Lucifer: “God Johnson” Review


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

If you’re just joining us on Lucifer, Lucifer, his mother, and brother are still trying to break into heaven. But that plan is slightly put on hold when the murder of the week introduces us to “God” Johnson, a psychiatric patient who touched a murder victim and on whom Lucifer’s powers don’t work. What’s a devil to do? Why, get committed to a psychiatric ward, of course – and one where half the episode takes place.

One of the best parts of Lucifer is nothing is sacred and it makes fun of everything. Last night’s episode was no different; during Lucifer’s incarceration, we have people playing poker with no cards, a man throwing his used underwear in Lucifer’s face, several jokes about electroshock therapy, and Santa Claus as a murder suspect. We also have the song “What if God Was One of Us?” played, and spoken as dialog, throughout.

After finally deciding God Johnson is his dad, Lucifer decides to break the two of them out and has the patients play on their strengths as distractions: fire, throwing underwear, and who knows what else. As the two walk out to escape, it’s in slow-mo, looking like a father and son just out for a stroll, enjoying a laugh, in a psychiatric ward, but a good time, nevertheless. After they escape, Lucifer reunites Mum and Dad at Lux, as he and Dr. Martin watch from afar as he attempts to Parent Trap them (Dr. Martin’s words, not mine). Mum is so happy to see him, she knees him in the groin.

Maze and Chloe’s relationship continues to be interesting and humorous. Maze is dying to find someone for Chloe to have sex with, and as a threesome with her if possible, and thinks she has finally pulled it off when Chloe’s date arrives at their house: a psychiatrist at the hospital where Lucifer is and whom Chloe is trying to get to let her interview one of his patients. During Chloe’s date, Amenadiel shows up and it turns into a double date of sorts. Amenadiel tells Maze the plan for him, Lucifer, and Mum to go home, and Maze doesn’t appear happy.

Tonight delved deep into Lucifer’s troubled family. Deep down, he’s just a kid who really wants to see his mom and dad back together. Lucifer continues to state he’s mad at both of them, but he was his most happy when it appeared the two of them might just have a future together. It appears Lucifer may rebel the way he does because of his parents. In the end, this angel cast from heaven is just like any other child. He’s angry because his father rejected him, and to make it worse, Dad doesn’t remember why he rejected him, but tells Lucifer he proud of him for what he has become.

The episode’s killer was revealed to be a nurse at the ward and her mother was the victim. The mother was controlling, manipulative, and tortured her; almost a carbon copy of what Mum did to Lucifer. At the end of the day, this show always comes back to family, either blood or those that we surround ourselves with.

After God’s belt is removed when the nurse tries to kill him, too, it reverts the man in the ward back who he originally was. Lucifer takes the belt buckle and adds it to Azrael’s Blade/the Flaming Sword, but it doesn’t complete it. The show ends with Mum going to Dan’s and asking to be held, almost human like. For a split second you begin to think that she can care about people, and then she opens her mouth and says she wants to be held with their pants off, so there’s that. Lastly, Lucifer talks to the man who thought he was God and he asks if Lucifer is still mad at his dad. Lucifer says he hates him, because his father would never say those words to him. The man drives off, mouth agape at the hatred on Lucifer’s face.


“That’s a relief, God and his ex having a fight to the death? Sounds kinda…bad for humanity? – Dr. Martin

“By chance, have you found any evidence pointing to…Santa Claus?” – Chloe

“Uh, yep. Dude looks exactly like the creepy drunk Santa at the mall when I was a kid.” – Ella

“You’re literally the judgiest person in the universe, Dad.” – Lucifer

“You put me in Hell, you bastard.” – Mum

Little Things

God Johnson was played by none other than Timothy Omundson, who might be best known for his time on Pysch as Carlton Lassiter. He was phenomenal in this role. He perfectly switched between comedy and seriousness, something heavily required on this show.

We find out in the previews for next week that there is a third part to the sword. (It’s starting to feel a little like an RPG!)

Can you believe there are only two more episodes left in this season? Come back next week where we’ll talk “Sympathy for the Goddess.”

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