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By: David Carner (@davidcarner)
Welcome to the Lucifer review. This week’s episode, “A Good Day to Die” is directed by Alrick Riley, who has directed, well, a little bit of everything with over 60 TV episodes to his credit, including several on the TV shows, Spooks, Boy Meets World, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, The Walking Dead, and many more. This episode is written by Executive Producer Joe Henderson, and writer and story editor Chris Rafferty.
Spoilers to follow!
We pick off where we left off last week with Lucifer driving Chloe’s car. Chloe said her nose had stopped bleeding. She tries to figure out how she can be poisoned, and then she finds a puncture wound on her abdomen. She tells him going to the hospital is useless, Lucifer agrees and drives to the station. Ella walks in with pants, because she remembered. Ella shows them one last vial of poison found, but no antidote. She’s glad no one has been poisoned, because first the bloody nose, then the fainting spells, then seizures, then their guts start boiling and 24 hours later…BAM! Lucifer stops her from saying anything else, and Chloe and Ella go through the evidence to try and find anything when Lucifer notices Amenadiel. They go to an interview room to talk. Lucifer throws him across the room and grabs him by the throat. He berates Amenadiel about Chloe. Amenadiel tells Lucifer he was a pawn in their father’s game. They go back and forth until Lucifer is convinced Amenadiel has nothing to do with the poisoning. Chloe finds a lead and they go after the suspect, Burt. Chloe finds Burt and flirts with him and they go upstairs. Her nose starts to bleed, and he stops, but Chloe knees him in the groin and throws him in the room, where Lucifer is waiting. Outside we hear much screaming, and we find out he doesn’t have the antidote, but Dave Maddox might. Chloe collapses.
We return to the hospital where Lucifer and Dan are having one of their normal discussions. Dan tells Chloe that the two of them will follow up on the lead. Chloe is worried what Trixie will think seeing her. The two head off to an art gallery. Dan and Dave get into it, and Dan slugs Dave. Lucifer and Dan are tied up. The goons beat up on Dan, and when Lucifer realizes Dan getting beat up isn’t a part of the plan frees himself and beat up the goons. Lucifer uses his power on Dave to get the antidote. Lucifer buys a painting to get the antidote ingredients as part of his deal with Dave. At the hospital, “Mum” comes to talk to Lucifer. She tells him she is sorry, but reminds him that the man that did this is in hell. Lucifer perks right up. All he has to do now is die.
Back at Lux with Maze, “Mum”, Dr. Martin, and Amenadiel, Lucifer tells them all he had to do is die, pop down to hell, and get the formula. “Mum” forbids it, and Maze agrees. They tell him why he can’t, but he doesn’t care. Dr. Martin tries to reason with Lucifer. “Mum” walks out but Amenadiel, Maze, and Dr. Martin agree to help him. Dr. Martin finds out she has to resuscitate him, and both Maze and Amenadiel offer to kill Lucifer. Lucifer tells Dan to get the ingredients. Lucifer goes one floor below Chloe to be vulnerable, and tells Amenadiel to make sure no one moves her, especially after he’s dead because if he’s invulnerable then, who knows what might happen. I’m going to guess this is important.
