Legends of Tomorrow: Doomworld Recap


By: David Carner (@davidcarner)

Spoilers to follow!

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, “Doomworld,” begins in Star City in 2017. Vixen and Sara appear to be chasing Black Canary. They fight and it turns out it’s not Black Canary but Felicity. Darhk is Mayor and Sara and Vixen are work for him. He refers to Felicity as a pest and vigilante. Darhk tells them to kill her and Sara breaks her neck. Darhk takes her mask to add to his collection, and we see Arrow’s, Flash’s, Vigilante’s, Wild Dog’s, and a couple of others. Next is Central City in 2017, and Merlyn and Thawne are in the Flash’s old headquarters. The Black Flash is in a cage and we find that Thawne has been ignoring Merlyn. Thawne tells him that everything they wanted is back and Merlyn disagrees. Jax shows up and says there is a problem at the lab but they will have a new test done by someone by the end of the day. Jax leaves, Thawne laughs, and Merlyn criticizes him for toying with the Legends. We cut to Snart and Rory robbing a bank. The police leave when they realize it’s Snart. Rory finds everything boring. Thawne summons Snart and we find out that the Legends weren’t erased because of Rory. Rip talks to Gideon and he has perfected a bow…a bow tie. (We get it, there is a UK version of a time traveling show that once had Arthur Darvill on it and bow ties were cool!) Rip puts it on top of a cake. (He was making biscuits and has since changed to cakes.) We find that Rip has given up with the Legion having the spear. Then Dax yells at Stein, and it appears he is Stein’s boss and constantly bullying him. Stein’s daughter is alive in this timeline. A janitor, Ray, cleans the mess made by Dax. Thawne speaks to the President while Snart and Rory wait. Thawne wants them to watch Merlyn. Steel comes busting in, yelling about reality being messed up. He has a terrible haircut. He knows that reality has changed. Steel says there are “scars” on reality. Thawne seems to have taken up science and fixed many things in the world, and Steel begs him to fix reality. Thawne tells Snart to take him out for fresh air, and kill him.

Snart and Rory take Steel out to a dirt road (it felt very Sopranos), and he says that he must be right, that’s why they want to kill him. Rory stops Snart from killing him. Rory is unhappy with the new partnership. Steel tries to run, Snart tries to kill him, and Rory stops him. Rory and Steel take off. Rory tells Steel everything. Cut to Star City 2017 and Ray is playing video games. Rory and Steel come in and Rory wants him to fix reality. Both Ray and Steel realize something is wrong with reality. Ray has built something that he doesn’t know what it is. It’s supposed to be a redo on memories. He was going to try it out on the rat, Tesla, when Rory tells him it’s Axel, and asks him if he has run any test on him…quite menacingly. When Rory takes the gun and aims it at Steel, Ray tells him he must aim at his head. He does and Steel remembers. Steel hits him, and Rory says it works. Darhk and Snart talk about Rory’s change of heart and Merlyn joins in. Merlyn wants to kill them all, but Snart is only worried about getting Rory back before Thawne finds out. Merlyn wants to wipe Rory’s brain. Darhk calls in Sara and Vixen and sends them after Rory. Snart had a GPS inserted in Rory. Back in Central City, Rory, remembering his past, shoots Ray. Ray hits him. The door is kicked opened and the girls walk in, and the fight begins.

Sara and Vixen wipe the floor with them. Steel starts talking about the past and then offers to demonstrate his superpowers, which are gone. The fight is back on, and again, they’re wiping the floor with them. Before long, Vixen has Steel in position to break his neck and pauses. Ray grabs the ray gun, Vixen moves and leaves, and Ray shoot Sara who punches Rory. (I’m sensing a theme here.) They go hide in Steel’s basement. Ray makes the obvious “getting the band back together” reference and they realize that the Legion doesn’t realize that Sara is turned. She volunteers to go back and infiltrate the Legion. Back on the Waverider, Rip is drinking and baking cakes. He wants Gideon to make more rum and she refuses to. Rip tells Gideon all the problems with the ship. Gideon has figured out how to reroute power. Darhk, Merlyn, and Snart all want to get rid of Thawne. Vixen runs back in, telling them what happened. Sara comes in, and Darhk asks her favorite trophy of all the masks. Darhk brags about killing Black Canary, and Sara loses it and punches him. Darhk uses his magic and levitates her. Darhk tells Vixen to kill her. She tells Sara goodbye, and Sara shoots Vixen with the gun. Vixen turns her guns on the three and they run. They make fun of Darhk for his bad guy monologue that allowed the two to turn on them and escape.

