Heroes Reborn Recaps: Chapter Four


By Shannon Fox (@shannonfox)


Chapter Four: “The Needs of the Many”


Phew!  This week’s episode was E-MO-TION-AL, wasn’t it?  Luke cried the whole time, people were super vague, and a dog broke all of our hearts in half.  Let’s go over the whole sad story, shall we?





Farah, Malina’s sometimes-invisible guide/protector, is still hanging out in the Arctic Circle when she comes upon a ton of dead butterflies (or are they moths? I’m going to go with butterflies).  That can’t be a good sign, and neither is Farah’s compass going all “Jack-Sparrow-doesn’t-know-what-he-wants” on her.  Apparently, all of this stuff means that Farah and Malina need to head south, but before they depart, Malina brings all of the butterflies back to life.  Look at the pretty zombie butterflies, guys!  This all being said, apparently Malina’s power is more related to nature, not just the environment?  What’s your deal, girl?


The ladies head south to Canada.  Farah gets all serious with Malina and tells her that she’s been hunted from the moment she was born, and has to “fight death with life”.  Malina makes a tree grow on the ground in front of them, but apparently evo’s have no regard for peripheral vision, because there’s literally a dude RIGHT there when she does it. Before he can call for help and reveal their location, Farah knocks him out and destroys his phone.  Malina’s training is over.


Suddenly, something weird and colorful and Enya-esque happens in the sky.  As Malina and Farah gaze up at it (as do the rest of our evolved characters in the show), they talk about the danger ahead.  Farah tells Malina that, though they might not know it yet, there are people who are going to help her save the world.





We last left Tommy and his mom as they were involved in an awful car crash.  Their car is flipped over, and both of them are injured and bleeding.  Tommy whomphs his mom and then himself to a nearby hospital to get fixed up.  Emily and Brad visit him shortly thereafter, glad that he’s okay, but Tommy’s mom isn’t doing so hot- she needs a blood transfusion and fast, but the hospital is out of her blood type.  Because of the relation, there’s a good chance that Tommy has the blood type she needs.  So, though Emily warns him not to, Tommy agrees to get a blood test to help his mom.


Of course, Tommy’s NOT a match with his mom’s blood type. The closest blood is in Indiana, so Tommy decides to pop over there with Emily to get it.  The nurse is all like, “Sooo… have anything to tell me?” because apparently, Emily telling Tommy not to get his blood tested in front of her wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway that he’s an evo.


Before they leave, however, Tommy and Emily have a heart to heart in a closet about “being extraordinary” and TOTALLY almost make out. But, y’know, PRIORITIES, so they don’t and they go get the blood Tommy’s mom needs.  When they bring it to the nurse, she tells Tommy to run- his blood results were sent to a federal facility and guess what?  The jig is up- the cops are there in the hospital already and they know he’s got powers.  When he tries to whomph away with Emily, one of the cops tells him that if he wants his mom to get treated, he better stay right where he is.  Whu-oh.


Luke and Joanne



While Joanne begins her gleeful extermination of the evo’s from the list they found in HRG’s car, Luke is still attempting to hide his new powers from his wife and having a major change-of-heart about the whole vengeance tour they’ve been on for the past year.  When he watches Joanne heartlessly murder an evo in the home he shares with his wife and kids, it seems to be the last straw, but THEN THE GUY’S DOG COMES OVER AND LAYS WITH HIS DEAD OWNER AND OH MY GOD. LUKE IS CRYING. I’M CRYING.  WE’RE ALL CRYING.


Luke confronts his wife in their motel room, as he tries to avoid any exposure to the sun so he doesn’t light up like the fourth of July. He wants to stop killing people and be “normal” again, but Joanne is all, “take an aspirin and quit yer bellyachin’, lame-o”.  But seriously, she’s particularly heartless here, merely walking out when Luke, all weepy, tells her he still loves her.


