Interview with Sadie Katz


By Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

We had the opportunity to speak with actress Sadie Katz, star of Chavez Cage of Glory and House of Bad. Despite being under the weather, Katz took the time to talk with The Nerd Machine about her current projects, the excitement acting in small budget films and what it’s like playing sultry roles, among others.

Chavez Cage of Glory was written and directed by Hector Echavarria, who stars as a dedicated family man who takes up cage fighting in order to steer his family’s financial woes. Sadie Katz plays Gia Chavez, Hector’s loving wife who fears for her husband’s fighting ways. The film also stars Danny Trejo (MacheteSpy Kids) and Steven Bauer (Scarface, Primal Fear).

You can watch the trailer for Chavez Cage of Glory here.

House of Bad stars Katz, Heather L. Tyler (The Bridge) and Cheryl Sands (Nip/Tuck), who portray sisters on the run with stolen drugs in a suitcase. They take refuge in their parents’ home and think they are all alone, but they quickly discover that something else is lurking in the house with them.

You can watch the trailer for House of Bad here.

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