Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter Nine


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Nine: Sundae, Bloody Sundae


Well, we’re finally back to our regular scheduled program after the past two “June 13th” episodes… or are we?  Like, who’s alive?  Who’s dead?  Who’s even a GOOD guy anymore?  Obviously, this week we saw more consequences to HRG’s time-travelling stupidity (sorry, Noah, but it was DUMB, okay?) and got quite a few more mysteries thrown at us, particularly whatever the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going on in Sunstone Manor.  Everything’s all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey and apparently, we’re going to have some sort of fall break from our evo adventures and this is not okay.






So it turns out that Dearing wasn’t a COMPLETE jerk—he’s still taking Carlos to Sunstone Manor after doping him with something that would make him only APPEAR as an evo.  Right.  Nevertheless, when they arrive, the stuff works and Carlos is admitted (imprisoned? I’m still not sure).  He’s able to knock out an attendant pretty easily and steal his work uniform, but when he starts to search for Jose and Father Smokey, he notices that things are definitely weird.  No one is trying to escape, and an announcement over the PA system from “The Director” has everyone seemingly hypnotized.  He finally finds Jose and the priest, but they don’t want to leave (particularly Jose, who’s having hallucinations of his father).  He’s then captured by the manor’s attendants.


Meanwhile, Dearing has his own problems: while waiting for his paperwork, he’s told he needs to be evo-tested as well.  He tries to fight off the attendants, but he’s taken to “The Director”, who turns out to be Matt Parkman!  He does some weird hypno-mind-control thing to Dearing, telling him to “choose his own punishment”.  Dearing goes in another room and shoots himself in the head.


Carlos is then brought in to Director Parkman, who tells him that the people at Sunstone are happy.  He sort of reads Carlos’ mind to find a moment that “defines” him.  He sees the lie about his military prowess and then seems to do whatever he did to Dearing, only Carlos goes into the other room and relives the battle in Afghanistan in his mind.  Parkman sees his connection to Farah and decides that Carlos is “useful”.


Luke and Malina




Aw, Luke and Malina are totally having a bonding experience on their road trip to Carbondale.  It’s nice to see some normalcy for poor Luke- while he’s reluctant to share his past with Malina, he does start to open up a bit and HOLY CRAP HE ACTUALLY SMILES AND LAUGHS.  But he hasn’t quite gotten over his destructive tendencies, since he ruins a COMPLETELY decent sandwich just because he’s anti-tomatoes.   Anyway, they arrive in Carbondale just in time to find Joanne, Tommy, and Emily in the ice cream shop.  Luke confronts his wife (I mean, she still IS, technically) and tells her to let them go.  She refuses, but somehow Luke’s flame-shooter ability misses her and Tommy and Emily have disappeared (see below for Tommy’s part in that).  Joanne runs out of the shop and Luke takes off after her, but before he can catch her, she’s picked up by Harris.


Meanwhile, during all of this, Malina had been hiding in the back of the shop.  After everyone leaves, she’s left to speak to the police about what happened, which is where HRG finds her later.  They hug, and HRG promises to keep her safe.  YEAH, OKAY, BECAUSE YOU’VE DONE A GREAT JOB WITH EVERYONE ELSE.






After his little romantic trip to Paris (Paris, je t’aime!) with Emily, Tommy is ready to face his fate and save the world.  He visits his mom and she explains that he has Hiro’s powers.  Tommy can travel in time- and HRG shows up to confirm this.  He needs to take Tommy (and Malina, for that matter) to Odessa ASAP.  He fills Tommy in on all the stuff that Caspar (A.K.A. The Mysterious Pennyman) made him forget.  Tommy is overwhelmed, but he gets a call from Joanne on Emily’s phone.


Tommy teleports to the ice cream shop to find Joanne holding both Emily and Caspar at gunpoint.  Caspar tries to stop her by literally just chucking his suitcase at her.  It doesn’t work, unfortunately, and Joanne shoots and kills him.  But when Joanne goes to shoot Emily, Tommy finds out what his mom and HRG told him is true: he CAN manipulate time! He freezes everything (making a few small adjustments to keep Joanne and Luke from hurting each other/others) and teleports away with Emily, back to the hospital.  He tells HRG that Caspar is dead and tries to teleport them all away, but his powers aren’t working.  Which means… DUN DUN DUNNN, the Shadow/Phoebe is back, and this time Quentin’s on her side.  HRG realizes that his MASSIVE EFF-UP in the past caused Quentin to be evil and side with Renautas.  They have a stand-off for a second, in which HRG threatens to kill Phoebe and Quentin threatens to kill Tommy, but HRG is unable to do it.  Quentin and Phoebe take Tommy to Erica’s house, where she has dinner set up for him.  She wants to tell him how he’s going to save the world.






Taylor’s still in hiding from her mom and Renautas, sporting a very cute red wig.  She’s contacted by “Hero Truther” over her computer- he/she/they want to meet up with her.  But when she goes to meet them, she is grabbed off the street and thrown into a van.  She’s brought to a warehouse and it looks like Erica’s finally gotten her hands on her daughter, but JUST KIDDING! It’s an evo with shapeshifting powers posing as her mom to make sure that Taylor isn’t going to give them away.  And another surprise: the Haitian is alive again (which we can guess is thanks to HRG’s decision to not have him involved in erasing memories on June 13th)!  Taylor is desperate to find Francis, and the Haitian wants to rescue the leader of the “Hero-Truther” movement, Micah Sanders.  They believe that he’s at Sunstone Manor, and Taylor agrees to help them.


