Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter Six


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Six: Game Over


So here’s my question: is ANYONE okay after that episode?  I mean, while I’m glad that we finally got some solid answers and some intertwined storylines, did we have to get it with such HEARTBREAK?  The good news is that we welcomed back Hiro and hopefully found a better purpose for poor Luke.  So let’s go over over the damage, shall we?






Carlos is still trying to find the whereabouts of his nephew and the priest.  Beating answers out of Captain Dearing isn’t exactly working for him, so he tries another angle: taking away the tons of money he found in Dearing’s apartment when he broke into it before going to the precinct to find him.  And just like that, Dearing opens up: Jose and the priest are being held at a place called “Sunstone Manor”.  The problem is, they check to make sure you’re an evo first before allowing you in.  Luckily, Dearing just happens to have a familiar looking vial that, when taken, will make a non-evo like Carlos appear evolved temporarily.  And guess what, guys? CARLOS TOTALLY DRINKS THE STUFF IN THE VIAL WITH NO HESITATION.  Of COURSE, he starts coughing up blood and passes out from it, so things aren’t looking so good for our El Vengador.


… we’re all in agreement that he’s totally going to wake up as an actual evo, right?






Tommy continued his reign as the Crowned King of Terrible Decisions this week.  Overwhelmed with the knowledge that he’s supposed to save the world, he whomphs Emily away to Paris for a bit of a break from reality.  Unfortunately (and this is where the terrible decisions come in), when he sees that security at the Eiffel Tower are scanning for evo’s, he decided it’s no big deal and tries to go up anyway.  When the guards refuse him entrance, Tommy makes a big scene about how it’s not fair and throws a temper tantrum, even going as far as to say he could teleport the entire structure to outer space.  He’s forced to whomph away when he and Emily get surrounded, and girl is PISSED.  I can’t blame her, since he totally ruined their romantic date with his teenage angst.


Tommy finally tells Emily that he’s supposed to save the world, but he doesn’t feel like he can do it.  Emily basically gives him the whole Spider-Man “with great power comes great responsibility” talk, and it works.  They return to Carbondale… and then totally make out.  Bow-chicka-wow-wow.


Luke and Malina




After leaving Joanne a pretty awesome “you suck” voicemail (“Hi, honey, this is your loving husband- you know, the one you nearly shot in the face?”), Luke goes to a dock and decides to buy a sailboat just like the one he and Dennis made together back in the day.  But before he can come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me, he decides to kill himself- he straps on a backpack full of bricks and jumps into the water.


Malina, having arrived at the same docks thanks to the lumber truck she was hiding on, sees Luke jump and immediately comes to his rescue.  She uses her powers (in full view of people, mind you) to bring him to the surface and levitate him to safety.  Luke tells her that he no longer sees a purpose in his life and he was looking for a sign.  Then Malina shows him a picture of Tommy and says she needs to find him, somehow- the two of them are going to save the world.  Luke, of course, recognizes Tommy and decides to help her, hopefully finding a purpose after all.  Aw, new buddies!


Miko and Ren




With her father’s sword back in her possession, Miko and Ren are searching through “Evernow” to find her father, who is supposedly being held in “The Eternal Fortress”.  Unable to reach it through the game, they instead go to another Renautas facility to try and get through, reality-style.  Ren is able to sneak inside a cargo box, while Miko finally gets into the fortress through the game.  She appears inside Renautas to find some very familiar looking people…


HRG, Quentin, and Taylor



Still at Erica’s house, HRG is basically trying to torture Hiro’s location out of Harris.  He finally tells him that he can take him to him (and Phoebe, for Quentin), but tells Taylor that Francis is being moved to another facility.  She leaves to try and rescue him, while HRG and Quentin head to Renautas to find Hiro.  Unfortunately, Taylor pretty quickly finds out that she’s too late to save Francis, and she’s devastated.  She breaks into her mother’s office and steals some security footage.


While inside Renautas, Miko suddenly appears in front of Harris, HRG, and Quentin and attacks them, thinking they’re baddies.  Harris is able to escape, but HRG explains (in Japanese) to Miko that they’re on the same side- they’re both trying to find Hiro.  She joins their group and they find their way to the transporting room (with Richard, who we saw there last week) and Ren, who was brought there inside of the box he was hiding in.  It turns out that Renautus is transporting people and supplies to the future, or in Richard’s words, “building a better world for a select few”.  They’re using Hiro’s power similarly to how they used Molly Walker’s.  HRG demands that Hiro be set free, but Richard explains that they had to imprison Hiro somewhere without time and space-and that’s why they created “Evernow”.  This, of course, means that Miko’s father is NOT the one inside the game, and Miko isn’t even who she thinks she is, but a digital recreation of the game creator’s dead daughter.  She is a just a character in the game.  Nevertheless, she is determined to finish her quest- to do so, she must defeat a dark version of herself and use the sword to set Hiro free.


Unfortunately, she’s unable to get back to “Evernow” when Harris arrives with back-up: Phoebe, a.k.a. “The Shadow”!  While the others try to hold off Harris, Quentin tries to talk some sense into his sister (even going as far as to tackle her to the ground), but she isn’t having it: she’s totally on Erica’s side.  She attacks Quentin with her crazy darkness tendrils.


Meanwhile, with Phoebe preoccupied, Miko is able to use Hiro’s sword.  Before she departs, Ren tells her he loves her.  D’aaawww! She enters the game, defeats “Dark Miko”, and uses the sword to release Hiro.  But what happens to Miko now?


