Imperial March Madness


by Kelly Knox (@kelly_knox)

It’s Jedi vs. Sith, bounty hunter vs. scoundrel, and more this month as kicks off their own tournament bracket in the form of “This is Madness.”

Starting March 18, Star Wars fans are asked to vote in a Character Tournament that pits favorite faces from a galaxy far, far away against each other. The tough decisions start in the first round. Count Dooku vs. Grand Moff Tarkin? Leia vs. Padmé? However will we choose?

Each day fans’ votes will be tallied until just one Star Wars character is left standing on April 9. Will it be perennial favorite Boba Fett? Or can Darth Vader pull an upset? The Dark Lord of the Sith has started his own campaign to get to the top in the form of a video transmission that is impressive. Most impressive.

Fill out your own bracket and get to voting in This is Madness.

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