Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Land of the Lost


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

We start on the Waverider in Rip’s office where the team is trying to figure out where Steel’s grandfather is. Steel is concerned about the very fabric of reality…and his grandfather. Gideon is processing as fast as she can to find the final piece of the spear. Jax wants to talk to “evil” Rip, and Sara says it’s a bad idea. In the brig, Rip is trying to talk to Gideon. She has been prohibited from talking to him. He says three words, “Spaniel, broad, tricycle.” Apparently this is some code as Gideon pleads not to make her do that. The door opens to his cell, lights start flashing and doors close all over the ship. Gideon will not follow the Legends orders any longer. Sara realizes it’s Rip. Rip is in the armory, and grabs a gun. Steel forces open a door to join the others. Rory is sent to stop Rip. The ship is tossing. Jax needs to shut down the ship to get back control. Rip takes the amulet and initiates “spectrum protocol.” It’s a self-destruct. Steel, Vixen, and Rory try to stop Rip, but he throws the amulet into the air and destroys it. Rory knocks out Rip. The ship is hurtling through time, and Jax finally stops the countdown, but there are no controls. The ship crash lands on a snow-covered planet, and it’s a bad landing. No one is hurt but the ship took a beating. They are in the Cretaceous period. It is the exact year that Rip’s time scatter left Ray in the first episode. The ship has lost the delineator (whatever that is). Rory talks about doing cogny something to Rip the way the Time Masters did to him. Gideon explains how it works after Stein argues that it is impossible. Sara realizes they could go into Rip’s mind and change him back. Outside, Vixen, Ray, and Steel look for the piece of the ship that is lost. We find out it is in Gertrude’s territory. Gertrude sounds big, angry, and hungry.
Back on Waverider, Gideon warns of the danger of cognitive intrusion. Rory thinks it’s no problem, while Stein argues against it. Jax wins the argument to go into Rip’s brain with Sara. Outside, Ray separates from the two to fine the delineator. Steel is talking to Vixen, and a large snake comes down out of a tree. Vixen grabs it and tosses it away. Steel is afraid of snakes and Vixen explains what the snake was doing. Steel asks her about if she can commune with all animals. She tells him yes. They have a flirty session and Steel is confused since he was last told they were only teammates. Vixen explains Stargirl told her she needed to stay true to herself. Vixen wants to explore what they have. She almost kisses Steel when Ray runs by yelling to run. Apparently Gertrude is mad. Back on Waverider, things are being shoved into the back of Sara’s and Jax’s neck. (It is unpleasant looking) We learn that if they stay over an hour they can be stuck in Rip’s mind forever. Rory is unimpressed as he drinks beer and watches. They are sent in. They wake up in Rory’s version of the Waverider. They try to find the bridge, and stumble upon Savage’s troops marching down the hall. They head to the armory to find weapons. Sara wonders if they’ll work and of course a troop shows up. Jax shoots it, and as Sara turns around, she sees herself in her old White Canary garb. She takes down both of them. The two Sara’s face off.
We return to the faceoff. The two Sara’s fight, and it’s pretty even. Rip’s Sara has a sword and tries to end Sara. Jax shoots her. Sara refers to her as Bizarro me. Back in the forest, we find out that Ray ate one of the dinosaur’s eggs. He takes them to his old home, which was doused in male T-Rex urine to keep away Gertrude. Vixen asks where he found it, but decided she didn’t want to know the answer. Ray had apparently been bored while he was by himself and had made dolls of the others to keep himself company. Ray goes off to find an Iguana because he believes that you should eat food from the “local cuisine,” leaving our lovebirds alone again. The flirting begins in earnest, and almost escalates into big fun when Ray returns with an Iguana. Back on Waverider, Sara runs into Bizzaro Rory and Ray. She fights them to give Jax an attempt to find Rip. The two overpower her, as she keeps saying you’re not real. Bizzaro knocks her out, and she wakes up in the brig without her watch, shocker thing to wake her up. She hears someone in the corner, and its Rip. He is terrified. Ray tells her that she put him in there. Cut to Jax. He hears SOS being tapped and follows the noise. It is Gideon, in human form. Jax doesn’t realize who it is, and then he does.
Back to Jax. He and Gideon talk and we find out that Thorne corrupted his memories, except for the AI. She warns that soon, Rip’s memories will be gone. In the brig, Sara tries to help Rip, and Rip uses his mind and flings her across the brig. Outside, after dinner, Vixen goes to get firewood, leaving the two guys alone. Ray moves close to Steel. He tells him they can’t date. Ray tells Steel that she has a granddaughter, and if they date, they could change the granddaughter in Detroit. Steel begins to understand, but asks why he hadn’t told him this before, and Ray warns that he could know too much. Steel wants to tell her what might happen, and Ray refuses. On the Waverider, Stein is worried. Rory tells him he has to calm down, and Stein loses it. Rory reminds him he had a partner and you have to trust yout partner. He tells him that Jax will be by himself one day since Stein isn’t a “spring chicken.” Rory tells him to treat him like a partner instead of a kid. Back in Bizzaro world, Sara wakes up, and tells Rip that he can break them out. Sara tells him they need him to save the JSA, and some of the memories begin to come back to him. As Sara talks he remembers who he is and gets up. He psyches himself up, tries to open the door, and it fails. Gideon and Jax show up, and free the two. Sara asks where Commander Steel is, but he doesn’t know. Gideon tells them they have to free him to get back all his memories. They head to the parlor to try and jog his memory. They run into Bizzaro Sara and Jax/Firestorm.
We return to Bizzaro world. Gideon and Rip head to the parlor while the others fight themselves. Firestorm chases Jax, while Sara takes out Bizzaro her. Outside, the three realize they are screwed. The delineator is in the middle of a T-Rex’s nest, that is apparently Gertrude’s. Ray says Gertrude is his problem. Back in Bizzaro world, Jax continues to flee as Firestorm burns everything in sight. Jax hides and opens the ship door, sucking Firestorm outside. In the land of the lost, Ray has the delineator and Gertrude is mad. Steel changes to try and stop her. Vixen charges ahead and uses the amulet to project a T-Rex. Of course she ends up patting it’s nose. Gertrude leaves them in peace. Back in Bizzaro world Sara and Jax reunite and find Bizzaro Firestorm, Ray, and Rory again. Rip is confused. Gertrude says that Sara and Jax are real. Rip remembers, and saves them. He blasts the Bizzaros against the wall. Rip realizes it’s not real and the place begins to tear apart. Jax leaves and tells Martin that Sara is trapped, and can’t wake up. He uses what appears to be defibrillators. Sara wakes up. In Bizzaro world, Rip talks to Gideon (I’m pretty sure it’s his dead wife) Well, they kiss, so yeah, it probably was. Rip wakes up.
Back on Waverider the team repairs the ship and Steel and Vixen talk. She kisses him, and Steel doesn’t stop her. She tells him to meet her. Ray asks how things were going and Steel avoids the question. Steel admits he can’t keep it casual with her, and will break it off, but I think he lied to him. Mostly because he says he’ll start tomorrow and heads to her quarters. Stein and Jax are working on the ship, and Stein praises him. Sara and Rip meet in Rip’s quarters. Rip apologizes for what he did to her and the team. Gideon tells them they are ready to jump captain, and both answer. Sara leaves, Rip apologizes to Gideon, and Gideon says she enjoyed their time together. Rip enters the main room and is welcomed back by the team, one by one. Sara asks if he knows where the last piece of the spear is, and he does. We cut to NASA 1970, Apollo 13. Thawne is one of the scientists testing the crew members, and that’s it for tonight. Next week, the moon.


