Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter Seven


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Seven: June 13th, Part One


Full disclosure, “Heroes” fans: I had no idea how I was going to recap this episode, since SO much happened with a lot of characters and callbacks from the original series!  So while this week’s recap is a bit less irreverent than usual in favor of getting in all the information we got thrown at us, I’ll give it my best.  Here goes nothin’!


Future HRG and Hiro




Hiro has taken HRG back to June 13th to try and save Claire and stop the bombs at the Odessa Summit, with one stipulation:   nothing that they do must affect the future TOO much, or cause “too many butterflies”, in Hiro’s words.  So they first look for Claire, and they’re told that she’s “keeping a low profile” by the employees of Renautas.  Unable to find her, Hiro and HRG go to his old office, but are interrupted by Erica and HRG’s past self.  They hide in the secret compartment in HRG’s office (that we saw in the premiere) and decide to split up: Hiro will try to stop the bombs while HRG finds Claire.  But they first run into Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), who tells them that Claire has been rushed to the hospital.


When HRG arrives at the hospital with Angela, he’s greeted by a nurse who should be a familiar face- it’s Tommy’s mother, looking quite a bit younger! She tells him that Claire has died, but they were able to “save the children”.  It turns out that Claire died while giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl.


Angela tells HRG that she’s had a vision of these babies- they’re important.  But all HRG can think about is seeing Claire, so he goes to the morgue and finds her body.  He apologizes to her for their unresolved issues and promises to keep the twins safe.

Back at Renautas, Hiro arrives at the garage to find Mohinder and Harris.  He fights Harris (with TWO swords, awesome!) before seeing that he’s outfitted with a bomb.  Nevertheless, he is able to kill him, but he makes the mistake of cutting off Harris’ arms- of course, two more Harrises grow from them.  Before disposing of them, Hiro freezes time, then goes forward to see what will happen if he defeats all of the Harris clones.  He decides it’s far too risky, and disappears.


Hiro goes to the hospital apologizes to HRG- they can’t save anyone, including the people at the Summit.  There are just too many bombs and too many consequences to stopping them from exploding.  It’s time to go home.  But he’s unable to use his powers, and as they watch safely from a window at the hospital, the bombs go off at the Summit.


Back in the hospital room with the twins, Angela explains the vision she had about Claire’s children- she knows about the poles reversing and the solar flares and how it will destroy most life on earth, but she also saw that one (or maybe both) of Claire’s children can save everyone.  And she told Erica, who will surely kill the children to continue with her plan.  With that, HRG realizes what he made himself forget: Claire’s children, so that they could hide them from Erica.  They come up with a plan: Angela and Hiro will go back in time and raise the children safely so they can develop their powers and stay hidden from Erica, since she’ll be looking for babies.  Angela names the boy Nathan, for her son.  HRG names the girl Malina, for his mother.  And there’s the big reveal, folks: Tommy/Nathan and Malina are twin siblings and Claire’s children!


With Hiro and Angela gone, HRG walks around the hospital, seeing all the wounded and Erica on the TV talking about evil.  He happens upon Erica in the flesh, and decides to kill her.  He secretly follows her out to the garage… but will he succeed in his mission?



Past HRG




The HRG of the past (we’ll refer to him in this section as Noah, okay?) is at the Summit, looking for Claire and keeping an eye on things.  He finds out that Erica has moved all security out of the garage at the Summit, and wants to know why.  They have a confrontation in his office, and he grows increasingly suspicious when Erica shows far too much interest in finding Claire.  She informs Noah that she wants to keep him around, but she’s benching him for now.  She has him detained in a room in the basement.


He is met there by the Mysterious Pennyman, and we learn his name is Casper.  It seems that he and Noah were partners for awhile, but Erica has ordered him to erase parts of Noah’s memory.  Casper pretends to go along with it, but ends up tricking the security guard into picking up one of his pennies, and he helps Noah escape with his memories intact.  They head outside just in time to see darkness take over the sky.  Noah immediately takes out his gun and shoots into the sky, trying to get people to run away, but the bombs explode shortly thereafter.


In the aftermath of the explosion, Noah is being helped through the rubble by Casper.  He’s desperate to find Claire, but they’re joined by Molly Walker and they take him to the hospital.  He asks Molly if she can sense Claire- I’m a bit unclear if she couldn’t find her or she can actually tell that Claire’s dead, but I’m leaning towards the latter.  While he’s waiting to tended to among the other wounded people from the Summit, he sees Future HRG walk past.  He follows him and sees HRG take him out his gun to shoot Erica.  He dives at him.  But does he stop HRG in time?






Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy), on his way to the Odessa Summit to give a speech about his research, secretly meets with Angela Petrelli.  She warns him about Erica Kravid- Angela knows about the “Human Extinction Level Event” (or HELE) and knows of Erica’s plan to let it happen and let most of humanity perish- but there are two that can save the world.  Mohinder doesn’t believe her- Renautas has been funding his research and are letting him speak about his findings.  Angela tells him that his research team has been murdered, but he continues to not believe her and leaves for the Summit.


At the Summit, Mohinder finds Molly Walker and gives her his latest research manuscript, just in case Angela’s premonition is correct. He is taken by Harris to see Erica, who informs Mohinder that he won’t be speaking at the summit after all.  He is tranquilized, fitted with one of those power-suppression thingies with the nose tubes, and brought to the garage.  Harris informs him that a bunch of his clones are all throughout the garage at the summit, fitted with explosives.  Although Hiro comes to Mohinder’s rescue and he begins to fight the Harris clones, there are too many.  As far as we know, Mohinder was still in the garage at the time of the explosion.  But did he survive?


Luke and Joanne




Luke, Joanne, and Dennis have traveled to Odessa to meet with evo’s for a possible cure for Dennis.  He has “solar urticaria” (a real affliction, actually, though sensationalized a bit here), which means that exposure to direct sunlight will literally burn his skin.  Joanne doesn’t seem fully onboard with this plan, but Luke is hopeful.  Once at the Summit, Joanne is nervous about the evo protests going on, but Dennis seems to be having a good time, watching an evo create snow.  But he runs away from Luke and Joanne to chase a balloon right when the explosion happens.  Luke searches desperately for him but is unable to find him, though he helps rescue the evo that Dennis was enthralled with.  The emergency personnel at the site make him stop searching, but he promises Joanne that they won’t leave without him.


Also, a few more things we learned that may be of note:


Past Hiro

We found out that Hiro was in Japan working on the “Evernow” game in Yamagata Tower with Hachiro Otomo, who asked him to help Erica with her “vision”.  When Hiro refused, Hachiro imprisoned him inside the game and took his sword.  But when he saw that Hiro was being reported as dead from the Odessa explosion, Hachiro was confused and suspicious.



We see Tommy/Nathan very briefly, just at home when his mom takes a break from the hospital on June 13th to bring him a cupcake.  But he DOES mention that his Dad taught him everything he knows.  So who is Tommy’s dad?



Phoebe was being held by Erica in a house on the onskirts of Odessa on June 13th.  It looks like, although Erica DID make her think that her power was going to be used for good, she also threatened Quentin’s life.  Although it looked like it physically hurt Phoebe to expand her powers, she was eventually able to do so without pain from the house out to the Summit to mute all of the evo’s powers in time for the explosion.


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.  And like, what even is going to be CHANGED now from this episode?  Who’s alive? Who’s dead? Oof, my head is spinning.
  • Best line of the episode came from Hiro, upon seeing HRG open his secret room behind a bookcase: “Oh! Like Harry Potter!” The second best line also came from Hiro: “Hang on baby, you’re gonna party like it’s 1999!”
  • While I’m fully aware that we didn’t get to see Claire because they couldn’t get Hayden Panettiere to appear in the series, it ALSO doesn’t help me believe that Claire is actually dead.  I sincerely hope they explain how Claire was able to die in the first place, because that’s a big deal, right?
  • So even though we were curious who Tommy/Nathan’s dad is, now we have TWO dads to worry about: his biological father and who we can assume is his adoptive father.  SO MANY SECRET DADS.
  • Glad to see that Mohinder’s poor decision-making skills carried over from the original series.  Oh, Mohinder.  What are we going to do with you?
  • Seeing Luke and Joanne happy, while a nice break from the constant emotional trauma that is their story arc, was painful.  That being said, the fact that Joanne wasn’t frantically searching for Dennis while Luke was spoke VOLUMES to me: either her mind snapped THAT early, or Joanne wasn’t that great to begin with.  What mother doesn’t go looking for her child when she can’t find him, ESPECIALLY in the middle of a disaster?
  • I suppose it’s safe to assume that Hachiro is an evo, but what kind of power does he have that can make people go into video games?  That’s a pretty specific ability, right?
  • I hope, in an episode in the near future, that Carlos and his importance are explained.  Because as of now, he’s the only character not attached to story at ALL, particularly because he’s not even involved in the June 13th stuff.  What’s his deal?
  • Can we call agree that there was a definite moment between Hiro and Tommy’s mom when he was holding baby Tommy?  Also, she looked quite a bit younger than she does “now”.  My theory is that Hiro is Tommy’s adoptive dad now, and he totally gets with Tommy’s mom.  Awwww.
  • When Luke lifts the metal thing off of the guy who can freeze things:  is that NORMAL human strength, or EVOLVED human strength?  Also, is Dennis’s affliction a sign of impending evo powers or just an affliction?
  • If the movie Frozen exists in the “Heroes” universe, that guy who could freeze things probably hated it.  Like, he’s basically Elsa.  I bet people sang “Let It Go” at him all the time.  Poor guy.
  • If HRG interacts with his future self, doesn’t the world explode or something generally bad happen?  Isn’t that the main rule of EVERY time travel story?  Get with the program, HRG.


