Instant Gamer Reviews: Spelunky (PS4)


By: Ricky Strong (@strongricky)

Welcome to another installment of Instant Gamer! This month on the Playstation Network, there are some really great games available for FREE for Playstation Plus subscribers. Playstation 4 owners have three games: Dust: An Elysian Tail, Spelunky, and Pix the Cat, with Driveclub Playstation Plus edition coming soon. Playstation 3 owners will be able to download Batman: Arkham Asylum and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. Playstation Vita owners have both Pix the Cat and Rainbow Moon available for free on the Playstation Store. Today, we are going to take a look at Spelunky on the PS4.


Spelunky is a randomly generated platformer that was originally released on PC in 2008. Since then, Spelunky has undergone a facelift and been brought to XBLA and Playstation Network. Spelunky’s Adventure Mode is the meat of the package that sends one to four players on a quest to adventure through all the levels while finding as much treasure as possible. There is also a deathmatch mode, as well as a daily challenge that pits your time and treasure against others on a leaderboard.

Spelunky is good old-fashioned fun but it can be very difficult to master and actually complete, especially if you are playing by yourself. Each level is randomly generated, so there is no memorizing where the exits, stores, treasure, and damsels are in each level. The first section of the game is the mines, with four levels within the mines. Within the mines, there are levels that could possibly be dark and require the player to carry a torch, have a pit of snakes, or even contain a bunch of huge spiders, but the layout is never the same.


The levels in Spelunky are completely destructible, and they’re only limited to the number of bombs the player can currently hold. Accidently blow up a ledge you need to use? Luckily the players each have a limited number of ropes to throw up and climb to a higher area or use to drop down a huge hole. There are tons of monsters within each level of Spelunky that can be killed by jumping on them, hitting them with your whip, or by throwing any of the objects you find lying around each level. And oh yeah, there is a ghost that comes after your spelunking crew if you are taking too long on a level! If said ghost touches you, it is an instant kill, so find that exit in a hurry!

One of the most fun and challenging aspects of Spelunky is that when you die by either losing all your lives or by an instant kill, you have to start completely back over at 1-1. The only way to skip the mines is to complete them a certain amount of times, which allows Tunnel Man enough resources to complete a shortcut for you. So make sure that when you finish level 1-4 that you have some bombs and rope in your inventory to donate to Tunnel Man!


Spelunky is a lot of fun, especially with friends. It is a game that will challenge you to become more skilled so you are able to complete each new challenge. Spelunky boasts easy to learn controls, gorgeous graphics, and tremendous replayability. The best part about Spelunky is that you can download it for free right now on the Playstation Network for the PS4, PS3, and Playstation Vita.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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