Jelle’s Marble Runs: Man Creates Complex Marble Mazes Online


By: J.P Perumba de Puthenveetil

I have something incredibly important to tell all of you. This information may change the way you live you life from day to day. If you don’t think you can handle it, I warn you, turn back now, lest your brain be shook by the magnitude of this news.

There is a person named Jelle Bakker who races marbles on the Internet and it is amazing! No I’m serious. This guy Jelle, digs these really complex courses in the sand at a beach and just races a bunch of marbles. Jelle also acts as a commentator on these races and he’s completely serious, like he’s talking about a horse race or a swimming relay, and it’s fantastic!

Ok, so I get that at first glace this doesn’t sound incredibly interesting. Just picture this: you and your closest friends sitting around a TV, and each of you have chosen a marble; you’re watching it closely. All of a sudden, they are all let loose and all of you start cheering louder than they ever have before. And if you are lucky enough for your chosen marble to win, oh the wave of emotions will overwhelm you. Then you will look back at your friends and all understand that you have just experienced a great moment in your lives, forever cemented on your personal timeline. It’s like that.

It’s like watching an Olympic race, except with marbles, but someone its better. I think this proves one of the most famous quotes by Aristotle, “Everything is better with marbles.”

Jelle doesn’t just run these random marble races in the sand; he makes entire tournaments out of them. He also makes things other than races; he makes marble rollercoasters and different marble machines. He even started a marble Olympics, with events like archery, long jump, and swimming! If you want to know how that works then you have to just watch the videos.

Jelle also has a dream of stating his own marble related museum! It actually looks like that dream is coming true as it seems his marble runs may be included as a part of an upcoming toy museum!

If any of this sounds interesting to you, go to Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube or check out a few videos below. This man is doing great things and he deserves to be recognized. Marbles have never been more cool.

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