Iron Fist Trailer Arrives


By Stephanie Holland (@GGG_blog)

As the awesome new trailer for “Marvel’s Iron Fist” states “the Final Defender Arrives.”

We open with a barefoot, bedraggled Danny Rand trying to gain entry at Rand Enterprises. Obviously, no one believes him, so it’s good thing he’s able to use his martial arts expertise to get past security. This intro offers a first look at what viewers can expect from the extensive action and martial arts scenes this story requires. Things are slowed down so every move can be appreciated and then sped up to get the full effect.
We are then given the backstory on how a young Danny disappeared and was presumed dead in a plane crash that killed his parents. If you’re new to comic books, almost all heroes have dead parents. Danny’s path crosses with Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, the glue of Netflix’s “Defenders” franchise. There’s a line of her explaining how she’s met others with abilities, which is a nice set up for the team up we all know is coming.
A common thread among these shows is that the heroes have been away or isolated but have all reached a breaking point where they come home to clean up the streets and root out the bad guys in power. Iron Fist is no different in that it seems to focus on Danny wanting to clean up Rand Enterprises. Like the other Marvel Netflix series “Iron Fist” has its own tone and style. However, the fast-paced action and hip hop soundtrack anchors it to the rest of the Defenders and it fits right in.

“Marvel’s Iron Fist” premieres all 13 episodes on Netflix March 17.


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  1. SharlzGFebruary 11th, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Very excited

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