Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Camelot 3000


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Tonight’s episode begins in Detroit in the year 3000. Rip appears in a lab talking to a man named Charles, who used to be blind (Dr Midnight, I presume?). Charles has an item that could do away with violence or amplify it. Rip tells Charles he is rounding up the pieces of the spear and they are being kept at the Vanishing Point (oh my) Charles questions Rip, and Rip shoots him. Charles refuses to give the location of the fragment. Rip believes it’s inside of Charles, pulls a knife, and the logo flashes. On the Waverider a piece of the spear has been located in Detroit, 3000. Steel doesn’t like the future, and Vixen suggests he stay on the ship if it bothers him. He asks if she wants him too, and she doesn’t care, she was just giving a suggestion. (sexual tension much?) We go to Detroit 3000. Now they begin arguing, Sara tells them to shut up. She tells Steel to stay on the ship but Waverider tells them the spear fragment is gone. They go to the last known location of the spear and find Charles. Vixen names him, and we learn it IS Dr Midnight of the Justice Society. RIP has smeared his name in blood. Back on the Waverider, Steel is confused how Rip knew the spear was there. Sara surmises that Rip must remember, and Vixen fires out, “It’s a good thing you let him escape.” (Vixen vs White Canary?) Vixen reminds her how she stopped Jax from killing Rip, and Sara counters they’re not killers. Stein reminds them that Sara, and Rory are. Vixen and Sara have a back and forth, and Vixen walks off. At that point Gideon interrupts and tells them in the year 507 AD on a small island of Britannia, another part of the spear has been found. Camelot anyone? Steel and Ray dress in appropriate clothing (Ray in knight and Steel as a squire) and talk about the past. Back in Stein’s office, Rory comes in. Rory accuses Stein of stealing something, and Stein admits to “borrowing” the item that allowed Dr. Midnight to see. Outside, Steel is talking about the time they are in, and Vixen is irritated with him. Sara says someone is following them. Knights appear from behind bushes, and Ray speaks. (This is amazing) “Hark, good knight, we mean you no harm, we are but mere travelers in this land. I, Raymond of the Palms, and my band of merry men, and women, humbly request safe passage to Camelot and King Arthur.” The knight takes off HER helmet, and it’s Guinevere. She tells them their leper, Steel, must remain outside the castle walls. Ray in impressed, but Steel insists that this place shouldn’t exist. They all get to appear before Arthur, and Ray tells them they are brave warriors on a quest. Knights of the round table have been kidnapped. Arthur calls in Merlyn, to which Steel can’t believe exists. Merlyn takes off HER hood, and it’s Stargirl. Vixen asks her what she’s doing there, but Stargirl looks at them blankly, and we go to commercial.
Back in Waverider, Stargirl joins the group, and she admits to trying to fit into the court. They tell her that Dr. Midnight is dead. Stargirl asks what Vixen knows of the JSAs final mission and Vixen tells her that they disappeared after a mission in 1956. Stargirl tells her the mission was to recover the spear of destiny and keep it out of enemy hands. They were joined by a Time Master (Rip) and he assisted breaking it into four different pieces and the three took the pieces to different eras with Rip keeping one. We go to the court and a party is taking place. Sara and Guinevere talk. We cut to Arthur fighting a black knight. Arthur is defeated and it’s Darhk. Rip joins them. Cut back to the party. Jax, Ray, and Steel are drinking. Ray sees Galahad and goes to introduce himself. Ray tells him he is a big fan. Galahad praises Arthur, and the horn sounds. Arthur brings in the black knight, and takes Stargirl at knife point. Darhk takes off his helmet and we now see Arthur has the item in his ear from earlier. Rip tells Stargirl to give over the fragment. The Legends attack, but Galahad is run through by Arthur. Arthur then puts a knife to his own throat, and Darhk tells them to hand over the spear or they’ll return with an army they control. The Legion leaves, and Ray goes over and picks up Galahad’s sword. Commercial.
It is morning and Vixen is catching Stargirl up. Guinevere is upset about Arthur. They tell her she must lead but she refuses saying she is no king. Sara tries to convince her. Vixen tells Stargirl they need the fragment. Stargirl refuses. Stein examines the item found on the dead knight and it’s the same technology that he “borrowed”. Stein has the transmitter, and the receiver was on the knight. Jax and Stein discuss how to use it to their advantage and after some back and forth Stein is “convinced” he must use the transmitter because of his large brain and Rory will be the one that uses the receiver since he has a mind that is plateable. Over with the Legion, Arthur has an entire army. Back on Waverider, Stein is trying to control Rory to no avail. The receiver turns on, and Stein realizes the Legion is on the move. We cut to Guinevere speaking to her remaining troops (Ray has joined in). She leads them to the field of battle with Steel telling Ray it’s not worth it. Ray disagrees and joins. Steel pulls out a book and sees what looks like Ray dead. Vixen is in the court trying to get a read on the fragment. Sara asks her what she’s doing and it the device goes off. Of course it is in the Sword in the Stone. Sara tries to talk her out of it, but Vixen uses her amulet and pulls out the sword. Stargirl enters and tells them to put it down. Commercial.
