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What happened Tuesday afternoon to Zachary Levi was a moment to remember.

Levi, best known to audiences from Chuck and Thor: The Dark World, but better known to the Comic-Con crowd as the brainchild behind Nerd HQ, asked his friends and fans to help him out with a simple plea: to tell the world #IWantMyNerdHQ

Nerd HQ, the fan-favorite event held in the Gaslamp District across the street from San Diego Comic-Con, just held their third event last July. Interest in the event has grown steadily every year, with its intimate celebrity-studded panels, large donations to the charity Operation Smile — last year’s event raised more than $215,000 — and ultra-cool hangout reputation. It’s the hottest ticket at Comic-Con outside of an actual SDCC badge.

But within just a few hours of asking for help, #IWantMyNerdHQ was trending globally. Levi spoke with The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog about the experience.

“The power that the fans have and the power that they’ve imbued into myself, and Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day. It’s just, it’s incredible how powerful it is,” Levi said. “How much you can move mountains. Or, in this case, you can trend worldwide for a few hours. I’ve been so touched by Nerd HQ and what we’ve been able to accomplish with it, and how many people come to me and tell me how much they appreciate it.”

The Nerd Army, the nickname for fans of Levi’s Nerd Machine geek-lifestyle clothing line, rose to the occasion. Fans shared memories of the annual dance party, of their favorite panel moments like last year’s Tom Hiddleston’s Velociraptor impersonation, and more. Many celebrities also joined in on the action after receiving texts from Levi asking for their help, stars like Adam Levine, Rob Krazinsky, Seth Green, and Fillion — who “all day just keep retweeting and kept going and kept fighting” to draw attention to the hashtag and cause.

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