Last Resort: Damn the Torpedoes


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

When we  last left the USS Colorado, Sam thought his wife was dead, Chaplin had  made a deal with the Chinese to get supplies to the island, and Serrat  was not wearing a shirt. It was really starting to turn around and pick  up the action again, which was too bad since we all knew it had been  canceled.

This episode  continued the action. A Chinese ship was on the way to the island, but  so was a US destroyer to sink it. And wouldn’t you know it, but a typhoon  was headed their way as well. Because of the embargo, the Chinese ship  wouldn’t be able to make it through and though the US ship was prepared  to fire on it, their captain didn’t believe Chaplin would fire on his  own people if they did so. Chaplin clearly doesn’t want to, but as he  has proven this whole series, he’s prepared to do what he needs to do.  Grace and James decide to reduce the power of their torpedoes, to hurt  the ship instead of destroy it completely. Chaplin isn’t too happy they  disobeyed him, but Grace points out the rules have changed since this  whole situation began.

Sam starts  out the episode distraught and drunk over Christine’s “death,”  but pulls himself together and heads back to the heart of the island.  There’s a mutiny brewing, and the crew even compares Chaplin to Bin  Laden and discusses possibly killing him. Sam and the COB get into a  fight about it, but then have to hole up together to avoid the storm  where Sam confesses Chaplin isn’t the man he used to be and decides  to join the mutiny, provided Chaplin doesn’t get killed. Do you think  he’s playing both sides, though? Because he clearly views Chaplin as  a father figure and I don’t think he could ever actually kill his superior.

In Washington,  DC, Kylie meets with some high-ranking men in the government where they  are planning a mutiny of their own.  They have gathered to show  the Speaker of the House the helmet cam footage Kylie had received in  the previous episode and are planning to forcibly remove the president  and vice president from office because of it. By the way, how did Kylie’s  father get out of jail? He mentioned he has “friends in low places,”  but he killed a government official! I feel like it shouldn’t be that  easy to waltz out of prison because of that.

I had pretty  much forgotten about the whole rich minerals thing on the island because  it seems boring and insignificant and like something straight out of Lost, but Sophie and  Serrat have dinner to discuss them. He then goes to the Chinese official  to see if he’s interested in them. What do you think will come of this  storyline, especially since there are only two episodes left to wrap  everything up?

Finally, there was a great scene between Chaplin and Cortez where  she goes to kill him but decides not to, and Chaplin reveals he knew  exactly what had been going on (and even had a hidden gun because of  it).

Did you enjoy the episode? I thought it was one of the best so far  and it’s too bad cancellation was what lit a fire under them to pick  up the pace and action. What do you hope will happen in the final two  episodes?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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