As Dax gets out of the car while talking to Thawne, Sara shows up and shoots him with the ray. Apparently Steel’s mom is a sandwich-making genius. Dax isn’t sure what Stein is working on, but Sara thinks it’s to keep this reality by destroying the spear. Apparently there is another way besides the blood of Christ to destroy it. (Isn’t there always?) Sara tells Vixen she needs to use the spear. Vixen tells her she did the right thing. At the facility, Thawne tells Stein to bring it online or in the next minute, he is going to kill him. Stein brings it online. The team decides to attack the facility, and they all have a plan except for Rory, and Sara says he stays behind even though he said if it wasn’t for him, they’d be walking around like sheep. Rory finds Snart and tells him they should burn the city to the ground. They join Merlyn and Darhk and tell them Thawne’s plan and the Legends’ plan. The four decide to steal the spear while Thawne fights the Legends. I smell a setup by Rory; however, I don’t think it has crossed the bad guys’ minds.

At Star Labs, Dax approaches Stein. Dax goes to shoot him, but Stein hits the gun and knocks it away and breaks it. Stein is scared to death, and presses the silent alarm. Thawne shows and has the spear. Thawne has a monologue and the other villains show and Rory shoots the spear out of Thawne’s hands. A fight breaks out. Steel gets the spear, and he and Darhk fight over it before Thawne comes at them. Darhk lets go, and Steel hits Thawne, sending him flying. Steel and Darhk go to high-five, Darhk thinks better, knocks down Steel, and takes the spear. Ray then knocks him down, takes the spear, and tosses it to Sara who fights Merlyn for it. Merlyn knocks it away to Rory. Everyone stops, unsure what Rory is going to do. Snart tells him to hand it over. Both sides plead with him. Vixen tells him she still believes in him. Snart tells him to hand it over like a good boy. Rory says, “Like a dog.” Snart tells him that’s why they’re partners, since he isn’t he sharpest knife in the drawer. Rory goes to hand it to Snart but throws it backwards to Vixen. Rory tells her to undo this mess. Vixen begins the incantation, and suddenly she stops when Snart shoots her. Snart tells him he’s sorry because he knows Rory loves her to pieces, and then flicks the frozen body, shattering it. Steel is devastated. Rory pulls his heatwave gun, but hesitates. Snart just stares him down, and Rory drops the gun and walks off. Snart picks up the spear and Sara is ready to kill him, but Thawne grabs the spear and tosses it into the well. The spear disintegrates and Rory just looks on, distraught.

Thawne’s men show up, guns drawn. The two villains join the Legends, and they’re ready to fight Thawne. Thawne tells them he doesn’t want to kill any more of them. They will never be able to change anything and they are stuck here for all time. Thawne lets them all go, but Stein wants nothing to do with any of them. Back at Steel’s basement, Rory is furious. The rest are dejected. Sara realizes that they have to go to 1916 to change the Legion from ever getting the spear. Steel says it doesn’t matter, that they don’t know where the Waverider is. While Gideon now works on sending out a distress signal, the camera pulls out, and we see the Waverider on Thwane’s desk, at Star Labs, shrunk down, looking like a model.

Next week, the season finale!

“You saved my life. Why?” – Steel
“Because I’m an idiot.” – Rory
“This could be one of my scars talking.” – Steel

“Who even names something Legion of Doom?” – Steel
“You did.” – Rory

“I don’t like the way they’re looking at us.” – Steel
“I love the way they’re looking at us.” – Rory

“For what it was worth, I thought it was a very good bad guy monologue.” – Merlyn

“Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to know that Merlyn was right?” – Thawne

“I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.” – Snart

“Undo this mess.” – Rory

“Well, I guess we’re done here.” – Thawne

Little Things
The first half of this season was a bit of a struggle, but the second half…man it’s been good.

I love a good reference to another show, but can we calm down on the nods to Doctor Who? I love that show, but good grief.

Heatwave, how have you managed to become my favorite character on this show, and it’s not even close on anyone else?

I hope you enjoyed the review. If I missed an Easter egg, please let me know and if I can confirm it, next week I’ll give you all the credit.

If you haven’t today, please take a second to open the Donate a Photo app by Johnson & Johnson. When you donate a photo, $1 is given to the charity of your choice, and Operation Smile is one of those charities. There are several other charities on there as well. Come back next week and we’ll talk “Aruba,” the season finale!

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