It’s National Superhero Day!!!


By Karen Valenzuela (@VictoriaNoir89)

So what does one do on National Superhero Day, besides wearing a cape in public, telling everyone you pass on the street that it’s National Superhero Day, and ignoring the odd looks people give you because they’re nothin’ but haters? Plenty of things!

Never fear! I’ve made a quick list-a-roony for you nerds!

1. Get waaaaay too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts at a cheap price!

Go to a Krispy Kreme store in the U.S. or Canada, buy a dozen original glazed doughnuts, and you get another dozen FOR FREE.

If you’re headed to work today, why not make your coworkers love you? OR you can keep them all for yourself and make your coworkers hate you. Your choice!!

2. You can read a little deeper into the psychology of superhero origin stories and how they teach us to cope with trauma and adversity, thanks to Smithsonian Magazine! (I love Smithsonian and their supernerds!)

3. Thank the gods that Lynda Carter exists in your lifetime.

4. Read The Hollywood Reporter’s list ranking all 45 Marvel movies from worst to best. (Blade only came in at #28 and I’m legit flabbergasted and disappointed, THR. Rude.)

5. Call up your local comic books store(s) and ask if they’re doing anything special today. Maybe you’ll get some free comics out of it? At the very least, you’ll make a new nerd friend. Right?! You can use this nifty Comic Shop Locator site to find someplace near you!

6. See Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is still in theaters!

7. Watch all of the superhero films you can possibly think of in one sitting, pausing only for bathroom breaks and snack breaks. Nah, forget the snack breaks. Just create a fortress of snack foods and sodas (and also water because hydration is important!), but make sure to leave a pathway so that you can get to the bathroom.

8. Go onto and donate to help find a cure for children’s cancer. You can choose to help through certain tasks on the website, or you can do a flat donation.

9. LOVE YOUR MELON!!! Through this charity group, you can help put smiles on the faces of the patients in children’s hospitals in your area. Love Your Melon sends volunteers dressed as superheroes to make these children’s days more special with fun events and hat donations. Everybody loves a comfy superhero hat! They even have a map on their website so that you can locate an event near you to donate your efforts today.

10. Embrace your inner superhero and get involved in your community. There are many ways to help those in need! Check the volunteer sites in your town to see how you can contribute. (Cape is optional!)

You all know who my favorite superhero is! Let us know which superhero is your favorite!

How will you be spending National Superhero Day?

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