Back at the station Ella and Dan are building the ingredients list. Ella says they have all of them but one and it’s super illegal. Street racers have the drug, which we find out because Ella used to steal cars. Dan and Ella decide to break into a chop shop to get the black-market ingredient. Back at the hospital, Maze and the Dr. prepare to kill Lucifer, and the Dr. is becoming very hesitant. Lucifer talks her into it. Maze goes to hit him with the defibrillator, can’t, and her and the Dr. argue over who should do it. Lucifer becomes perturbed and does it himself. I guess that’s suicide. Anyway, on to hell. Hell is very dark. Back in Chloe’s room, Trixie and Amenadiel talk. Amenadiel reassures her, and Trixie tells him he’s good, and hugs him. Back in hell, Lucifer walks around, lost, knowing he only has 60 seconds (time moves slower in hell). He finds a door and walks into scene from last week where the professor is escaping the overturned car. He is being publicly ridiculed and Lucifer walks up to him. The professor tells Lucifer it’s like he’s in hell. The professor says he’ll do anything to get out of hell. Lucifer tells the professor that the formula might save Chloe’s life and it might elevate the guilt he feels pulling the professor out of hell. There were a lot of mights in those sentences. I’m just pointing that out. The professor writes the formula and gives it to Lucifer. Lucifer walks away as the torment continues. Lucifer returns to the black part of hell, waiting to be “resurrected”. He sees another door and goes to it. He walks in to find his brother he killed, Uriel
We return and Uriel is playing the piano at Lux. Lucifer is confused, then he realizes this is his hell. He keeps stabbing Uriel over and over. The 60 seconds are up and the Dr. tries to bring him back. Cut to Dan and Ella breaking into the chop shop. Ella tells Dan she learned to pick a lock from her grandmother. A man comes out with a gun threating to shoot if they move. Back in hell, Lucifer is stabbing Uriel over and over. Uriel reminds him of what he whispered as he died. “The piece is here.” Stabby time. Uriel tells him he’s never leaving. Chloe is dying and Amenadiel can do nothing but watch. Maze figures out he is stuck, and she can’t go. The Dr. offers to go. “Mum” shows up to save him. Maze gladly kills her with the defibrillator. I mean steps right up and kills her as she is preparing.
The doctors save Chloe but they need to move her. Amenadiel stops them but security is called. Back at the chop shop Dan is trying to explain, when Ella steps up and starts yells at the man with the gun. Turns out the guy is Ella’s brother, Ricky. Ella explains the situation and gets the ingredient. Back in hell, Lucifer is still stabbing Uriel. “Mum” shows up to rescue him. He keeps stabbing as “Mum” is talking. “Mum” takes the blame for everything, and tells Lucifer that she has been manipulating him against their father. Lucifer starts to pull out of it and tries to leave. “Mum” becomes sucked in. Uriel begs to not be abandoned. Lucifer drags her out of the cell. Security tries to move Amenadiel, as the Dr. keeps hitting Lucifer with the defibrillator. Amenadiel throws off a number of security, as Lucifer finally comes back to life. Dan has the ingredient, and “Mum” is revived, as music plays. Lucifer gets Amenadiel and the drug is administered to Chloe.
Chloe wakes to Lucifer sitting and waiting for her. Chloe wants to know if they need to pick up where they left off. Lucifer tells her to get better, and Chloe tells him they’ll talk later. Lucifer goes for a walk, and “Mum” catches up. Lucifer tells her that this was a long con. “Mum” says his father needs to be punished. “Mum” assures Lucifer that he can trust her. He tells her she’s as bad as he is. “Mum” tells him all that she did for him, and Lucifer counters it was too little too late. Lucifer is furious and is done with the feud between the two. He says he’s done and walks away. Chloe is on her way home, and calls Lucifer. She is driving over to Lux and is heading to check on him. She walks in to a dark Lux and white sheets are covering everything. Lucifer is gone.
“You guys done having your whisper fight? Uhh, just make out already and get it over with!” – Ella
“Wait, you have illegal contact?” – Dan “You don’t?” – Ella
“It’s no fun if you don’t drive them really, really fast.” – Ella
“60 seconds? I’ve had an orgasm that’s lasted longer!” – Lucifer
“Well, look who’s back. You didn’t die after all. That makes one of us” – Lucifer
Little Things
This season has been fantastic, and the slow build of “Mum” vs father appears to be coming to a head.
Any idea what Uriel meant, because I have no clue.
Apparently, we will continue the will they/won’t they game between Lucifer and Chloe.
If anyone at Fox is listening I vote more Ella in the Spring/Summer season.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
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