Last Resort: Negotiation Tactics


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

After a barrage of Halloween-themed shows over the past and upcoming week, it was a bit jarring for Last Resort to be set during a regular day. But days are anything but regular for the crew of the Colorado. In their timeline, this episode takes place a little over a week past the events of the pilot. Hey, at least their timeline is easier to follow than that of Lost! But their island is just as action-filled.

Secretary of Defense Curry, along with a White House Counsel, Admiral Shepard (Grace’s father), and a group of soldiers pay the crew of the Colorado a visit. Their goal? To negotiate terms with Chaplin. One suggestion included two years of protective custody for himself and Kendal along with amnesty for the rest of the crew. Chaplin didn’t want to negotiate, though, and kept his resolve and his crew unified, even referencing the allied stance of Navy SEALS they picked up. He also demanded a public trial, complete with a jury and cameras. Kendal was the one to angrily veto that idea so Curry offered new terms – Kendal would get full amnesty if he returned the Colorado to America with Chaplin in custody, which he agreed to. Chaplin then revealed to Kendal that had been the plan all along, after Shepard had told him there was unrest back in America and people still supported him, especially half of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who wanted to overthrow the President.

Meanwhile, Grace had taken the Colorado out to replace batteries on one of the radar beacons along the perimeter of the blockade. The Navy usually does that so she took James, who is a Navy SEAL, to do it. He uses the loudest drill possible and they are discovered by four other subs, all with firing orders against them. All the while, James’ oxygen supply declines and it seems like he won’t make it.

After the White House Counsel tore up the paper with Chaplin’s terms on it, Admiral Shepard grabbed a gun and shot her dead and Curry in the leg. Who would have ever expected that? I knew I liked that guy for a reason.

Grace and the crew then defend themselves from the other ships and even rescue James, who ended up being without oxygen for six minutes. After recovering and heading back to the island, he has awkward make-out time with Tani the bartender. Their whole relationship has seemed forced to me, but what do you guys think of them together?

Back in America, Kylie pays Christine a visit and they decide to form an alliance, just as I predicted last week. Oh yeah, and China invaded Taiwan! WTF?! How’s that for a twist in the action? Do you think because of these actions and the build-up of the season so far, World War III is about to break out? Or do you think it will be drawn out all season with the declaration of war coming at the end?

What did you think of the episode? Personally, I thought it was the best since the pilot. Don’t forget, there is no episode this week due to the CMA Awards, but all of the action picks back up November 8 with the entire island and crew being drugged with hallucinogens!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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