ICYMI: Ben Affleck Will Not Direct Solo Batman Movie


By Michaela Bush
Some news concerning the new standalone Batman film was released last Monday: Ben Affleck has decided to step down as the movie’s director. He is co-writing the screenplay with Geoff Johns and is already involved, of course, as the leading character and executive producer of the solo movie. (By the sound of Affleck’s involvement with the movie, perhaps it should be called a ‘solo’ film for more reasons than just the content!) He stated that he wanted to focus on his performance rather than working as the only director to the movie. Warner Bros. later released a statement announcing that they support Affleck’s decision. As Affleck mentioned in his statement, “Performing this role [as Bruce Wayne] demands focus, passion, and the very best performance I can give.” He continued to reassure those looking forward to the movie that he is going to remain very committed to the project and is eager to work with it. Affleck had already mentioned this year that his plans to direct the film weren’t a done deal and that, if the script failed to come together like he thought it should, he would step down as director in order to focus on the script. However, the solo Batman film is definitely still going to happen, as it is an integral part of the expanding DC cinematic universe.

Warner Bros. has not yet announced whether they have anyone else lined up for the role of director. Additionally, the movie does not yet have a title or synopsis set in stone, but the villain Deathstroke has already been cast, with Joe Manganiello (True Blood) bringing life to the character. The movie is set for a release sometime in 2018, but it is uncertain whether the lack of a director –or the perceived hang-ups with the script, from the lack of information about it and the knowledge that Affleck said he would step down as director if the script didn’t come together as expected—will affect the release or not.
Ben Affleck will be coming back as the Dark Knight in Justice League before the solo film is released. This movie is premiering November 17th, and he has already premiered, of course, in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as well as his cameo in Suicide Squad.

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