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By: David Carner (@davidcarner)
Welcome to the Legends of Tomorrow review. This week’s episode, “Turncoat” is directed by Alice Troughton, who has directed numerous British TV episodes, including Merlin, Dr. Who, Atlantis, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and here in the US, The Flash. This episode is written by Grainne Godfree, writer of many TV episodes of the Arrowverse. It was also written by Matthew Maala, writer and story editor on Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoilers to follow!

We start tonight in New Jersey, 1776. Rip is giving orders to the British army. He tells them that George Washington is dead, and hands out automatic rifles to his troops. Reverse Flash is waiting for Rip and they talk about their plan to wait on the Legends to travel to where Rip killed George Washington, kill the Legends, and take their part of the spear. We get the logo of the show, and on to Waverider. Sara and Jax are complaining about how long it is taking to find the parts of the spear of destiny. Gideon tells them that power can be rerouted from life support to expedite the process. In the hallway, Ray is giving Rory grief over rat droppings in their room, and worries the rat might have the bubonic plague. Ray pokes Rory as he says this and gets injured during the retaliation. In the kitchen area, Steel and Vixen have a moment, and Vixen falls into Steel arms during a timequake. The timequake is Rip killing Washington. Sara recognizes it as a trap as the group meets in the main room. Steel tells them where to go, and that Vixen and Steel need to pose as newlyweds. They arrive at the home in 1776, where Ray is miniaturized riding on Rory’s hat. Firestorm has been left back at the Waverider. Automatic fire erupts at the party, and Washington refuses to leave until Sara makes him. Steel “dances” with Vixen as he turns to “Steel” to protect her. Outside, Rip sets off a bomb that knocks out Waverider’s and Ray’s suit’s power. Rip confronts Sara, Rory, and Washington. He shoots Sara in the stomach and the redcoats take Washington and Rory away as Sara falls to the ground.
Back on the Waverider, Sara is being attended to by Jax and Martin. Jax says if they merge they can use nuclear energy to repair Gideon, they try but they can’t join. Sara tells Jax it was Rip that did this and puts Jax in charge as she passes out. Martin works on Sara as Jax goes to work on the ship and tells Steel and Vixen to rescue Washington and Rory (It was implied.) Rory and Washington discuss how to get away. Rory is willing to go down in a blaze of glory, but Washington believes in the “rules of war”. Rory says those rules are killed or be killed. Vixen and Steel are trailing the prisoners by the trail of trash that Rory is leaving. Steel is trying his best to flirt with Vixen. Steel talks about how they’re outside, but Vixen says its hard to enjoy with all that is going on. Steel says, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” and Vixen recognizes that line. She mentions a young man she was “courting.” She said she didn’t get to see the end of the movie because Hitler invade Poland and the JSA had to ship out. (That Hitler, always messing stuff up.) Back on the Waverider, Jax and Steel work on the ship and Martin says they need to operate on Sara now. Rip begins to attack the ship. Jax tells Stein to operate and he’ll deal with Rip. Back on the trail, Vixen wants to know what dating is like in 2017. Steel tells her that going to the movies is a big commitment. He tells her about swiping left and right. Steel begins to explain the sexual revolution, but a noise stops them from talking. An axe is thrown at them, and two men attack them, one throwing Steel off the cliff and into the river. Vixen takes on the power of a seal and dives in.

