Lucifer: “Sympathy for the Goddess” Review


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Welcome to the Lucifer review and this week’s episode, “Sympathy for the Goddess.” We open the show with a contact of Mum’s dying before she can receive the final piece of the sword. After some convincing, Mum gets Chloe and Lucifer to the crime scene where she decides to join the team. Oh boy.

Mum “assists” at the crime scene and follows the team back to HQ where she sexually harasses Dan, as is the norm. However, she finally admits to him that she likes him. What? Mum has actual feelings for the “flesh bags?” After some detective work by Ella, we find that the victim worked for one of Mum’s clients, Bianca. It turns out Bianca’s son, Chet, was in the room during the murder as found out by the discovery of his cell phone. Bianca later throws a party that Mum has an invite to, and after much back and forth, she and Chloe go together, but only after Mum tells her not to go in her “pajamas.” As they leave, Ella talks to herself, inviting herself to the party, but she can’t go because she is busy. Poor Ella. Lucifer goes to Dr. Martin, and Maze is waiting for him, knives drawn and twirling. Maze is furious because Dr. Martin is suspended, and drags Lucifer off with her to fix the problem. Cut to the party, and Mum bad-mouthing Chloe to the hostess, of course, while Chloe comes in looking amazing and the fun begins.

Lucifer and Maze try and help Dr. Martin, but Lucifer tells the reviewer how he slept with Dr. Martin and she wouldn’t take payment for therapy with sex, how she saved his life, but killed him first, and all of the other unethical things she has done for Lucifer. Maze drags him off before he can help anymore. Back at the party, Mum and Chloe talk about kids and Mum takes shot after shot at Lucifer. Between the two of them, they advance the investigation and Bianca catches Chloe, but Chloe makes them believe the only thing she’s there for is to meet Chet. Maze and Lucifer have it out outside, and Maze beats on him, and I mean BEATS on him. She gets out all of her aggression and finishes with a knee to the groin. She tells him he cares of no one other than himself unless they are of use to him, just like his parents. Lucifer’s eyes flash literal fire, and she headbutts him. They then attack each other in public.

The two are a bloody mess but no one seems to notice. The courtyard is trashed: broken benches, destroyed plants, and the two just hurtling insults at each other. They finally take a break and actually have a talk, and Lucifer tells her that he wasn’t staying in heaven and what he would do when he got there. She realizes he was playing his own angle and didn’t tell her because he needed her to be angry to sell the story. She tells him that’s even worse, and he still doesn’t understand. The two go to therapy together. Maze tells Dr. Martin everything Lucifer said. Dr. Martin says that since she not practicing, she can just tell him what’s wrong instead of leading him down the path of realization. Maze is pissed because of how he used her. Lucifer didn’t realize that feelings bother her, and now they do. Their time on Earth has done a number on these two, and it’s becoming the best part of the story arc. Maze vows to fix Dr. Martin’s problem, and I fear a dead body. Bianca comes to Mum, offering the last part of the sword for the phone in police custody. This is going to end badly.

Mum asks Ella for the phone, after dodging multiple hug attempts. Ella talks to her about Dan and tells her she’ll have someone break her legs if she hurts him. Ella leaves the room, Mum goes to steal the phone, and Chloe catches her. Chloe confronts Lucifer in her penthouse, and tells him that Mum told her the truth: she’s Lucifer’s dad ex. (I mean, it’s not a lie.) Mum brings the phone to Bianca, bugged by Chloe. Mum shorts the bug and gets a key to a safe deposit box, just as the police storm the room. Mum palms the key to Lucifer and Chloe tells him to step away and that Mum needs to be searched.

At Lux, we find out a book was in the lockbox, in an ancient language that no one can read except Amenadiel. It’s in Sumerian, and he says he can translate it in days, which is too long enough for Mum. Amenadiel and Lucifer realize something is wrong with Mum. Maze confronts the ethics investigator and drags him into his office. I don’t know if he’s dead or she had sex with him. Chet meets Mum in her office, claiming there was something else smuggled. He stabs Mum and screams at her that it’s all her fault. As she removes the knife, light shoot out of the wound, turning Chet into ash, killing him. (Very Raiders of the Lost Ark, but more burning then melting.) At Lux, the Amenadiel translates while Lucifer plays the piano. They are missing the key to bind it all together, entrusted by God to his favorite son. Amenadiel is mad, and accuses Lucifer of having the key, which is a ring. As he yells at Lucifer to give him the key, a necklace around Amenadiel’s neck floats, and we’ve found our key, and now know who God’s favorite son is. Next week, the season finale, and Mum loses it!


“That’s not true, I haven’t slept with any of my clients.” – Mum

“So the lead on the killer is a pair of butt-boob-eyes…that’s a great start.” – Chloe

“Same heart, completely different soul.” – Mum

“Double 69…oddly relieved that’s not it.” – Ella

“Or it’s just that time of the millennium. (Amenadiel gives him a look) What?” – Lucifer

“Is that a key around your neck or are you just happy to see me?” – Lucifer

Little Things

Mum still doesn’t understand humans, and I hope she never does. She gave away the money before receiving part of the sword, she can’t understand charades, and she’s just clueless. She may be all-powerful, but all-knowing she isn’t.

This cast is amazing, but in this episode, Lesley-Ann Brandt reminded us that she plays evil demon badass like no one else.

Will someone please take Ella to the party and give her a hug?

Come on back on May 22nd and we’ll talk the season finale, “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy.”

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