“You’re like an attractive Dr. Doolittle.” – Steel “There is one animal that catches me off-guard.” – Vixen “Are you flirting with me.” – Steel “Maybe.” – Vixen
“I’m a bitch in Rip’s mind.” – Sara
“Do not leave the urine perimeter!” – Ray
“Am I not what you imagined?” – Gideon “I always pictured you as a redhead myself, but this is Rip’s world, I guess we’re just living in it, right?” – Jax
“My quarters, tonight. I’ll give you something else to think about.” – Vixen

Little Things

There used to be a TV show called Land of the Lost. Now I didn’t see it during it’s original run, but I did during its run on CBS Saturday morning in 1985. I won’t lie, I really hoped there would be something tonight to give a nod to the show, and I wasn’t disappointed.
We got Firestorm tonight, but as a Bizzaro, maybe at some point this season he’ll get to use his actual powers.
Steel and Vixen continue to tease what they are going to do, and the monkey wrench thrown in by Ray makes things very interesting.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back in next week and we’ll talk “Moonshot.” We’ve only got five episodes left in the season!

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  1. CourtneyMarch 9th, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Not really an Easter egg – but the Rip/Gideon moment was definitely an homage to the Doctor Who episode “The Doctors Wife”, where the Tardis was embodied by a woman that 11 enjoyed flirting with. It was in the era of Rory & Amy, too. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

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