How to Celebrate Star Wars Day


By Michaela Bush
It’s that time of the year again, guys! The day when a wonderful spring day and a fantastic movie series collided, and an equally splendid pun ensued: May the 4th, also known as “Star Wars Day”.
Obviously, the biggest thing you want to do on the 4th: watch as many of the Star Wars movies as possible. If you’re into “Clone Wars”, you may as well fit those episodes in as well. Invite the gang over and order some pizza. Buy some blue food dye and make glasses of blue milk to honor the beginning of a legacy. If your fellow Star Wars buddies are mostly ones you’ve met online, see if you can Skype a blue-milk toast or collaborate to watch the DVDs together across the country—or across the world.

If you’re a Jedi master in the kitchen, you can also whip up some Star Wars-themed desserts or beverages to either share or keep for yourself. Here’s an article with recipes for fruit-punch flavored blue milk, a “severed Wampa arm cake” and even Leia cupcakes. Similarly, following their recipe for Leia’s cupcakes, you could also take some frosting and dye it other colors to create caricature Luke, Han, or Vader cupcakes as well; maybe even C-3PO or R2D2 if you’re dedicated to the project.
If you’re stuck at work and can’t have a binge-marathon of all things Star Wars, do some low-key cosplay! I don’t mean you should dress up in that Chewbacca costume lying in your closet, unless you want to terrify your coworkers—but if you actually do that, please videotape it—but rather, wear your favorite Star Wars tee (or tie, if you have to dress formally). Do a modern-Han style by wearing a snappy vest over your white button-up and slacks, or Darth Vader by wearing all black with a red bowtie. Ladies, same idea—Rey’s hairstyle from Episode 7 is very easily replicated, but if you want to go all-out, try your hand at Leia’s Hoth braid.
You can also be a responsible adult and totally go on a Star Wars shopping spree. Click here for a list of Star-Wars related sales going on this week in honor of May the 4th. Some of the best deals, including sale prices for the movies or some video games, are at the bottom of the page.
Finally—across the galaxy, no matter how you so choose to celebrate…May the fourth be with you.

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