Last Resort: Nuke It Out


by Haylee Fisher

This week’s episode of Last Resort is the perfect example of the problems I brought up last week – I just don’t care about these characters as much as I should. The A-story this week was about Sam and Chaplin trying to find who stole the missile-firing key. But because there hasn’t been word on the show’s pickup yet, it leaves me wondering if they ever will find out (though we as an audience did, but more on that later).

However, James had some character development this week. In fact, the only characters I find myself having emotion toward are James, Sam, and Chaplin, but not enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Anyway, after Sam throws a football-watching party for the troops on the beach, James shows up and he and Grace steal away to the beach and have sex. Um, huh? This came out of left field for me. Yes, they’ve had interaction in the past, but not enough for me to pick up on any sexual tension. It also seemed especially weird seeing as how James had woken up in Tani’s bed that morning. Oh, yeah, remember Tani? I like Dichen Lachman as much as the next Joss Whedon fan due to the residual love from Dollhouse, but what do we really know about Tani other than she’s a bartender?

And does this show really need another love triangle set-up, especially after the Sam-Christine-Sophie one that was established last week? Granted, all was forgiven seeing as how they were all drugged up, but this isn’t Glee; love triangles are the laziest storyline on Glee, and I don’t want Shawn Ryan and co. to have the same problems. (I can’t believe I just wrote “laziest storyline” and “Shawn Ryan” in the same sentence.)

We checked in with Serrat, too. Please tell me I’m not the only one that is starting to find Serrat’s typical uniform of linen pants and a completely unbuttoned button-down really funny. It’s all we’ve ever seen him in! I realize he’s the feared drug lord of the island and because of that can wear whatever he wants, but I can’t take you seriously when I can see your nipples, dude. The COB, however, took him very seriously when Serrat held him down and his men torched the skin off the bottoms of his feet, just so Serrat could inject him with drugs so he could fall off the wagon.

As vengeance-happy as Chaplin is, I’m surprised he or any of his men haven’t shot and killed Serrat yet, kind of like they did to the man that admitted he kidnapped and strapped a bomb to one of the Colorado’s crewmembers. Oh, yeah, that was a thing that happened, too. But since I had never seen her before, I didn’t care enough to bite my nails as Grace and James diffused it. Who knows, if she had blown up, maybe that would have been the stepping-stone to Chaplin killing Serrat. I can’t be the only one that finds him an almost unnecessary villain, especially since we have another villain to worry about – the US government.

Yep, the government is still trying to cover up what happened, but with Christine and Kylie teamed up, they may actually get the truth out there. In fact, Christine showed a picture of one of the government agents that was killed on the island during the negotiation episode during a national news interview and Kylie is now tapping phones to get information. To quote Tina Fey – bitches get stuff done.

Like I said above, in the last few minutes, the key-stealing traitor was revealed. Lo and behold, it was Cortez, the crewmember who had been kidnapped by Serrat a few episodes ago. Did this reveal surprise you, or did you pick up on it when she was being overly nice to Grace by inviting her to “girls’ night” (drinking and swapping stories on the beach) and telling Chaplin she was with him until the end?

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? What, if anything, would you do to improve the show? Are you feeling there are too many characters and too many storylines going on or are you still enjoying it and can’t wait to see what comes next?

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