Horror Movie Icons Cosplay


By Jaime Whittaker (@JaimeW912)

Hello, flies and ghouls! Halloween is drawing ever nearer and I am so excited! One of my favorite things about Halloween is getting dressed up in costume (in case you couldn’t tell already!).  Many people, such as myself, don’t need Halloween as an excuse to dress up.  Some people even dress up as their favorite horror icons even when it is not Halloween.  I’ve rounded up some examples of some of the awesome cosplay representing classic horror icons.

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  Pennywise, Leatherface, and Annie Wilkes found on G4tv.com


Pinhead and Carrie featuring me! (Can I just say I felt absolutely disgusting but it was well worth it because I scared a lot of people!)


Freddy taken by photogeny-cosplay (I had to do a serious double take! I thought that was Robert Englund!)


Michael Myers and Sam father and son cosplay on ihorror.com


Regan from the Exorcist by Mykie from Glam&Gore (be sure to check out her channel to see the tutorial on this look)


Ash from Evil Dead found on dtjaaaam.com


Nosferatu and Billy Doll by chris_caines on flickr


Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” inspired cosplay on 365daysofhalloween on Tumblr

These are some seriously creepy, creative cosplayers! Who are some of your favorite horror icons to dress up as? Let us know and post pics if you’ve got ’em!

Until next time, stay scary!


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