Infographic: 100 Vehicles of the Star Wars Universe


By: Olivia Biggs

It’s Star Wars Celebration week, and fans are getting hyped!

For those who don’t have midi-chlorians in their blood count, the lore can get confusing at times. There are hundreds of Star Wars books, hundreds of TV episodes, and thousands of comic books beyond the normal seven – soon-to-be eight – movies. The fanaticism has now reached its 40th anniversary, and the love for the series has not let up. Some estimate Star Wars is worth about $10 billion. But it’s more to fans than money: There’s even a somewhat-serious Jedi church.

To say the Star Wars universe is huge and complicated is kind of like saying Americans eat a lot of pizza. It doesn’t quite grasp the full picture.

So, here’s a brief (very brief) overview of only one tiny aspect of the Star Wars universe: the ships and vehicles in which the characters ride. This infographic made by TitleMax reveals a tiny hint of the wide breadth of star ships commonly found cruising the galaxy far, far away.

It’s amazing how much one man’s imagination transforming a half-eaten hamburger into a spaceship has changed the film industry as a whole.

Star Wars has created a wide fantasy universe of expertly crafted and often memorized vehicles of every size and shape. From the massive Super Star Destroyer, which, if it were real, could cover the majority of Manhattan, to the agile and iconic X-Wing to the overwhelmingly deadly Starkiller Base, each new entry into the lexicon adds to the beauty and complexity.

This infographic has also included some vehicles outside of the “canon” – that is to say, Disney’s canon, which has excluded everything outside of the original movies and a handful of books and games. Disney’s decision to ignore the greater Star Wars Expanded Universe can’t erase the years and years of creative endeavors or the amazing ship designs that resulted. Some fans’ favorite ships exist in that expanded universe, like the Ebon Hawk and Outrider.

Politics are often a sign of the dark side, however. But what’s most important is that fans are very passionate about their Star Wars ships. Whole volumes are devoted to studying the insides of many of these ships, and with each new film comes a whole new set of ships and weapons. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some awesome new creations in Star Wars Episode XIII: The Last Jedi!

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