Last Resort: Disorder in the Court


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)



Huh? Did Last Resort somehow morph into Law and Order during its break last week? Following the news their run will be ending after thirteen episodes, did they decide to take the show in a different direction so quickly?


Though this episode was billed as Thanksgiving on the island, it mainly followed the trial of a crewmember who had been accused of rape by an island woman. Chaplin decides to put him on trial with four Colorado crewmembers, three islanders, and one neutral party (Sophie) as the jury. But as he is wont to do, Serrat rigged the jury so the islanders would revolt against the Colorado crew. (P.S. – he wore another unbuttoned button-down shirt this week. My mom suggested “I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt” be played whenever he enters a scene.) Will Chaplin ever learn not to trust Serrat?  First he kidnaps his crew, then he unleashes chemical warfare on the island, and now this? And we’re only eight episodes in! But I guess not, seeing as how we only have a few episodes left.


To get deep for a minute, did you find it as problematic as I did when it was implied you can tell if a person has been raped just by looking in their eyes, but only if you yourself have been raped? After being assigned to the defense, Grace revealed that she had been raped in the academy and could just tell her fellow crewmember was lying when he said he was not guilty. The jury voted in that way anyway and that’s when the islanders took to destroying everything in sight. They never wanted the trial to begin with and wanted to settle things their way – by beating the accused and literally branding him a rapist for life.


Elsewhere, Sam’s prisoner, Booth, leads him to the radio the sub’s traitor is using to communicate with the outside world. We know it’s Cortez, but will Sam ever find out, especially since he didn’t tell anyone he knows where the radio is? Perhaps he just didn’t want to get into another fight like he did with Booth where he ended up breaking his neck and killing him. What in the world, Sam? Are you ever going to cop to that either?


In the US, Christine and Kylie are still working together to bring down the government from the inside, starting with Christine’s lawyer, Paul. I’ve grown to like the Kylie/Christine partnership and think it’s one of the better parts of the show. Will you miss it when the show is over?


What did you think of this episode? Do you think the show should have been conceived as a mini-series in the first place or have you enjoyed the pace it has followed? Will you miss it when it is gone or are you looking forward to bigger and better things?


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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