That’s it for this week!  Got any theories/thoughts about this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!


  1. PrinNovember 2nd, 2015 at 11:14 am

    I believe the original explanation for Claire’s death involved her power being inactivated by the shadow material Phoebe was casting over Odessa. Though as depicted in the show, the cloud was traveling towards the summit from wherever in Odessa’s outskirts that house was located, versus being anything large enough to create a false eclipse over the entire region for a long period of time. Since Stevens’ comment indicated that he himself had seen a heavily pregnant Claire on the grounds of the summit, but he didn’t seem to have any clue she’d gone to the hospital (nor did we see/hear an ambulance prior to the explosions), it might be possible that Erica had something done to Claire that caused her to go into labor and/or cardiac arrest.

    It’s possible that past!Noah believes that in the hospital he’s seeing someone who is *impersonating* him, rather than his own future self. That would be consistent with Stevens having earlier told past!Noah that they’d already spoken, which is probably fresh enough in past!Noah’s head for him to remember… and even if he had momentarily entertained the notion that the man in blue he saw was his future self, he’d probably assume he had to be incorrect because if his future self had come back, wouldn’t he have been here to prevent the massive tragedy that’s just occurred?

    I’m also becoming increasingly convinced that, at least up until this point, there literally hasn’t been anything for past!Noah to have wiped from his memory because he didn’t have any involvement with matters that would need to be forgotten. Everything that HRG has been attributing to/assuming about his past self turns out to be things he himself has done, and the notion of him having ostensibly had his memory wiped and so many former friends/allies having been told that his memory was wiped was a setup by his present self. He had to set things in motion so that his original journey could be triggered – possibly right down to Quentin being able to find out who he was and track him down. Past!Noah didn’t forget that Claire died, didn’t know she was pregnant, didn’t know about the children, *because he never found any of those things out in the first place*.

    Having said all that, I do wonder if there’s a significance to the difference in how the Haitian’s memory erasure works (worked, *sniffle*), and how Casper’s works. Like, are those memories somehow stored in the pennies Casper carts around, and would giving the penny back to the person restore those memories? If the pennies are effectively storage devices, can those memories be accessed by others (Casper or anyone else)? Or are the pennies just a giant heavy-ass briefcase full of MacGuffins?

    Heavily adrenalized humans can lift entire cars; the two pieces of wreckage Luke moved – with noticeable, considerable effort – were not outside those bounds. He did lift just the metal tubing section off the cold-wielding Evo, versus picking the whole thing up, concrete and all.

    In theory, if they push the galactic reset button, there could turn out to be all sorts of people who are alive now who have died in the present of the show (Quentin, the original El Vengador, Molly Walker, Stevens), and vice-versa. I can’t imagine they’re going to change too much, though, or there’s going to be too much WHUZZUH from the audience when we return to the present day and Carlos’ storyline is still intact from our perspective. Though that’d be one way to sneak in some hey-you-thought-things-hadn’t-changed-but-look-who’s-here!

    Boy is Matt Parkman going to be P-I-S-S-E-D about Molly if the Noah he’s confronting is the current Noah rather than past!Noah, and he manages to pry the knowledge of her death out of Noah’s head.

  2. SynbiosTaelNovember 2nd, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Claire’s death makes no sense to me. Even if her powers were being dampened by Phoebe, when the dampening is gone, her powers would kick in again and she’d be alive. Also, Erika NEEDS Claire alive because she most likely wants to take her power and use it somehow.

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