‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: Aruba


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

Tonight we begin in the Waverider, as Rip has gotten all systems started. He lifts off, and he thinks he is in a large hanger until he realizes, by the help of Gideon, that the Waverider has been shrunk. He cloaks the ship and takes off. We shift over to the team trying to get a radio to communicate with the Waverider. Steel is devastated about Vixen. Ray figures out how to communicate and the Waverider comes through. Rip finds them and they realize he’s shrunk. Roy grabs the ship to mess with him. Sara tells him about their plan as we switch over to Thawne’s headquarters. The team breaks in and they find Ray’s exo-suit. Darhk comes in and catches Ray and Jax. The waverider shows, and unloads all of it’s arsenal at Darhk. It tickles. Rory hits Darhk from behind, and they excape. Ray enlarges the Waverider and it expands within Star Labs. We’re off to France 1916. Rip is mad about interfering in events that they have already interfered in, but Steel is ready to rip apart reality to save Vixen. Rip tells them they are in a race against time itself before it “sets”. Rip tells them they can’t interfere with their prior selves. (This is going to get complicated) Jax asks what happens if they succeed, and Rip and Steel explain how they will cease to exist. (Again, complicated) Rory suggests they all go to Aruba. The team walks away. Ray flies to the blood of Christ and unearths it. Thawne (from the current timeline they are in) shows up and takes the blood while giving a good villain speech. Thawne destroys the vile, and then rips out Ray’s heart. Sara tries to go after Thawne, but Rip stops her.
We come back to the Waverider, with the gang huddled in Rip’s study. Rory reminds them that they are all aberrations and Sara agrees that everyone dead is alive in 1916. Sara’s plan is to steal the spear, but they have the spear in 1916. Rip continues to tell them they can’t, until Sara tells them the three that were in the church can sneak onto the Waverider and steal the spear. (I may need a map, abacus, and a whiteboard to keep all this straight.) (I’ll say it, timey-wimey) We cut to the scene two weeks ago where Snart punches Rory, and this time we follow Snart through the camp. He goes into a tent where Darhk is located. Current time line Thawne brings Merlyn to the tent and Thawne brings them up to date. At least the Legion is confused as I am. Thawne goes to get more backup, and leaves the Legion to deal with the Legends. Rory takes charge, because, well, he’s the thief. They run into 1916 Sara, and it gets odd. Steel and 1916 Jax are in the study when 1916 Stein walks in telling them Rory just spelled him. 1916 Vixen walks in, and Steel goes googly eyed and stumbles over his words. He tells them that the blood is in the Galapagos islands (sees the place on the map and says it) in 1984 (sees Orson’s book and says that). Stein questions him, and asks for Gideon’s help. Jax goes to see about Gideon when Gideon doesn’t answer, and Stein goes to help. Steel hugs Vixen and tells her how much he missed her. Cut to Rip and Rory joins him, telling him he has the spear. They are waiting on Steel. The 1916 Legends are on there way, and they’ve cut them off. If they see each other it will wreck time itself.
1916 Legends get cut off by Jax and Sara. Jax tells them there is a radiation leak on the ship, but 1916 Steel, of course wants to know about Vixen. Sara tells them everyone is off the ship but Stein, who is working on fixing it. Back on Waverider 1916 Stein, Jax, Sara, and Vixen asks Ray where they are, and he responds, talking to you. The 1916 Legends attack Sara and Jax, but Sara starts beating them, until Steel steels up and knocks her out. 1916 Firestorm shows up and attacks the three on board. Outside, 1916 Rip finally figures it all out. The 1916 Legends bring them to Waverider to question them, and Rip explains. 1916 Sara doesn’t believe Rip would break the first rule of time travel. The door opens, 1916 Rip walks in, the ship shudders, and both Rips shout, “bollocks!”. There was a timequake. 1916 Legends start to figure it all out and current Legends give them the quick rundown. 1916 Sara takes the spear and storms off to think, and current Sara follows. 1916 Sara wants to know why she wouldn’t use it and current Sara tells her that they would have used it for a weapon. The Steels get together, and current tells 1916 to tell Vixen the truth. He tells 1916 what happens and how it hurt him. Steel says to say the things he wished he said and do the things he wished he had done. The Waverider is under attack, and the two Sara’s try to take over. The three Legion members are attacking Waverider. Waverider gets ready to timejumps as Rip warns them how bad an idea this is. A timestorm is created by the two groups being together, and it is a brilliant mess as Waverider disappears.