We come back to the Legion readying their attack. Darhk tells Rip that it makes more sense to meet on the battlefield than to lay siege on a castle. Rip and Darhk argue and Darhk threatens him. Back to the court, where the three heroes are arguing. Stargirl says Vixen left the JSA and now her heart belongs in Camelot. She has fallen in love with Arthur. Stargirl talks about Arthur and Vixen hands back the spear. Stargirl gives it back and she is staying in Camelot. Sara and Vixen leave. We cut to the armory where Ray is readying himself for battle, and Steel is trying to stop him. Ray uses his tech to make the sword…well…a light saber. Steel tells him it’s time to leave, and Ray refuses. Ray makes a speech and Steel tells him if he doesn’t leave he will die. In the Waverider, Jax disagrees with Sara. Back at the armory, Ray is knighted. On the Waverider, Steel shows them the book with Ray being knighted. Steel pleads Ray’s case, and Rory says he’s not letting him fight alone. Sara tries to get them to leave but the whole team stands up for Ray. Vixen tells her to listen to her gut, and they stay. Commercial.
Stein is trying to figure out how to make the transmitter work. Jax thinks it’s less about brainpower but more about intensity and Stein and Rory switch pieces, much to Stein’s displeasure. It works and Stein is shocked. Jax works on amplifying the signal. Cut to the battlefield. The fight begins, and it’s epic. Stargirl uses her staff, and the reinforcements from the Waverider show up. Ray sees a knight charging, runs towards him, launches himself in the air, and you guessed it, the sword sounded just like a light saber and he kinda looked like Luke.(There was even some Star Warsy music as it happened). The Legends hold their own, but the knights begin to fall, and Guinevere falls to the ground after being dehorsed. Back on Waverider, Rory turns up the juice in his head and the mind controlled knights fall on the battlefield. Arthur attacks Rip, and takes down his horse. Rip lays on the ground and Darhk saves himself. Ray takes off after Darhk. Rip is taken by Sara and loaded onto the Waverider. Ray chases down Darhk and they fight. (I mean it feels very Return of the Jedi). Ray wins, until Darhk pulls a weapon and shoots Ray in the armor, knocking him down. Darhk walks off. Commercial.
Steel finds Ray and begs him to open his eyes. Ray wakes up and calls himself Sir Raymond of the Palms. Back at the court, Arthur thanks Vixen, and Stargirl. Vixen and Stargirl talk. They hug as Steel watches. Vixen and Steel chitchat. Sara and Guinevere talk. Sara says she enjoys meeting her, and Guinevere responds, “And I you, Sara…Lance…a lot. (Sara is a playa) Ray interrupts them (they were about to kiss). Guinevere tells him there will be a seat at the round table for him. Ray tells Sara every good legend ends with a kiss, and yep, Sara kisses Guinevere. Waverider takes off, and we find Stein and Rory are talking, and Rory says his brain saved the day. Steel and Ray have a moment, and they walk away without looking to see how Ray is remembered. The book shows Ray being crowned. We cut to the cell where Rip is being held. Jax chews him out and tells him he will end him if he hurts anyone. Rip really doesn’t care. Jax walks away and after a moment, Rip calls for Gideon. Gideon responds, “I am here Captain.” Rip says, “You always are.” End of show.


“The hell does a light switch look like in the year 3000?” (finds light switch and flips it on) “Yeah, I guess there’s not many places you can go with a light switch.” – Jax
“The King has left the building.” – Darhk
“Your make believe kingdom is a real soap opera.” – Sara
“It’s like a saber…made of light!” – knight
“Mya, Nate…you ready to get midevil out there?” – Sara

Little Things

Another great show, this second half of the season has really been good.
Vixen and Steel are apparently going to have a slow simmer for a while. The Vixen Sara tension was used well tonight, and it appears Vixen has finally accepted there currently no JSA and she is a Legend. (Well, for now)
We’re off again next week, but the following week it looks like Rip is taking over the ship and things may get ugly. The teaser shows Rip starting the self-destruct.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back in two weeks and we’ll talk “Land of the Lost.”

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