Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Fellowship of the Spear


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

We open in France 1916 during WWI and then we flash back 72 hours earlier on the Waverider. The group is trying to figure their next move. Nate is in his room not socializing. Rip knows where the Legion is, in Vanishing Point. Rip tells the team that the spear pieces call to each other. They break into two teams to get back the pieces. Rory goes back to the place where Snart died. Sara has to give him a pep talk to focus on the mission. Firestorm has actually formed and turns the obelisk holding the spear into jelly beans and the team has the spear. Zoom sees what is happening and comes after them but is too late and screams no into the night. The spear shakes on the table and reforms. Rip warns them that the spear will call to each of them and will remake the world as they want it. Rory tries to burn it and it does nothing to hurt it but shows writing on the spear. The writing is in Latin, and of course only Steel knows Latin. The phrase means, “Born of blood, undone by blood.” Steel knows how to destroy it. Nate tells them that only the blood of Christ can undo it. Sara plots a course to the crucifixion, and Rip cancels that order. He tells them that there are times in history where integrity are crucial, and the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ are part of those times. Sara argues that if it’s the only way they have to go there and Steel tells them there is another way. Nate gives them a story from his year abroad, and long story short he read a paper that the knight that returned from the crusades came back with the blood of Christ and not the Holy Grail. The man who wrote the paper, John Ronald Roe Tolkien. Yep. Hence the title of the episode.
We come back to the Legion’s headquarters, and Zoom is having a fit. Darhk is arguing with him. Zoom wants to be there waiting when they go to destroy it, but Darhk wants to bring backup. Back to the Waverider, Tolkien has been sent to a hospital. Vixen wants to stay behind, but Sara sends her with them. The war hospital is grim. Rory sees Snart again, and this time he appears to be real, or is it the spear talking to him? Snart tells him how much the spear is worth. They find Tolkein and get him out of the trench. Snart reminds him they are partners, and they could be again. Snart hits him, and it seems real.
Tolkein wakes up on the Waverider. Steel and Rip talk to him and make numerous references to his later work. Vixen is sitting at a table thinking back to the hospital. Sara talks to her. Vixen admits to seeing her future to Sara. Sara tells her a little about her granddaughter. Back at the spear, Rory is hearing voices, and Stein notices the bruise. Rory tries to tell Stein but Stein insists it’s in his head. They go to a church that has been blasted by the war. They find a chalice and figure out the puzzle. Steel finds the body they are looking for. All four hear a voice and turn and it’s Snart. It’s Snart from earlier in his timeline. The Legion has recruited him. It had been this Snart earlier in the episode. There is a battle and the Legion has brought along soldiers. Tolkien does a rubbing of the engraving and they all run, with Snart yelling at Rory that the Legends don’t care about him.
The team is worried Rory would choose Snart over them. Rory tells them in their eyes he is always is going to be a criminal. Back in the study, Tolkien and Steel work on the rubbing and Tolkien figures it out. Vixen hears the voices from the spear, and Rory says he hears it and wants to know what it says. It’s her mother asking her to save her legacy. Rory hears his parents, they ask him not to play with fire. Sara calls everyone to the main room. The blood is located in the middle of the war. Vixen has the spear and wants to do away with the Legion. Rip and Vixen argue and she says she can handle it because of the totem. Vixen agrees to go along with the team’s plan of doing it the hard way, but she thinks it’s a big mistake.
We cut back to the beginning of the show. Jesus’s blood is in the middle of the war. They request of a cease fire, and are basically laughed at by the British, and the Germans. The British advance, and the team goes with them. Steel leads the way taking bullets, followed by Sara, Vixen, and Rory, and the spear lights up near the blood. Rip knocks out the British commander and sends out the cease fire to get the injured off the battlefield. I’m not 100% sure but I the speech Rip gave is straight out of Tolkien. They find the spot of the blood, and they give Rory the spear as they dig it up. The Legion is waiting and they tell them to hand over the spear of the Legion will kill them.
Sara goes to get the spear and Rory pulls it away. He says he doesn’t have friends, and Snart says he doesn’t but he does have partners. Mick says everyone is trying to change him. Rory joins the Legion, and he offers Vixen the chance to change the future and past. Snart throws a grenade restarting the fighting. Snart takes the spear and Zoom takes the three away. Jax comes in to extract the three. Everyone gets onboard, and Vixen just stares at the carnage, and Sara has to get her to rejoin them. Vixen accuses Sara of making the wrong choice. Stein and Jax says they trusted him and he screwed them. Ray asks if they really trusted him. Rip and Steel agreed with Ray. Steel has an idea that they might not know how to use it. Cut to the Legion, and they are praising Rory. Merlyn shows up with a tablet, that is basically the owner’s manual for the spear. Zoom tells them all to grab hold, and Merlyn starts reading and the spear begins glowing and light shoots from it.


“Please tell me you didn’t use the Spear of Destiny as a back scratcher.” – Ray. “Who said anything about my back?” Rory
“I enjoy long story.” – Tolkein. “Yeah he does.” – Steel

Little Things

Snart return as a villain helps remind us how far Rory has come. Wentworth Miller is a phenomenal actor and any time he wants to return it’s fine with me.
Tonight’s recap was shorter. It wasn’t because there wasn’t as much action, but it was because so much of the episode was of war, and the description of some of the scenes I couldn’t put into words. Tonight’s episode was a grim reminder of what war really looks like.
Next week, it looks like Rory has a change of heart and leads the charge to fix what the Legion did.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come on back in next week and we’ll talk “Doomworld.” We’ve only got two episodes left in the season!

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