Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headphones Review


By: Thomas Riccardi

One of the most important parts about any gaming experience is the ability to experience sound. Sounds are the cues that make you to an emotional wreck when a main character dies or makes you scream when a monster jumps out at you. But the sound you get from your games is only as good as the speakers or headphones that you have. The folks over at Logitech share this philosophy as they have made their newest headphones: the G633 Artemis Spectrum. But are these headphones worth the price or should you just stick with the ones you have now?

The most important quality of any headphones is the sound and that is where the Artemis Spectrum delivers. These headphones not only put out Dolby 7.1 surround sound, but DTS X Headset sound as well. The quality of the audio is absolutely amazing as you can experience everything from movies and music to your favorite games with these. Additionally, what sets apart these wired headphones from the G933 wireless is the ability to connect to many devices. The Artemis Spectrum has a detachable cord (which is great because my previous headphones didn’t have this feature and they both met an untimely end). You are given a choice between a 3.5mm jack and USB and with these two connections, you can literally hook these up to any device. From your PC to your mobile device and right into your home theater, these headphones can adapt and change to your personal needs without having to buy multiple headphones for each device. Also, these are noise-cancelling headphones, which offers the ability to drown out some of the background noise and gives you the full immersive experience in whatever you are doing.

This headset also comes with a noise-cancelling mic that folds into the headset for easy storage. When it is folded down, the mic is automatically active so you don’t have to look for a button to turn it on or off. Likewise, when it is folded back into place, it is automatically muted so as not to clutter up voice chat with an open mic. This allows you to focus on the task at hand and not to be distracted by what might be going on in the background.

One of the main factors – for me at least – with headphones has to be comfort. I was cursed with big ears and the ability to find over-the-ear headphones that fit and are comfortable to wear has been an uphill battle. When I got these headphones, I thought it was going to be the same struggle, but I was completely amazed on how comfortable they are to wear. This is great for gamers who love to broadcast on Twitch as they will be able to game for hours on end and not feel the need to take off these headphones.

You will also be able to control the headset with the Logitech Gaming Software that allows you to customize it to your liking. From being able to control the lighting to adding macro keys to make it easier to communicate with your team, this headset can do it all. It also allows you to program keys to send ASCII art in voice chat. Another great feature is that if you wanted to 3D print side panels for your Artemis Spectrum, you can do that too. Make some panels with your clan logo and watch as your headphones become as unique as you.

And what is best about these headphones is that they are affordable and deliver some of the best sound on the market. They retail for around $149.99, but I have found them cheaper through some online markets such as Newegg, which is selling them for $99.00. While this may sound a bit steep for just a pair of headphones, once you experience the quality of the sound and the ability to perform complex commands on the fly, you will wonder what you did without these.

With superior sound quality, deep customization options, and the ability to connect to multiple devices, it is plain to see that the G633 Artemis Spectrum are the headphones to get. They are perfect for everything from gaming to watching movies. For more information about this and other great products from Logitech, head over to gaming.logitech.com/ and get ready to experience some of the best sound of your life.


  1. TomAugust 19th, 2016 at 3:25 am

    Great review. The thing I liked about these headphones is their design. I need to buy it. It also has good ratings at Amazon.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

  2. RealGearAugust 17th, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Hey guys do you also have a review on the 933 model, the wireless twin brother?

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