Later, when the two are driving to their next victim, Luke confronts Joanne again.  He reminds her of their different reactions to their first murder- Joanne found bliss, he puked his guts out all night.  He thinks they’ve lost themselves and each other, and finally reveals his power to Joanne by burning up the list of evo’s as she watches.  Joanne freaks, stops the car, and puts her gun to Luke’s head.  He tells her to go ahead and kill him, but she can’t.  She tells him that she “really DID love” him, but apparently not anymore- she gets out of the car and leaves him.


Miko and Ren



After escaping Yamagato Tower, Miko and Ren are catching a flight to Colorado so they can get into Renautas and retrieve Miko’s sword.  Meanwhile, Ren sends a video out to his fellow gamer followers, telling them to meet the “real Katana Girl” in Evernow cosplay at Renautus’ headquartes in Midian.


Apparently, Miko was able to understand what Harris was talking about when he was interrogating her a LOT better than I was- she’s worried that she’s secretly dead somehow and thinks that her father has the same abilities she does.  She is worried that she isn’t going to be able to save him, but Ren cheers her up and is basically adorable.


When they arrive at Renautas (after a costume change for Miko into “Katana Girl” wear, naturally), they are met by a large group of Evernow cosplayers.  Ren seems to think that they’ll be able to trick the Renautas guards and get inside because there will be multiple Katana Girls milling around.  Um, here’s hoping, dude…





Carlos is really gunning for a “Douchebag Uncle of the Year” Award this week, since he returns from getting his butt kicked by Captain Dearing only to commandeer the car that Jose has been working on (a project he started with his DAD, no less) and turn it into his own personal Vengadormobile.  Not only that, but he tricks out the El Vengador costume to make himself stronger and less destructible.  When the priest stops by, Carlos expects him to impressed, but Father Smokeguy is basically like, “Dude, it says ‘champion’ on your crotch now, you’re the worst.”  So although Carlos says that he’s doing the whole El Vengador gig to “believe in something bigger than him”, his intentions are seriously suspect.


He peels away in the new-and-improved car, leaving Jose behind to find his father’s El Vengador hideout under the shop.  Jose is thrilled by this discovery, and when the priest stops by again, he shows him the phasing ability he was afraid to show his dad.  Unfortunately, Captain Dearing shows up and captures both Jose and the priest.


This is what happens when you’re a selfish d-bag, Carlos.


HRG and Quentin



HRG and Quentin are still at Renautas’ headquarters, trying to find a way in to rescue Molly Walker.  They end up cornering Taylor, Erica Kravid’s daughter, and asking her for help. She doesn’t seem to know anything, but they tell her that her mom Erica is totally shadier than she thinks.  Since she hasn’t gotten any answers about what happened to her evo boyfriend, Taylor finally confronts her mother to find out. Erica dances around that business like a pro, but her frustratingly vague answers seem to show that she thinks that the evo’s must die for humans to survive.


Understandably pissed, Taylor sneaks into the testing center at Renautas with HRG and Quentin. But three Harris’s (Harrisi?) are waiting for them, with guns a-blazing. But HRG takes them out like a BOSS and all three crumble into dust.


Eventually, HRG, Quentin and Taylor find a room with dozens of evo’s bound and wired to these gurney-looking contraptions. Francis, Taylor’s boyfriend, is there (and unconscious) and so is Molly!  HRG recalls Sylar (from the original series) being able to harvest powers through the brains of evo’s– it looks like Erica has found a more technologically advanced way to do just that. He attempts to unhook Molly, but she says there’s no way of stopping it. She steals HRG’s gun from him.  She very vaguely explains that she was at the hospital when Claire died- they “knew the risks” and knew they would have to do whatever it took to “keep them safe”. She also tells HRG that she didnt give Erica “the location”.  He questions her, but she doesn’t explain.  If she tells him, he “won’t go back” and that they’re “all dead anyway”, but she won’t help Erica kill 7 billion people.


