I Want My Nerd HQ reaches 150,000 dollars!


A week ago today we launched this campaign with the belief that the fans of Nerd HQ would rise up. Now, $150K later, we are on our way to making this dream of hosting Nerd HQ 2014 a reality – all thanks to YOU! As most of you know, this event is a passion project for all of us involved with the ultimate goal of raising more money for Operation Smile than ever before. We knew this campaign would take a lot of hard work and dedication but we also knew that you are the best fans in the world to make it happen. There are 39 days left in this campaign and we continue to need your help. Please tell all of your friends and family and share via social media through every outlet possible how much Nerd HQ means to you. Make it personal. You have made great strides in one week but we need help to make leaps and bounds moving forward in order to make this year’s event a reality.

Over the next few days, the campaign will rollout fun incentives and referral contests to encourage the spreading of the “I Want My Nerd HQ” message. We welcome your input and any suggestions you may have to help reach as many new people as possible. Please leave a comment on Indiegogo or reach out to our team via Twitter at @TheNerdMachine, @TejBee, or @EricaPenaVest. You can also email us at IWantMyNerdHQ@thenerdmachine.com.


For those of you with blogs or websites that want to show your support, we have created a fun badge for you to post showing your support of our campaign. Even if you don’t have one, please add this badge as a background to your social media sites in support of the campaign.

It is our belief that you are as dedicated to this cause as we are, and we can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you have already made. We humbly ask that throughout the rest of the campaign, you continue to help us spread the word to anyone and everyone that would help support our event.

Stay tuned for some fun updates later this week. Meanwhile, thanks again for your continued support and Viva La Nerdolution!

The Nerd HQ Team

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  1. MegMarch 26th, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    This might be a silly question, but I believe in Nerd HQ and even though I’ve not yet been able to attend, I still would like to help out. Where can I send our $5 dollars?

    Thanks Meg

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