Last Resort: The Pointy End of the Spear


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

The two  most recent episodes of Last Resort have arguably been the best since the pilot. They haven’t been perfect,  though. Both have been paced at a breakneck speed, and although it was  probably due to rushing everything because of the cancellation, I can’t  help but think that perhaps the show wouldn’t have gotten cancelled  if every episode had moved like these two.

I also almost wish it had been ordered as a miniseries to begin with.  They would have had time to tell their stories and wrap everything up  properly, without hurrying certain storylines and lazing about with  others.

For example, I had forgotten Tani had even existed. Oops. She left  a few episodes ago to visit her dad in the jungle and was never spoken  of again until this episode when she came back and told James she’s  leaving the island completely. Is it bad I hadn’t missed her at all?  She never really fit into the show, and as great as Dichen Lachman is,  I wouldn’t be sad to see her go. Maybe if the writers wouldn’t have  had to rush to wrap everything up, she could have gotten a proper backstory  explanation and goodbye.

It also felt like a little waste of time for James to agree to leave  with her and then change his mind completely after Sam gave him responsibilities  in case of the overthrow and death of Chaplin. That’s the stuff I want  to hear more about, not James’ “make her mad to set her free”  hemming and hawing.

I also didn’t like the island’s dance party. It felt very Beach Blanket Bingo and again, that valuable time could have been  spent elsewhere. At least Serrat dressed up for the occasion by buttoning  a couple of buttons on his shirt.

The coup storyline was also wrapped up pretty quickly, especially  since Marcus had a guy on the inside. The resolution was pretty intense,  with Marcus telling Prosser he knew about it and if he wanted the big  hat, he’d have to come take it off his head.

Sam is still in a tailspin after Christine’s supposed death. He was  pretending to side with the COB, but was upset when Grace made the decision  to stand with Chaplin. He acted like he was about to kiss Sophie, but  then drowned his sorrows in booze with both James and Marcus, pouring  his drink over the ledge after Grace’s choice was revealed. I can’t  wait to see his reaction when next week it is discovered Christine is  actually alive – or at least I’m guessing that’s what will happen!

Back in DC, Kylie played a big part in the conspiracy and cover-up  of what’s really happening on the island. After giving the flash drive  to the Secretary of State, he not only backs down on the plan to remove  the President, but also takes the blame for everything happening and  commits suicide on national TV after an aide whispers something in his  ear. What was said, perhaps we’ll never know, but the news report mentioned  a second death – could it be Grace’s dad, after he made a phone call  that sounded suspiciously like a final goodbye? Kylie’s father then  got her away from the action, clearly still in cahoots with the President,  judging from the fact that a limo dropped them in front of a spectacularly  obvious CGI Air Force One.

After all the ups and downs of the show, how do you hope things are  wrapped up? Do you think they’ll get off the island? What will happen  due to the residuals of the overthrow plans, both in DC and on the island?  Will Sam learn his wife is still alive? What did you think of this episode?  Only one more left!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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