“Forget the past, Noah. Save the future,” she tells him, and shoots herself in the head. HRG is horrified, but they have to leave before they’re discovered.


Later, Harris tells Erica that Molly is dead and therefore EPIC only has a tracking radius of a hundred feet, and that Taylor is now helping HRG and Quentin. Not only that, but they lost the location of Malina (or, at least that’s who they seem to be referring to) when Molly died.  Erica is furious and wants “the child” found and killed.  She tells Harris to take a pair of EPIC glasses and find “it”, but she demands he take someone with him: “the Shadow”, who turns out to be none other than Phoebe (Aislinn Paul), Quentin’s sister… and looking pretty frickin’ dark and scary, if you ask me.



Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • I think we can pretty much expect the best line of each episode to come from Quentin, since he didn’t fail to deliver again this week.  I’m torn between “I hate your face, Bennett” and “How are we not pausing to have a conversation about this? You just saw that right? Right? Three dudes just kind of crumbled into piles of kosher salt?”  The “shadow blaster” line was pretty great too: “What? It’s a thing.”
  • Renautas, for how big and scary it is, is pretty much the WORST at security, am I right? Like, in the beginning of the episode, HRG and Quentin are literally just chilling out in front of the building on a bench.  They’re not even TRYING to hide (which seems like a bad idea, guys).  And no one notices them? No one’s keeping an eye out for them? Not to mention that Miko and Ren were able to walk right out of the Yamagato Building with NO ISSUE WHATSOEVER last week.  And maybe the room with ALL of their captured evo’s should be guarded a little more heavily?  Maybe? I’m just saying.
  • I am heading the campaign to get Alexander French’s dog an award for his heartbreaking performance in this episode.  Feel free to use the hashtag #GiveThatDogAnEmmy
  • Malina is giving me a seriously “I’m gonna save the world and you’re not, neener, neener, neener” vibe.  Get it together, girl- no one likes a snooty messiah.
  • So we’re just not going to talk about how Luke look like he was going to explode with fiery sun-power at the end of last week’s episode?  Like, did he just turn it off somehow after that happened? Okay, then.  And he was able to get a hold of his powers RIDICULOUSLY fast, right?  I mean, we went from near-explosion to him being able to stand out in the sun in one episode (I’m guessing this is more due to a 13-episode run than anything else).  Also, head-canon: Luke is from somewhere in New England. Maybe Connecticut- he DID say “wicked headache” and the only people I know who say that are from New England.
  • I’m getting the feeling that Emily is not what she seems.  I don’t think she’s BAD, but I also don’t think she’s some random girl in Tommy’s school.  Anyone agree?
  • How CREEPY was it that Joanne took out her gun in the motel room while Luke was talking to her?  Like, that is not typical spouse behavior.  Girl, you crazy.
  • It is EXTREMELY interesting to me that Phoebe can control darkness and Luke gets his power from the sun.  If it turns out that he can manipulate sunlight, here’s hoping we get an epic throw-down between the two of them.  But if you watched the prequels, Phoebe was never BAD, so I’m really curious about what’s going on with her.


What did you think of this week’s episode?  Have any theories about what’s going on?  Let us know in the comments below, and see you next week!


  1. JayneOctober 9th, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    I think the butterflies are interesting – they’ve appeared in each episode so I’m sure there’s some significance.
    I need the watch the episode again – and was thinking of going back to the start or the series to see if I pick up things I’d missed.
    The Malina stuff is quite slow right now, but I imagine that will pick up soon. Are the heroes whose stories we’re seeing now the ones who will help her?
    The Luke scenes made me cry. All of them! The dog bit was really well done! Yes, #GiveThatDogAnEmmy

  2. PrinOctober 9th, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Monarch butterflies navigate using magnetic fields. Between the expansive aurorae borealis and the monarchs ending up in the Arctic, that would imply that something is either up with Earth’s atmosphere or its magnetic poles or possibly both.

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