Holiday Gift Guide: Part III


By The Nerd Machine Blog Team

See Part I and Part II.

The Holidays are upon us and shopping for your favorite nerd can be difficult! We are here to help make that a little easier with even more gift suggestions!



Casio SLIM Projector

Why spend 1800 for a big TV when you can spend less and have a portable screen that you can bring anywhere? After testing with streaming, blu-ray and playing some call of duty, I can say that I would definitely recommend one of these babies to every gamer! What I really like about these Casio SLIM projectors is the LampFree™ technology. No more expensive bulbs!!! The SLIM projectors are powered by Casio’s state-of-the-art LASER & LED HYBRID Light Source and DLP technology that can last up to 20,000 hours without haven’t to have the light source replaced! That is 20,000 hours of COD Fragfests, Movies and anything else you want to project on a wall or screen! Only and that are super thing and small, making it much easier to find a nice spot to mount without taking up a ton of room!

Leef USB 3.0

Data storage is important but sometimes you want more than just a stick to store your pictures of LOLCats. Leef technology expansion to its USB 3.0 product line with Ice 3.0 and Supra 3.0. Designed with the signature Leef style, grace and form today¹s consumers demand, these USB¹s feature only the highest prime-grade memory and make a great stocking stuffer. These babies are very small, light and look really stylish (yes technology is a fashion accessory too).

Supra 3.0 is one of the smallest USB 3.0 flash drives on the market. It is designed to offer the highest level of light transparency of all acrylics, and it¹s slim enough to be left in a device at all times.

Ice 3.0 features a methacrylic casing that creates a crystal-like ³Ice² feature and includes new controller technology and memory that is capable of read times up to 90 MB per second.

I was blown away at how fast these things can read! Seriously, if you don’t have USB 3.0, upgrade your hardware so you can use these. The time you save transferring large files or just a 1000 pictures of batman eating hamburgers will astound you!

nio TAG

Tons of nerds will be getting new gadgets for christmas and many will end up losing them. To protect these items and the personal information stored on them, check out the nio Tag. As the first Bluetooth-powered security tag, you can attach the nio Tag to any item you want to keep track of (i.e., luggage, purse, laptop case, cat, slice of pizza.) or you can carry the nio Tag to secure a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Should you become separated from the item, an alarm will alert you – acting like a buddy system or an electronic leash. Its a pretty nifty idea for those who are prone to forgetting their valuables places!

Clothing and Accessories


Cool Tees from Nerd Machine
The Otaku and Gears of War tees from The Nerd Machine! Well you are already on the site, why not get one while we are having a crazy sale. 20% off orders of 25 or more, 30% off orders of 50 or more and 40% orders of 75 or more! In case you aren’t a math-wiz, that means a $75 order would be $45! Thats alot of swag for a little bit of buck!

Acrylic Pendants from House of Darkly

Because you have nothing to prove, wear your geek proudly. A bold statement in original design pixel lettering, lasercut in black acrylic with sparkling rainbow glitter embedded in it at varying levels. Really pops in bright light!

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