HRG manages to knock Phoebe out while she’s attacking Quentin, but he’s too late.  Quentin dies (NOOOOOOOO), and Harris goes to shoot HRG.  But time freezes and the bullet stops in mid-air.  Yes, folks, HIRO NAKAMURA (Masi Oka) is back!  Hiro agrees to go back to June 13th with HRG to fix Erica’s mess, but seems to be a bit resistant about changing too much of the past.


Back in the present, Taylor is in a motel room, taking a pregnancy test.  Yep, she’s pregnant, presumably with Francis’ baby.  She records a video and sends it “Hero Truther”, telling the real story about Renautas and her mother.  When Erica sees the video released online and finds out about Hiro being freed, she is furious.



Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • NO MORE WITH THE UP THE NOSE STUFF, PLEASE.  I literally cheered when Dearing took his tube out.  Yuck. Gross.  And the thing they put up Harris’s nose? NO THANKS, NO MORE OF THAT.
  • Take a closer look at the 9th Wonder comic book that Emily finds Tommy:


It says that “Nathan” visits the future and Emily notes that it looks just like Tommy.  And is that Erica he’s standing next to? At first, I thought maybe this was proof that Nathan Petrelli is Tommy’s real father, but perhaps it’s just proof that Nathan is indeed Tommy’s REAL name (which STILL leads me to believe that Nathan Petrelli is Tommy’s father, and he was named after him).  But he’s in the future with Erica? That can’t be good.

  • I demand to know if, during the filming of the scene where Luke and Malina are talking to each other, people had to throw buckets of water on Zac just for continuity’s sake.  I don’t know, the thought of it makes me laugh.
  • I would not be so bold to say a bad word about Star Wars (unless it’s the prequels), but I have always had a huge problem with the “I love you” “I know” scenes between Han and Leia.  So when it was recreated between Ren and Miko, I WAS SO SAD.  LISTEN. WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU THEY LOVE YOU, YOU EITHER SAY, “I LOVE YOU TOO”, BREAK INTO SONG, OR SLIDE AWAY AWKWARDLY, THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS.
  • Please know that any time I write “Ren and Miko”, I ALWAYS accidentally write “Ren and Stimpy” and have to furiously backspace.
  • I have never been more jealous of Malina’s powers than when she was able to shake the snack machine with them.
  • For someone who’s “never been to Paris”, Emily knew EXACTLY where those comic books were, didn’t she? I swear, THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON WITH HER THAT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET.
  • Quentin’s not dead. Quentin’s not dead. QUENTIN’S NOT DEAD. HE’S NOT.  (He was also TOTALLY flirting with Miko, am I right?)  He’s consistently had the best lines of the show, including this one: “Hold up, you guys made a TIME MACHINE?” HE CAN’T BE DEAD.
  • For as much as Phoebe says that Erica’s given her a purpose and all, like… happy, fulfilled people wash their hair, okay?
  • I know that Hiro’s been through a lot, but I totally need a scene of him and Ren nerding out over something.  How cute would that be?!
  • If we have to watch Dennis die in Luke’s arms next week, I AM RAGE-QUITTING THIS SHOW. (I won’t obviously, but I might have to yell really loudly and throw things at the TV.)
  • Saddest line of the episode: “You did good, buddy.  You did good.” *insert sobbing emoji here*


That’s it for this week! Got any theories you want to share? What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments! See you next week!


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  1. PrinOctober 23rd, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    * Next week Luke leaves ‘Burnin’ Down The House’ in its entirety on Joanne’s voicemail. [joke]
    * Given what we’ve just seen, unless something exceptionally even more weird is going on, I can’t imagine there’s ~nothing~ to us seeing people who were at the site of the explosion being either completely undamaged or undamaged without even a lick of debris or ash on them at all.
    * Emily’s parents seem to be absent a lot, or at the very least Emily seems completely unworried about what will happen during or after her little jaunts with Tommy, short of being arrested. Pennyman said he wasn’t Tommy’s dad. Didn’t say he didn’t have kids.
    * Chip-checker isn’t the same as a blood test or swab. Emily not lighting up the arm scanner doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
    * Quentiiiiiinnnnn! If Hiro and HRG’s moves in Odessa don’t undo his death, we’ll pour a Red Bull for ya, buddy.
    * Do we seriously think Mommy Dearest would have a change of heart in the least by finding out she’s going to be a grandmother?
    * Okay, so Miko’s creator wasn’t actually in Evernow. So where is he?
    * Do not even mention the possibility we might see Dennis die in Luke (and Joanne’s?) arms. NOT ACCEPTABLE, SHOW.
    * Speaking of Jo-jums, last time we saw her was schlepping up the road somewhere outside of St. Louis, MO. So where’s she gone? Unless she has a very good memory, I suspect she’s probably set off towards Los Angeles, since that was the last defined target she and Luke had discussed at any length. (Tangent: yes there would have been enough time elapsed for Luke to have driven from St. Louis to Rochester in the timeframe shown last week.)
    * Was Luke just too out of it to notice how much blood Malina has all over her? (Which is realistic, because she hasn’t made the time to go wash it off anywhere yet.)
    * Think we can all agree Luke was not just talking about he and Joanne hunting Evos when he talked about losing his purpose.
    * I really hope the people El Vengador I was helping with his underground railroad weren’t all just ending up at this brainwashing center/holding tank/whatever Sunstone turns out to be.

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