It Follows Review


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox

After my recent viewing of the film It Follows, I was plagued by one question, and one question only:

Can people just GET SOME in horror movies without there being horrific and deadly consequences afterwards, already? JEEZ!

Don’t get me wrong, It Follows is a really good movie. Its almost-total absence of gore and cheap jump-scares is refreshing, but its heebie-jeebie factor is seriously high. Remember when horror movies didn’t necessarily send you screaming under the furniture, but kept you significantly creeped out for days? It Follows is a welcome return to that type of flick, with a few staples of the genre thrown in for good measure.

It Follows tell the tale of Jay, a teenage girl who gets down and dirty with the WRONG guy, since he ends up giving her a super-awful STD. Not a Sexually Transmitted Disease, mind you, but a STALKING TERRIFYING DEATHBRINGER. It’s never really explained what the thing is (or why it’s so intent on killing people for fadoodling in the first place), but what we DO know is there’s no escaping or stopping it once it’s set on someone. It’s like a homicidal Pepe Le Pew, this thing.

But there are two things that are significantly scarier about this movie’s baddie: 1) It not only takes the shape of a human, but it can also change its appearance. So it can be ANYBODY. 2) It doesn’t run after its victims. It literally strolls after them (and their impending death) like it’s Sunday afternoon in the park. This may sound like a tedious plot device, but trust me, it works. As you watch Jay and her friends try to figure out how to outrun or destroy the slowly approaching foe, you can’t help but watch the background, waiting for it to catch up to them.


The vibe of It Follows felt very similar to The Shining for me (not too shabby of a comparison, right?). Sure, it’s creepy and scary in all the right ways, but there’s definitely a level of WTF that I wasn’t expecting. I mean, you can’t even pin down what YEAR the film takes place in- there’s old school TVs, but also smart phones that look like birth control cases. But other questions kept popping up, too, like: where are all the adults? And, more importantly, WHY aren’t these kids constantly sitting in corners so they can see anyone/anything that’s coming towards them??

All in all, it’s a top-notch horror flick that’s quite a bit different than what we’ve gotten used to seeing in this genre. Sure, you have the pretty girl running from a deadly force due to sexy-fun-times, but the movie is unique, fast-paced, and creepy enough that it doesn’t seem like the same ol’ tired story.

…. that all being said, I’ll just be sitting here, waiting for a horror movie in which Business Time is the only way to save everyone from the big bad, okay?

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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