Holiday Gift Guide!


By The Nerd Machine Blog Team

The Holidays are upon us and shopping for your favorite nerd can be difficult! We are here to help make that a little easier!



Amped Wireless BTSA1

Bluetooth receivers that enable you to stream music through older model stereo systems and speaker docks can be frustrating to use. Move your phone a few feet from the device and instead of music you hear crackling, and don’t even try to stream from a room away. It¹s impossible.

Amped Wireless is introducing a new solution, the BTSA1, a long-range Bluetooth adapter that allows you to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device to your stereo from a room away. This new device has double the range, enabling you to keep your phone at your side while still enjoying your favorite tunes as you move around your home.

Why is this so cool? Because number 1, IT WORKS. I am a fan of older looking speaker sets (think 70s and 80s). So The fact I can plug this is and get my tunes going with some classier looking retro speakers is AMAZEBALLS.

Microsoft Surface 2

I know what you’re thinking. Ok, I don’t. I know what you’ve probably read, but I like to make up my own mind on gadgets and tech, and my mind is made up on the Surface 2. No, it’s not full on Windows 8.1, but that argument falls flat. iOS isn’t a full on Mac. Android isn’t a desktop OS either. The Surface 2 is a solid piece of technological goodnes with expandable memory, long battery life, and a little feature called Microsoft Office. With the optional keyboards, this little machine is perfect for work or play especially when used in conjunction with your Xbox and Skydrive. The app store is growing too. There’s lots to love in this package. Microsoft even throws in 200GB of Skydrive storage free for two years.



Soxfords Socks

Soxfords are colorfully themed designs embrace the idea of being “outstanding, without standing out” – really unique, without being overly loud, or obnoxiously silly. They have fun without going too far by focusing on subtle details – a hungry lobster embroidered on your calf, or a sneaky submarine just surfacing from your shoe. A bit of tongue-in-cheek fashion for a professional crowd, breathing some life into boring “business casual”.

The quality is amazing – Pima cotton blend. The socks are manufactured by a family-run hosiery mill in Columbia.

Soxfords retail for $20-$25 per pair, and can be purchased online at My favorite pair are the Kessler Syndrome! Really comfy and add that nice bit of geeky flair to a dressed up attire.

Nerd Machine Secret Santa Sweater Tee!

Everyone does the whole “ugly sweater” thing. Why not nerd it out a little with our Star Wars themed and Zelda/Mario Mash Up tees?
Both designs available in Red or Green on super comfy 50/50 american apparel tees!



Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set

If you’re like me, you like your Christmas to be a bit on the geeky side. I love table top roleplaying games, card games, board games, dice games—well, you get the picture. If only there was a way to combine all of these elements into a singular, narrative-driven experience. Oh, wait! There is! If you have someone on your list that loves all types of gaming, give Paizo Publishing’s, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set a look. It combines an exciting roleplaying experience using cards, strategy, and dice. Each time you play you, and your friends, battle monsters and become true heroes. Pick up some Adventure Decks to keep the fun going.

Magic the Gathering Holiday Gift Box

This holiday season, Magic: The Gathering players everywhere will know just what to put on their wish list: the Magic: The Gathering Holiday Gift Box! Featuring four booster packs from Theros, 20 basic land cards, and a Karametra’s Acolyte premium card with an illustration unique to this gift box, it’s the perfect way to supplement their vast Magic collection. The box itself holds more than 2,000 cards, providing a great way to store a collection.

Available for $19.99, it’s the perfect gift for any Magic player on your list

More gift guides next week! Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

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