Interview with Matt Thompson


By Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

We had the opportunity to interview Matt Thompson, the producer and star of the recently released thriller Bloodline.

Bloodline uncovers the eerie past and life of ‘Brett Ethos’ (THOMPSON), a young seminary student inching toward a priestly life. However ‘Brett’ falls away from the church as his curiosities entice him to divulge into the relentless realities of his identity. On a trip with friends and an old flame (played by NCIS star Kimberly Alexander), ‘Brett’ heads out to explore a cabin left to him in a family will, where he discovers his true heritage. Truth is discovered, blood is tainted, and darkness pollutes their fate. When temptation or redemption is the ultimatum, ‘Brett’ puts his own life and the lives around him in an immense danger as he is torn between his faith and his curse. Bloodline also stars Grainger Hines (Lincoln), Jesse Kristofferson (Melrose Place), Gina Comparetto (How I Met Your Mother), and Christopher Frontiero (Parks and Recreation). Watch the trailer below!

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