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By: David Carner (@davidcarner)
Welcome to the Lucifer review. Before we begin, it should be noted that we are in the middle of a “winter event”. After the next episode, Lucifer is scheduled to be off until May 1st. Fox has ordered a full 22 episodes so starting in May there should be 9 more episodes. This week’s episode, “Love Handles” is directed by Karen Gaviola, who has directed, well, a little bit of everything with over 100 TV episodes to her credit. She is the Supervising Producer Director on Lucifer. This episode is written by Alex Katsnelson. He has written several episodes of Lucifer, and once upon a time wrote on a little something some of you may have heard of, Chuck.
Spoilers to follow!
First, if you aren’t watching this show, why not? It is star-studded; Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D. B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, and Aimee Garcia are your cast. I’ll admit season one and I had a few issues, it was turning into another police procedure show, but this season…this season…WOW! Tricia Helfer playing “Mum” has been amazing. Aimee Garcia is wonderful, and the story has really picked up. Enough about my opinion, on to the show!
This week’s episode is the second part of a three-part event. To sum up last week’s episode, Chloe kisses Lucifer after Lucifer tells Chloe what makes her so special. There has also been a deadly substance stolen. I know, that’s brief, but moving on. We open with Chloe and Lucifer entering his loft, continuing their make-out session…or do we? Nope. It was Chloe’s dream. She gabs his horns, and he says, “I see you found my love handles.” That’s when she wakes up, to find Maze sitting in her room, eating popcorn and watching the “show.” They have a back and forth, and Maze encourages her to loosen up.
Lucifer is at Dr. Martin’s telling her how he wants to be different. Poor Dr. Martin. She tries to break through to him, and it just does no good. She accuses him of stalling with Chloe. Lucifer thinks maybe Chloe is no longer immune to his charms. The doctor tries to tell him maybe she likes him, but Lucifer can’t believe that and rushes off. We cut to Lucifer and Chloe walking to the crime scene and him trying his charms on her again. She reminds him it doesn’t work and as Lucifer turns around, she gives him a playful, yet hard, slap on the backside.
They walk in and Ella gives them the lowdown of the victim, poisoning. Chloe tries to laugh at Lucifer’s bad joke, and everyone looks at her like she’s crazy. She tries a terrible joke, and again, nothing. While questioning students in the dorm, we find an actor has been there “researching a role.” He comes around the corner holding a knife asking, “Am I too late? Is he dead?” He says it’s his fault. The actor tells them that if he didn’t cut his face, a man told him he would kill the student.
We come back to a man in a weird mask(Tim DeKay), telling the actor to cut his face, or the student will be dead by poison within 24 hours. During the explanation by the actor of what happened, Lucifer realizes no one would do something like that unless they were being manipulated. He then wonders if Chloe is manipulating him. Lucifer leaves to call “Mum”, but she is already at the station. Lucifer questions her, but finds she had nothing to do with it. Lucifer admits he doesn’t know if what is going on with him and Chloe. Dan walks up, and all three go back and forth. You can just feel the love in the air, especially with Lucifer and Dan. (That’s sarcasm if you’re wondering). The email sent to the actor was traced and Lucifer and Chloe follow up.
They find themselves in a university library, where Chloe observes students making out. She brings it up to Lucifer, which leaves him befuddled. Chloe finally asks him when he was one to avoid sex when they hear screaming. They find their suspect. Watching porn. Yep. Porn. Let’s fast-forward a scooch. We learn that the email is the grad student’s but he only uses it for porn websites. Well, at least he doesn’t use his school email. He was hacked, and there is another email. Weird mask comes on, and tells a surgeon to let a young girl die or destroy her hand. Again, the student has 24 hours to live and is already poisoned. (I guess 23 since the email was sent an hour ago.)
