Kickstarter Roundup – Bullet Bros


by Kevin Rigdon (@pralix1138)

This Kickstarter Roundup highlights a project inspired by classic platformers. Bullet Bros is the new title from Jason Stokes. A 13 plus year veteran of the video game industry, Stokes has worked on Disney Interactive titles as well as GuildWars and Guild Wars 2 as lead environment artist before starting a digital art studio, Futurepoly, focused on video game development. He’s bringing his experience to developing this new indie title.

Bullet Bros is a side-scrolling platformer in the vein of Contra, Metroid, and Master Blaster. If you were one of those dedicated souls who spent hours playing those classic games, you know that the challenge level was incredibly intense. There was always a rush of exhilaration when you beat a bad ass boss, and if you actually beat the game, it was like passing a golfball-sized kidney stone. Ok, it wasn’t really like that, but the sense of accomplishment was tremendous. What’s more, beating a game like Contra granted one legend status among one’s peers.

Bringing back that sense of challenge and accomplishment is paramount in the development of Bullet Bros. It’s not that it’ll be impossible to beat necessarily, but when you do clear a level, you’ll know it. But this isn’t simply a Contra remake. In Bullet Bros, Stokes is incorporating multiple game mechanics, and hoping to implement synergistic elements between vehicles and the Bros themselves. Some of the concept art for what he calls “Bro Links” incorporates just the right amount of humorous psychotic shoot-em-up action stuff. With additional gadgets like grappling hooks, parachutes, grenades and so on, the action looks to be a true successor to those classic Contra-style platformers.

The Kickstarter itself is to get funding to not only complete the project, but hire additional help with coding and networking. Thus far Stokes has been funding the development himself. If you’d like to see a game like this get made, head over to the Kickstarter page and take a look. For a pledge as little as $10 you get a DRM free digital copy of the game. Not too shabby.

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