It’s-a Dr. Mario!


by Brittney Franklin

[Dr. Mario fan art by Torokun]

House and Nintendo collide in Dr. Mario, a webseries on The Game Station starring self-proclaimed and proven gamer nerds from across YouTube. Trading the plunger for a stethoscope, Mario’s quest is to cure the ailing of virtual heroes—and villains.

In addition to the rest of the main cast: Zelda, Pokemon’s Nurse Joy and Mike Haggar from Final Fight, cameos from other popular game franchises are a regular occurrence. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Link to show up, although the play on Mortal Kombat with Scorpion was enough to hold me over.

It hasn’t yet been revealed if the all-too-familiar pixelated viruses acting as Mario’s self-doubt are the only things plaguing the doctor, but his internal struggle disappears as soon as he pops one of those giant pills resembling the capsules from the nostalgic video game.

The first two episodes of Dr. Mario are online now with updates every Monday on The Game Station. See episode one here:

[Dr. Mario Episode One video] [GameStation]

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  1. RoraBartowskiJune 6th, 2012 at 8:37 am

    OMG. This webseries is AMAZING! *_*

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