The Waverider did not jump, and the current Legends tell them that they are taking the other Waverider. 1916 Legends realize that the current Legends are sacrificing themselves to make the future right. The current attack the Legion along with 1916 Firestorm and Steel. Snart runs off, and Darhk and Merlyn go old school. Current Jax dies saving 1916 Stein, while 1916 Stein stabs Merlyn in the leg with one of his own arrows. Rory has Darhk dead to rights as Snart returns. Snart kills Rory, as 1916 Rory kills Snart. Steel is stabbed and killed by Darhk as Vixen watches. 1916 Sara fights Darhk one on one. As 1916 Steel dies with Vixen holding him, he tells himself, “don’t be a douche.” 1916 team rendezvous at the Waverider as Thawne shows up with all about 100 of himself.
Thawne demands the spear, and Vixen tells Sara to use the spear. She begins the chant. She goes to give it to Vixen, but Thawne takes her down. Rip tells her she’s stronger than she knows as Thawne takes him down. Everyone but Sara is down, and a white light surrounds her. She in on the couch watching the Wizard of Oz with her sister. (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) Sara says this isn’t real, and Laurel tells her it’s not, but it can be. She can remake reality. Sara tries to give her the spear, but Laurel gives it back to Sara. Sara says she can fix it all, but Laurel tells her she won’t. Laurel tells her it doesn’t need someone who is pure of heart but someone who will do the right thing. Back on the battlefield, the spear is snatched from her hand by Thawne. He says he will erase them from existence, and begins the chant. The spear doesn’t work. He tells her he is going to kill her with it, when a roar is heard. It’s the Black Flash, who catches Thawne and kills Thawne with his hand. Thawne begins to break apart. All the Thawnes disappear. Black Flash screams in Sara’s face. The “aberration” Sara fades away.
On Waverider, Sara tells Darhk and Snart that Merlyn is back in 2016, in his crappy apartment. In Central City 2014, Snart is returned by Rory to where they were taken by the Waverider after his memory is wiped. Darhk is returned to Miami 1987, in a white suit, pink shirt, and no socks. (I can hear Van Hammer’s music now) Darhk taunts Sara about killing Laurel. On the Waverider, Vixen is packing to leave, and Steel goes to find her. Steel tells her he is going with her to 1942. She doesn’t want to go back to 1942, and she is going to stay with Steel. Rip has packed to leave Waverider, and Sara stops him. They talk for a bit, and he leaves. Rory sets a course for Aruba and the ship is hit with another timestorm. They crash land taking part of a building. They are in Los Angeles in 2017. There are dinosaurs. I’m not kidding T-Rexs on the freeways. They broke time. There are also some weird buildings, but more importantly, dinosaurs.


“I will never, ever leave you again.” – Ray
“Not for nothing, but Aruba would have been a better option.” – Rory
“What’s a little radiation for one half of Firestorm?” – Sara
“Don’t be a douche.” – Steel
“I love you.” – Sara “I love you too.” – Laurel
“Remember, Legends never die.” – Sara “Really, Goonies?” – Steel “What’s a Goonie?” – Vixen

Little Things

This series has really picked up this season. The back half of this season has been the strongest of the series by far.
So is Rip gone next year or not? There appears to be no turnover except for him between season 2 and 3, but things can happen over the summer.
I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter Egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, I’ll give you all the credit.
If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. That’s it for this season, I’m still doing reviews Supergirl and Lucifer so if you’re not checking those out, I invite you to do so. Until next fall!

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