Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 55


By: Angela Russo (@Amaruki99)
This week’s chapter comes on the heels of one of the biggest twists of the series – the tragic and unexpected death of Jane’s husband Michael. The episode begins with a brief glimpse into Jane’s heartbreak, two weeks after Michael’s passing. The timeline then leaps forward three years. Rogelio’s relationship with Darcy the matchmaker has gone sour, and the wedding teased from the previous episode turns out to be an act for the cameras on their wildly successful reality show, “The De La Vega Factor Factor.” Rafael has served his time in prison and is back living at the Marbella, and is a very involved father to his three children.
Matteo struggles with numerous behavioral problems that inhibit him from cooperating both socially and at school. This problem is addressed at a parent-teacher conference, with the suggestion that they assign an aide to shadow him in the classroom. Jane and Rafael negotiate a two week delay, first trying alternate strategies at home. Jane tearfully confesses to Petra that she fears her grief has kept her from being a good parent, and caused his disruptive behavior. The two share a moving moment as they reminisce over how close they’ve become in the past three years, coming together in mutual support during Rafael’s absence. Ultimately, Rafael convinces Jane to accept the reality that Matteo needs additional support offered by the school.
Jane is still working in publishing, but her boss has turned out to be less than pleasant. Upon learning there is an open slot for Miami’s “Ones to Read,” showcase, she nervously submits a manuscript for consideration. It is romance about her and Michael with the happy ending she wished they could have had. Not only is Jane chosen, her reading elicits interest from a publisher for a book deal.
Under Petra’s capable leadership, the Marbella is successful and thriving. It has a completely different atmosphere, being rebranded as a family-friendly pirate themed luxury hotel. Unfortunately, due to falsified blueprints, renovations have crossed the property line. Petra initially suspects that Chuck, (owner of the neighboring hotel and her secret lover) is behind the doctored plans. Unless Chuck signs an easement, they’ll have to tear down the new kids’ club. Blackmail fails to coerce him, but surprisingly, an impassioned speech about her honest hard work succeeds. He later sends Petra an anniversary gift that provides an alibi for the blueprints incident, and proves his feelings for her are genuine. The episode concludes with a chilling discovery: a body has been unearthed on the beach wearing the Scott’s name tag. He has been missing for years.

The Time Jump:

I can honestly say I was skeptical about leaping so far into the future after momentous and game-changing events for both Jane and Rafael. However, when I think about it, dragging fans through a lengthy mourning period in real-time as well as nearly a year of incarceration for Rafael would not have been optimal. In spite of the time jump, Jane’s grief over Michael’s death is handled in a way that feels both genuine and respectful. She has found a unique outlet for her grief through the novel that she writes about their romance.

Jane and Rafael’s relationship:

I’m really loving the new dynamic between these characters. They’re much more in sync, working in tandem to problem-solve and co-parent. Going a step further, they have become best friends. His support, empathy, and understanding is very touching. One of my favorite moments comes when Jane tells him she judges herself for not healing fast enough. He advises her to go at her own pace saying, “You are where you are.” Rafael also gives her the push she needs to get out there and capitalize on the opportunity to read her work when she feels like she’s too emotional to handle it.
No one could ever replace Michael, but in his absence, Rafael has found his own way of being a source of safety and support for Jane. In the past, these characters have struggled to see eye to eye, disagreeing on many fundamental levels. Although Rafael is currently in a long-term relationship, and Jane is nowhere near dating, I have to wonder if the deepened bond they now share will lead to revisiting their romance. Could the writers be gradually shifting us in this direction?


Zachary Levi fans may recognize Johnny Messner as Rafe Gruber, a sociopathic hit man and sharpshooter. While I doubt his character’s name on Jane the Virgin has anything to do with his role on Chuck, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to address this. So far Chuck has been relatively harmless, but I tend to be suspicious whenever new characters are introduced. No one is ever quite who they seem to be.

What Happened to Scott?

Aside from dabbling in blackmail, Petra is proud to have built the Marbella and successfully raised two very well-mannered daughters without resorting to illegal or manipulative methods. She seems to have turned over a new leaf…or has she? Scott’s disappearance throws a shadow of doubt on her apparent wholesomeness. Last time we saw Scott he was blackmailing her. Was his murder a way to purchase her new life? What about Anezka? If the body really is Scott, then where is she? Is she dead also? Or is she his killer?
Whenever a body has turned up at the Marbella in the past, it usually has been the work of Sin Rostro. Rose has been hidden in plain sight with Rafael’s sister Luisa, claiming to want to live a normal, peaceful life with her. I have to imagine old habits die hard for the former crime lord. It’s also very likely that she was well aware of the addendum both from her nefarious past, and her relationship with Luisa, who is in on the secret that Rafael is not a biological son. What if Rose killed Scott in an effort to protect Rafael as a secret gesture of love for Luisa? As always, Jane the Virgin keeps us guessing on the edge of our seats!


  1. JAHFebruary 17th, 2017 at 9:19 am

    I was wondering where I’d seen that guy (“Chuck”) before… I think there are a ton of little call-outs and Chuck easter eggs throughout this series (see:Jane’s push mix, with a snippet the song Jeffster did when Ellie gave birth), so I wouldn’t be surprised if naming him Chuck was intentional.

  2. Jack NastFebruary 17th, 2017 at 11:00 am

    The time leap was a bit startling but does not hurt the story line at all. Great synopsis.

  3. AngelaFebruary 17th, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Thank you very much! 🙂

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