gets killed with the light shining out of Mum is no biggy. Dr. Martin uses duct tape to close the wound. What can’t duct tape fix? Chloe and Lucifer get a case, and it’s a body, burnt, and naked…and shaved. Lucifer gets called away by a text from Dr. Martin and he quickly learned that Mum is blessed, but the human body cannot contain the “blessing.” The light from within her will burst forth, but also consume her from the inside out.

Lucifer realizes the victim from earlier is a result of Mum. Ten minutes in and we already have Mum wanting to see her other children, and not realizing how that sounds to Lucifer, Amenadiel being called the favorite, and Lucifer about to lose the one human he cares about if she figures out what really happened to Chet. To be a show about the devil and angels, it is heavy in human emotion.

Lucifer needs someone to find Amenadiel, and goes for Maze, who is being seen to by Dr. Trixie. The only way to see Maze is to also be seen by Dr. Trixie. To watch the devil and a demon try to sort things out while a 7-year-old plays doctor on them is fantastic.

Amenadiel goes to Dan’s improv class, trying to use it to work on his feelings, but it’s not going so well as he keeps talking about being God’s favorite and killing his father during a scene on eating dinner and delivering a baby giraffe. It gets a little dark. Amenadiel has run the gamut in two seasons. He’s had a relationship with Maze, lost his wings, found his mom, realizes his dad used him to set up Lucifer, and now believes he is his dad’s favorite. It’s been a rollercoaster.

Later, Lucifer inadvertently gives Ella an idea about “Dad” watching from above and checks satellite photos, which of course has useable pictures. Chloe and Lucifer track down the van from the satellite photos and find a dead body wrapped in plastic being loaded into the van by two women in what look to be Hazmat suits. Turns out they are professional crime scene clean-up techs. They have nothing to do with the crime, but one of them has a real problem saying no to her ex-boyfriend, Brad, who lives by the crime scene. (It’s always a Brad, isn’t it?) Chloe pulls Lucifer aside and chews him out for rushing her through the scene. They talk and Lucifer tells her she wouldn’t understand. That leads to her being upset, again, and telling him they can’t keep going backwards. I’m not sure if they’re going backwards, but they sure aren’t going forwards. It feels like tonight might finally lead to something, but I’m not holding my breath.

Back at improv, Maze finds Amenadiel, and he’s not sure he wants to go home. Maze tazes him and drags him back to Lux. Amenadiel believes he finally has a calling: to guard the final piece of the sword. He’s looking so hard for anything to see that Dad believes in him that he’ll grasp at any straw, and he wants to be the soldier angel he was meant to be.

Mum escapes and goes to Dr. Martin’s. She has figured out that Dr. Martin knows the truth about Lucifer. (Mum is getting a little scary.)

Earlier, Chloe had figured out the cleaner girl lied about Brad, and found one of them dead…charred to be exact. The sister refuses to talk, Chloe calls Lucifer to ask him to do his “mojo” and he refuses as Mum enters the room. The tension is ridiculous. Chloe is mad as Ella comes over to talk to her and they talk about Lucifer’s family. Chloe begins to think Mum is up to something. Mum wants to bust into heaven, but Lucifer and Amenadiel, like two boys caught in the cookie jar and trying to lie their way out, have another idea. They try to convince Mum to take over Hell. Yeah, that went over well. She tells them that she knows that they’re not going back, and insinuates that Dr. Martin is dead. She snaps and flings them across the room, through a piano. She demands the missing piece of the sword, Amenadiel refuses, telling her she’ll have to kill him, and she leaves.

Dan and Chloe find Mum at a pier watching a carousel. She agrees to tell them everything if she can call Lucifer. She threatens him, hangs up, and tells Chloe just the two of them need to talk. Lucifer begs Amenadiel for the piece. Maze finds Dr. Martin, injured, but alive…barely. Amenadiel comes in and Maze begs him to help. Lucifer finds Dan at the pier, and he has the last piece of the sword in his pocket. Mum confesses about Chet to Chloe, but had nothing to do with the cleaner. The last member of the Ruiz family, Chet’s brother, Hector, is not only the cleaner’s killer, but draws a gun on Mum, at the pier, in front of many people, and if he shoots her, the “blessing” will kill everyone. At Dr. Martin’s, she is dying, and Maze tells Amenadiel they need more time. Amenadiel begins to do something – are his powers coming back? At the pier, the gun fires, and everything goes into slow motion. Thanks, Amenadiel! Lucifer and Mum escape, as Maze takes Dr. Martin and gets her to the hospital as times slows everywhere. Lucifer activates the flaming sword and tells Mum this ends now as he points it at her.

They argue, and she tells him she’ll go by herself. Lucifer tells her that going home is going backwards, and now he realizes what Chloe was saying to him. He tells Mum they have to move forward. He cuts through the world, and tells her to go forward and to create her own new world. They talk for a minute, have a moment, and she leaves, leaving Charlotte’s body behind. Lucifer throws the sword in without Amenadiel’s piece after her. The real Charlotte wakes up confused, Dr. Martin is saved, and Chloe thinks Hector killed everyone. Lucifer apologizes to Dr. Martin, and she tells him she walked into this with her eyes wide open. Lucifer calls Chloe and tells her he’s coming over to tell her everything, and there is no more going backwards. He is then hit in the back of the head and wakes up with no shirt, in the desert, sunburnt. The closing shot shows him with his wings spread in the middle of nowhere.


“I’ve got E.T. on the DVR if you need a good weep, and a pint of Haagen-Dazs if that helps.” – Lucifer

“Why does everybody keep doing this to me? I’m a doctor, but patching people up isn’t muh thing.” – Dr. Martin

“Sorry, wussies don’t get any.” – Trixie

“Me? How about you, suggesting Hell as a retirement home? Nice! Maybe if you had just mentioned a pottery class or water aerobics, she would have gone for it.” – Amenadiel

“I’d hate to put Daniel in an awkward position. I’d hate to ruin all the good ones we’ve been in.” – Mum

“My Angel. I’m going to miss you so much.” – Mum

“If you think I won’t forgive you for your mistakes or your flaws…if you think I don’t really know who you are by now, you’re wrong.” – Chloe

Little Things

I know I say it each week, but this show deals with being a human better than so many shows.

Oh, Maze. They have turned a heartless demon into someone who’s trying to figure out how to care for people in a way they recognize. Whether its playing doctor with Trixie, or saving Dr. Martin’s life, or living with Chloe, each week is a different trial for the “demon with no heart.”

Amenadiel – what a roller coaster ride. I mentioned everything he’s been through earlier, and I truly hope he is more confident next season with all he’s been through instead of the weepy angel he’s been all of this season.

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  1. HTIJune 2nd, 2017 at 9:33 am

    What about the wings on Lucifer???? What are the implications with him getting back his wings? Or is he just dreaming he has them?

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