Last Resort: Under the Influence


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

I appreciate the slow buildup of Last Resort, but on the other hand, there’s part of me that still feel unconnected to these characters because of it. In this episode, there was a chemical attack on the island and everyone got loopy and sick. But then I also almost didn’t care, because I knew they would be okay. There would be no show if everyone died. Am I just being negative or are y’all feeling the same way? I just feel like it hasn’t lived up to the hype set by the pilot. If the show really wants to be the new Lost, as many others and I have suggested, they have to make me feel more for these characters.

This episode was attempt in that direction. As I mentioned, there was a chemical outbreak on the island with multiple characters hallucinating things that could reveal their true feelings. For example, Sam hallucinated Sophie as his wife Christine and they even shared a kiss. Does this mean Sam really does have feelings for Sophie, as has been hinted in previous episodes? Will they bring it up again in the future and deal with the repercussions?

Chaplin, still reeling from the loss of his son, hallucinates carrots as crayons and his son as a young boy on the ship. He even tells him a bedtime story as their oxygen supply diminishes. It shows how even though he’s remained strong for his crew, he’s still hurting inside. It humanized him more to me, instead of him just being staunch leader all the time.

I was confused about the traitors in the crew, though. How did they know the EpiPens would work as an antidote? They clearly aren’t working for Serrat, so who are they working for – the US government? Especially since whoever it is stole the firing key to the ship!

And what about this secret SEAL mission? Are they tied to the ship traitors and the fake supply guy? And why did only one SEAL get the changed order, from an extraction to a kill?

It was a good episode, I’m just becoming a little disenfranchised with the series as a whole. It makes me wonder if ABC feels the same way, seeing as how they haven’t picked it up to series yet. We shall see in the next couple of weeks!

What did you think of the episode? Did it make you feel more toward the characters or put you off from them because of their cheating and violent ways while under the influence? Am I just being too negative?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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