Money. Fame. Talent. What more could someone in Hollywood ask for? Once-famous 90’s child star Rainbow Raychel had it all: she was the lead star in the television show “Fun Time Learn Time” that aired internationally to every country in 25 different languages. Rainbow’s success on the show skyrocketed her career, eventually leading her to win 9 Academy Awards and even 3 Grammys. Rainbow would fall deeply in love with Tyrese after meeting him on a set in 1996. She was on top of the world, but her streak of fame would be turned upside down after she got involved with the wrong crowd. After a dramatic breakup with Tyrese, things changed for the worse for Raychel. This breakup would cause her to start drinking heavily. Not being able to complete an episode of “Fun Time Learn Time” without going off script, Raychel ended up losing her slot on the show. After completely losing it at a live shooting of a Christmas special in 1999, Raychel was blacklisted on all media outlets, rendering her career dead.
17 years have passed and Raychel is finally ready to get back in the spotlight… but she’ll have to work her way back up. With the help of her friends, Raychel has started developing online videos to regain her fame and make a quick buck. Branding herself after the last name she was given in the tabloids… this is The Ratchet Raychel Show.
This isn’t your normal educational children’s show. Brandon Johnson, Art Director of Nerd HQ, has created a web series called The Ratchet Raychel Show and BOY is it something. If you like puppets and adult humor, you will LOVE this series.

The Ratchet Raychel Show is a weekly TV-MA web series starring Ratchet Raychel and different guests each week to teach important lessons about manners, cooking, respect, friendship, and more. Raychel is the voice to a generation of adults who grew up with classic educational programs that we all loved at a younger age.
Even though this isn’t a Nerd HQ project, it is FULL of Nerd contributors. Adrianna Gentile and Zac Cantin (Nerd HQrew) and Eddie Williams (Merch model) will be co-hosting in the show along with newcomer Shannon McKinnon.


Get ready to be educated, by the best educator out there…


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