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • Okay, but did Brad, Emily’s ACTUAL boyfriend, disappear off the face of the planet, or did she just break up with him offscreen? Because our girl seems pretty okay with holding hands and smooching Tommy out in public.
  • Is the El Vengadormobile the car from “Supernatural”? I’ll admit that I don’t know much about cars, but it looks and sounds similar to me.
  • Next week, I’ll bet we found out that the deer that Erica killed was Bambi’s mom. ERICA, YOU MONSTER!!!
  • STILL with the gross nose power-suppressors? Can we move on from storylines with them, please? They give me some major heebs.
  • Was Caspar going to take Emily’s memories and then decided not to? What was his purpose in visiting her?
  • It seems that I wasn’t alone in getting a big kick out of Luke’s “stay in the car” line? Thanks for the “Chuck” throwback, “Heroes” writers!
  • How was Joanne able to keep her memories? As we saw with HRG, the pennies clearly work through clothing (his worked through his shoe), so shouldn’t any of them hitting her have worked? Or does Caspar have to do the spinny mojo on them first?
  • I mean, CLEARLY, Joanne is even further off her rocker than the last time we saw her, since she’s willing to kill Emily just for kicks. Emily’s not even an evo!
  • Why is Harris SO hilariously DONE with Joanne, the moment he meets her? His face was BEYOND exasperated.
  • What seriously concerns me, now, is that Luke has lost yet ANOTHER one of his “purposes”: He and Malina have been separated.  I’m hoping that his new purpose is finding and stopping Joanne, but I’m also worried that this will hit our poor little firebaby hard.
  • My reaction to Miko in the desert, almost 8000 years in the future (which I’m guessing is where they’re sending stuff at Renautas): What? What the? But she’s? How did? Is this? HUH?????
  • Okay, so now WHO is the Engineer? I’m guessing that the “Gateway” team is whoever is taking care of things in the future.  Listen, I know the whole point is for it to be a mystery, but can people PLEASE start calling each other by their actual names in this show?
  • Matt Parkman, WHY are you on the bad side? I am so disappointed in you.
  • The song that perfectly describes how I feel about Quentin in this episode: “Baby Come Back”, by Player. You know, the one from that Swiffer commercial.
  • They may be drawing it out, but I STILL totally think that Carlos has some sort of power now. I was hoping it’d turn out to be anti-mind-reading powers so that Parkman’s powers wouldn’t work on him, but… alas.
  • Angela Petrelli didn’t let Malina have CANDY? CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT. Someone get that girl a Reese’s cup, stat!
  • Next week’s episode is being billed as the “fall finale”, which means that it seems we’ll be getting a holiday break from “Heroes Reborn”.  BOOOOOOOOOOO.


That’s it for this week’s recap! Got any thoughts or theories? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. PrinNovember 16th, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    1. Is Brad’s absence another butterfly, maybe?
    2. I think Caspar was going to take Emily’s memories and then realized she and Tommy were in love (FWIW at that age) and that she wasn’t just some girl he hung out with nor was he just her latest boyfriend.
    3. For a second it was like Chuck and Molly (Sarah’s little sister) were on some kind of a road trip that’d turned into a mission [though Molly’d only be maybe about 11 at this point, vs. 15].
    4. Maybe Harris is growing tired of being Erica’s general dogsbody? Or maybe the circumstances of Odessa really did change for Luke and Joanne and she’s actually working for Renautas and Harris is sick of having to come and clean up after his bloodthirsty colleague.
    5. Luke did, at least, get Malina to Carbondale and with Tommy, which is literally what he said he’d do. I hope he doesn’t get nabbed by Renautas.
    6. I imagine that part of the point with the constant use of epithets vs. names with Erica is that she doesn’t actually care about people enough to know their names for the most part. They are what they can do for her, not individuals in their own right. The Engineer might be Micah, though I imagine he wouldn’t be in that role willingly.
    7. Parkman’s previously shown an inconsistent application of ethics in regards to the use of his powers; if his behavior now isn’t meant to be the practical upshot of that, or if he isn’t up to something else (like getting an evo army together on Erica’s dime and with her help), maybe he’s in the same boat as Phoebe in terms of his powers overwhelming him.
    8. Are we seeing Quentin minus a year of freakout over looking for his sister, or is there some kind of cult thing going on with him? Has Parkman been put to work on either him or Phoebe or both?
    9. Carlos got thrown out a 3rd-story window and came away virtually unscathed. Dude’s gotta have *something* going on.
    10. Strangely enough, the spartan routine with Malina makes me more hopeful that Angela hasn’t basically been Harry Pottering her – essentially, raising her to die at an appointed time. If Angela didn’t believe Malina would be living past her current age, why bother?
    11. Yeah, I narrowed my eyes at that. We’re going to get 10 out of 13 episodes in and then a break? Bzuh?

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