Lucifer and Chloe go to a frat party to find the student. Lucifer tells her she needs to look less hall monitor and more student, so Chloe takes her hair out of a ponytail. Transformation complete. (That wasn’t sarcastic.) They split up; Lucifer is met by a gaggle of girls. (or is it a troupe?) We cut to the surgeon’s house and the surgeon is contemplating destroying her hand. Dan promises they’ll save the student, but the surgeon asks what if they can’t. Back at the party, Lucifer chugs, and is then led upstairs by said girls. Chloe follows to burst in to find Lucifer smoking a joint, and talking to the girls about whether or not what he and Chloe feel is real. Chloe begins to chew him out when she realizes he’s not doing what she expected. One of the girls asks if Chloe was the one, and tells her she is so pretty. The victim is in the bathroom, nose bleeding, and it won’t stop.
At Dr. Martin’s office, “Mum” has dropped by to try and get Dr. Martin to tell Lucifer something about Chloe. “Mum” decides she knows who to get to do it and leaves. Back at surgeon’s house they find out the antidote doesn’t work. The surgeon walks into the kitchen, and sticks her hand in the garbage disposal before Dan can stop her.
The antidote is delivered to the student as promised, and the student’s life is saved. Ella finds a link, plus a “Boo-Yah.” She explains that each poison is a designer poison, with no antidote. She really appreciates the work. Victim one is one of the bad guys from last week’s episode. They link the poison to a flu shot from the university health van. They find a video of the person driving the van. It is a former professor shown running from a car wreck with his dissertation. A second later, the car wreck blows up with a college student inside that the professor didn’t save. The professor was disgraced for saving the dissertation instead of a life. All of these poisonings are to recreate the moral dilemma he faced to see how others would react. (Seriously, deep stuff here.) Lucifer suggests they email him and taunt him. Chloe sends him an extremely insulting email. Seconds later, he responds. The professor removes the mask, hello Tim DeKay. As any good villain, he tells everyone he’s not the bad guy. They are shown two more students in another situation and they have one hour. He tells them there is no antidote except in his head. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR NEXT WEEK!
Maze meets “Mum” in a bar. “Mum” wants her to tell Lucifer about Chloe…she’s a miracle. Back to the police station, Ella saves the day, with medium news. Chloe catches a key card on a camera feed and they find the lab. The professor makes Chloe make the choice of one student’s live or her life if she enters the room to save the student.
Chloe lets Lucifer get into the room and she goes after the professor. Lucifer cuts himself 3 times, until Chloe is far enough away that he can’t be hurt. He goes in and saves both students lives. Chloe fights with the professor a few times, until she finally catches him. The professor pulls a knife, makes a speech, says something very ominous about Chloe understanding soon enough, and cuts his own throat. Chloe rushes back to Lucifer and hugs him, worried about him. Lucifer is very confused, but touched. He finally realizes it’s real.
Lucifer meets “Mum” and Maze in the bar that Chloe’s parents were “blessed” in. Lucifer tells them how happy he is and how he and Chloe are real. Maze bails on the plan and leads him out. “Mum” yells at Maze, and why they fight, Lucifer sees the picture of Amenadiel with Chloe’s mother. Lucifer is crushed and hurt. “Mum” blames Lucifer’s father (God) and he remembers everything they have been through. “Mum” tries to comfort him, but he leaves and heads to Chloe’s house. He bursts in screaming for her. He opens the bathroom door yelling. Chloe turns and her nose is bleeding and won’t stop. Uh-oh! Fade to black.
“Or sex with friends.” Big eye wink – Chloe
“LAPD show us what is in your hands.” – Lucifer “No, raise your hands above your head where we can see them.” –Chloe “There might be a gun detective.” – Lucifer. “It’s not, a gun.” – Chloe
“What if I say pretty please? Apparently that’s supposed to do something.” – Mum
“This is real, isn’t it?” – Lucifer
Little Things
If I’m Tim DeKay, I might demand to know exactly how knives are going to be used in the show I’m in. I mean, first in Chuck he had that amazing fight scene with Yvonne Strahovski, only to end up on the wrong end of the blade, and now this. Ouch.
If you haven’t figured it out, I adore the character Aimee Garcia plays on this show. She brings humor when it is badly needed. All of the actors are great on this show, but there’s something about Ella.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
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