Back from commercial Vixen brings Steel back to a tent. Steel is suffering from hypothermia. Vixen begins to take the wet clothes off and says he needs skin on skin contact. Nate tells her he pictured getting her naked and passes out. She slaps him to wake him and pulls him close. Back at the Waverider, evil Rip is trying to break in. Inside, Martin gives himself a pep talk and begins surgery. Ray is trying to fix the ship, and Jax is setting up traps in his best Home Alone impersonation. The soldiers succumb to the traps. (There’s even a Christmas present used as a prop.) It’s down to Rip and Jax. Rip figures out it’s Jax doing all of this to his men. Rip tells him he knows every nook and cranny on the ship. Back with Washington and Rory, Washington is brought before General Cornwallis (know your history, kids.) Cornwallis tells them they will be hung, and Washington tells him the rules of war. Cornwallis tells him it’s a rebellion and he will be killed, but Rory will be spared. Back at the sexy tent…I mean…you know…Steel wakes up and checks his underwear. He wasn’t wearing any, and he tries to tell Vixen how cold the water really was. Steel tries to lure her back in, and Vixen asks him if they were moving too fast. Steel says no, and sparks fly. (Told you it was the sexy tent). Back on Waverider, Rory, holding a gun, continues to stalk Jax. Jax taunts him as Rory chases him. Rory offers Jax his father’s life, and Jax pauses. Jax is sitting him up, and escapes.
Back at the enemy camp, Rory tells Washington he is going to escape, and Washington refuses to go since he is a gentleman. Rory insults him and Washington talks about his cause being treated equally regardless of hereditary privilege. (Interesting timing on all of this.) Rory rebuts what an American is. Back at the tent, the two awaken, and Vixen is upset that they had been asleep for an hour. Vixen tells him they have a job to do. Back on the ship, Jax turns on the auxiliary power, as Rip finds him and traps him. Jax tells him that this isn’t him. Rip gives the villain monologue as he shoots, and Jax finds himself trapped with nowhere to go. Trip gets ready for the kill shot when Jax says he knows where the spear is. We cut to Ray and we find the rat he had been talking about. The huge rat chases Ray. Back to Jax, and he’s still trying to tell Rip he’s a good man. They are in Rip’s office, and Jax says the spear is where they left it. Rip tells Jax to open the hidden door, but they are interrupted by Ray screaming from the rat chase. Jax opens the door and dives as an explosive goes off. Rip is thrown and Jax runs off. Rip finds a blood trail and follows it. Cut to Stein post-surgery and Sara is waking up just as Rip walks in. Jax is out of breath as he hears the screaming he comes into the OR. Stein is down, Sara is being choked, and Rip has the gun pointed at Jax. Jax tells him the piece of spear is in the telescope. Jax pleads for Sara’s life. Rip breaks Sara’s neck and walks off.
Rip finds the spear in the telescope. Cut back to the OR, and Stein is waking up. Jax is in the corner, and tells Stein what happens. Ray is Sara’s last hope. Ray gets the power online, and Stein has Gideon save her. Back at enemy camp, Washington is waiting to be hung. Rory steals a rifle and the fight begins. The two fight off a dozen redcoats, until someone finally decides to pull a gun on them. Steel and Vixen show up to help and the four run off. Rip is walking back with the spear and Jax catches up pointing a gun at Rip. Rip tells Jax to just shoot him and spreads his arms. He tells Jax he’s weak, and as Jax goes to kill him, Sara walks up. Sara tells Jax that Rip put together a good team. Sara reminds Jax it’s Christmas. Jax puts down the gun and Rip walks away toward the oncoming British army with the spear.
legends 2
Back at George’s house, George and Rory are having a drink, the others have found all of the weapons that are not of the era. Rory hugs George and they talk for a bit and then leave. Back on Waverider, Sara finds the Revolution is back on track, however there is a statue in Washington, D.C that resembles Rory. Sara and Jax talk. In the kitchen, a Christmas party is taking place. Vixen is at the tree while everyone else is at the table. Steel and Vixen have an awkward moment, and Vixen tells him that teammates shouldn’t fraternize. She does ask if that is what chill means. Steel tries to play cool. Sara gives a toast and reminds them they saved America and they will save Rip.


“So, we’re just going to break into someone’s house on Christmas Eve?” – Vixen. “Yep, just like Santa.” – Jax
“Now I know why Franklin’s on the $100 bill. I’ll bet you 100 yous that you’re wrong.” – Rory
“Hitler ruins everything.” – Steel
“If you’re implying what I think you’re implying, you don’t think that’s a little fast? Even by modern standards?” – Vixen “No” – Steel “I suppose after all we’ve been through a kiss would seem quaint.” – Vixen “It would seem old fashioned.” – Steel
“You don’t know the first thing about being an American. We’re misfits, outcasts, and we’re proud of it. If they attack in formation you pop them off from the trees. If they challenge you to a duel, you attack their camp at night. If they’re going to hang you, you fight dirty. And, you never, ever give up. That’s the American way.” – Rory
“Why are you protecting him?” – Jax “I’m not protecting him, I’m protecting you.” – Sara
“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and whatever people say outside the timeline. Now, I know that it may not seem that we have anything to celebrate. Rip’s been brainwashed, and took our piece of the Spear of Destiny. There’s a monument in Washington D.C. to Rory. But, we saved America, and we’re going to save Rip, and get back the rest of the spear. Because as powerful as the Legion may be, they don’t have, this. Family. And we all know nobody fights like family.” – Sara

Little Things:

For the third week in a row, Legends has been very good.
I think we need to be honest and admit sometimes the writers are in a tough spot. Firestorm is one of the strongest superheroes around and sometimes they have to come up with crazy reasons why he can’ be around.
Dealing with time travel is hard sometimes. Sending a mixed couple into 1776 is probably going to do more than raise eyebrows at that time. One of the soldiers mentions that they do things, “differently” in Boston when Steel calls Vixen his wife.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back next week and we’ll talk “Camelot/3000.”

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