Lemon Out! The 30 Rock Finale


by Angela Dahl

Time for 30 Rock to high-five a million angels, because the show has officially ended its time on NBC’s Thursday night line-up.

The two-part series finale “Hogcock!”/”Last Lunch” was driven by one last show, due to Tracy’s contract, and one last free writer’s lunch. Most characters got a last moment, though Lutz’s sweet, sweet Blimpie’s revenge was probably the most hilarious.

Each character deals with the end of TGS differently: Liz tries to see what her options are as far as writing a new show; Jack contemplates happiness; Pete contemplates faking his own death; Jenna tries her hand at Law & Order and (briefly) being an actress in Los Angeles, and Tracy just doesn’t know how to say goodbye. For once, I identified completely with Tracy. I think any one of us 30 Rock fans would’ve blackmailed Al Roker if it meant that it wouldn’t be over. And most of us are probably finding solace in a strip club right now (unless that’s just me).

There were some notable cameos as well: Julianne Moore and Salma Hayek return, though one via webcam, because of Jack’s A.S.S. (his way of crushing problems: Analyze, Strategize, Succeed). Conan and Liz have a flashback moment in an elevator. The most touching moment of the finale was probably between Liz and Jack on the dock, where they finally confess their feelings for each other (not in that way, dummies).

The endings for the characters were rather perfect. Liz moves on to another TV show, Jack moves on to clear dishwashers, and we see that Kenneth never moves on as the head of NBC. Or ages.

Lastly, with a shake of Kenneth’s snowglobe, the series finale shows us there is hope for more Liz Lemon types in the future of television. I think that’s the most important message behind this finale. Tina Fey certainly blazed a trail for women comedy writers and female lead characters, and hopefully some other nerdy lady writer in a blazer with a penchant for night cheese will take up the mantle.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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