Holiday Gift Guide: Part II


By The Nerd Machine Blog Team

See Part I here

The Holidays are upon us and shopping for your favorite nerd can be difficult! We are here to help make that a little easier with even more gift suggestions!



The Sound Pump

Everyone has bluetooth speakers that they say are the best. Who wants to spend over a hundred dollars to get sound that is barely louder than your speakerphone already? Well, this little device packs a lot of sound and bass in a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ package and its only $59.99. The bluetooth range is quite decent and it synced up to both our samsung galaxy s4 and iphone5 without a hitch. I cannot believe how loud this thing is! Let me also clarify by loud, I don’t mean that cheapo, crackly high treble loud, this this has deep rich bass so it is the whole package!

• Special acoustic design structure
• Splashproof/Water Resistant
• Playback controls (volume, forward/rewind, pause)
• Real-time tracking volume compensation
• 6 hour batter, 2.5 hours to charge!
• Small and lightweight

Snag one on amazon and give the gift of awesome jams!

PS4 and XBox One

This winter, it’s all about the war of the new gaming consoles. The Playstation 4 is first out of the gate, having been released on November 15, and the Xbox One followed shortly after. Each one has their advantages and disadvantage so which one should you buy? If you’re looking for a smaller, less expensive console with improved graphics and higher processing power, go with the playstation 4. If family sharing, integration with other entertainment systems, more memory and the inclusion of the new Kinect is more your speed, then the Xbox One is for you. Only time will tell which one wins the battle of the next gen consoles!



Ako Ay Nerd

The best type of gifts are the ones that make you feel good and do good at the same time! The Ako Ay Nerd tee supports the Philippines Typhoon Relief effort and makes you look pretty cool doing it!

Major Tom and Space is Freaking Awesome

Space is in right now and always will be now that we are entering the beginning of the real life star trek era! Show you pride and love for the cosmos with one of these fine tees. Major Tom is unisex and Space is Freaking Awesome is available in a men and women’s fit.




The acrylic glass puzzles from aren’t anything like the cardboard jigsaw puzzles you grew up with. These high quality puzzles feature multiple solutions so you can use them many times without getting bored, and are creative with a touch of competitive – you can play strategy games with friends using these puzzles!

The prices range from the travel compatible Pocket Star at $29, to the mind busting Hexdominoes at $129. Leave one around the office or your home to see which of your nerdy friends solves one of these mathematically crafted puzzles first.


Really? Monopoly? Yes!
Monopoly takes forever, so get your favorite nerd a themed monopoly set. My personal preference is the Lord of the Rings Monopoly set, but there is one of every nerd out there! Here are some of the fun versions that exist: The Office, The Walking Dead, Nintendo, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition!

Check back monday for our final gift guide!

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