Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter Five


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Five: The Lion’s Den


Well, “Heroes” fans, here it is- we FINALLY found out what the big event of the series is going to be.  The poles are reversing!  The world is ending! People are still making horrible decisions! There’s a new baddie in town! Oh, and we totally had angst up the wazoo in this episode, didn’t we?  So let’s hold hands and talk about what happened this week.


Malina and Farah




Malina and Farah are still continuing their journey south through Canada and are trying to avoid detection by Renautas.  Where are they going? We’re still not sure, but things aren’t going too well for the ladies- Farah was due to meet up with someone and they don’t show up.  Not only that, but thanks to the EPIC glasses, Harris finds Farah and is able to follow her to the warehouse where she had left Malina to hide.   But no biggie: Malina uses her powers (it seemed to be some sort of wind or energy force) and sends the Renautas agents flying so that they can escape.


Unfortunately, they don’t get too far before Harris and his cronies are able to corner them again.  Malina’s all like, “Whatevs, I got this!” but this time, Harris brought a friend: the Shadow (SPOILER: If you’ve seen the prequel series, you’ll know that this is none other than Quentin’s sister, Phoebe, though it looks like she’s gone seriously bad with her umbrakinesis)!  The Shadow has these tentacles made of darkness that render Malina powerless, so she and Farah are forced to try and run again.  But before they can escape, Farah is shot.  She hands Malina an envelope and tells her that there’s “answers” in it (how Malina doesn’t immediately open it, I have no idea), and then tells her to go on without her.  Malina escapes by hiding on a lumber truck, but we can probably assume that Farah is either dead or captured by Renautas.






After getting his blood tested to try and help his injured mom with a transfusion, Tommy is found out by some government agency and is forcefully registered as an evolved human.  They implant a tracking device into his arm, and then start to interrogate him about his past, including his many aliases and addresses.  But then the agent interrogating him drops a bombshell on Tommy: turns out he’s adopted!  He’s seriously freaked by this information, and whomphs out of there without a second thought.  But before the big bad governmental agent can start a manhunt, the Mysterious Penny Man shows up to erase some memories.  Hooray, Mysterious Penny Man!


Tommy, naturally, pops over to see totally-his-girlfriend-but-technically-not-really-Emily and tells her what happened.  Emily tries to calm Tommy down, but he’s deep is teen angst mode.  Then they totally almost make out again.  Like, they have some serious close-talker issues going on.


Nevertheless, Tommy whomphs back to his mom and confronts her about being adopted- she didn’t tell him earlier because she was afraid of losing him.  OH, and because she was afraid that he was going to try and “save his dad”, whatever THAT means! But then the Mysterious Penny Man shows up again.  We learn that, while he’s NOT Tommy’s dad, he’s been following him for a year now to keep him safe.  The deal is that Tommy’s important.  He’s part of humanity’s “one last hope for survival”.  Basically, he’s going to help save the world.  Tommy’s like, “NAH, I’M GOOD” and peaces out.






Carlos, after winning the Douchebag Uncle of the Year Award last week, comes back from his joyride in his fancy new El Vengadormobile to find out that Jose and the priest have been taken by Captain Dearing and his men.    Apparently, this doesn’t help Carlos realize that he’s been making the worst decisions ever, because he immediately goes to police station and demands to see Dearing, accusing him of kidnapping.  But Dearing’s got his own problems: Renautas’ EPIC glasses have been sent to the precinct, are opened and actived by his partners, and they immediately see that Dearing’s an evo.  They tranq him and drag him away.  They put this gross tube up his nose that’s connected to an iPhone, toss him in a van, and are about to take him to evo Azkaban or something when Carlos shows up in his souped-up El Vengador suit and beats everyone up.  Even Captain Dearing’s super-strength is no match for El Vengador 2.0!  Carlos tells Dearing he’ll rescue him, but he has to take him to where Jose and the priest are, and the Captain agrees.  Aw, new buddies (except not really, because Carlos throws Dearing in the trunk)!






Remember how Luke (AND THE DOG, I’M STILL NOT OVER IT) just basically broke our hearts all last episode?  Well, get the Kleenex out, folks, because the Tour de Heartbreak isn’t over yet.  Luke returns to his home that he shared with Joanne and Dennis.  He reminisces about happier times, looking at pictures and videos that are SO FREAKIN’ SAD because he was right last week- they WERE happy once, but none of that matters now.  He sells his half of his dental practice to his partner, ditches his wedding band, and torches the house and all of their old belongings (save the toy sailboat that he and Dennis made together) before setting out on a new mission: atonement.


Miko and Ren




Good news, everybody!  Ren’s plan from last week seems to work: he and Miko enter Renautas undetected with the large crowd of Evernow cosplayers.  But Erica has seen right through their ruse and has Harris search among them with a pair EPIC glasses before ordering him to bring the sword to her home for safekeeping.  Miko and Ren are able to avoid detection long enough to see Harris put the sword in a van.   Miko is afraid that they’ll lose its location, but Ren (WHO IS CLEARLY THE SMARTEST PERSON ON THIS ENTIRE SHOW) tosses his phone into the gas tank compartment and tracks the van to Erica’s home.


HRG, Quentin and Taylor



After fleeing from the secret evo room when Molly shot herself, HRG, Quentin, and Taylor find themselves in another part of Renautas.  It’s a seed bank, full of plant life specimens.  HRG seems to think its for re-population, but why would that be needed?  They watch as some of the specimens are taking away for transport.  But where are they sending them to?


It turns out that a Renautas employee named Richard is somehow sending these specimens… somewhere.  Is it some sort of portal?  It’s not explained, but Erica praises his work as “god-like” and calls it “the Big Bang without the mess”.  What the?


But HRG is ready for some answers, so Taylor calls Erica and fakes an apology, asking her to meet at their house.  When Erica arrives, the two argue- Taylor wants to know what her mother has been hiding from her, particularly involving her boyfriend, while Erica accuses her daughter of using drugs again.


Finally, HRG reveals himself and starts questioning Erica’s motives and what’s going on at Renautas.  She tells him that she had nothing to do with Claire’s death, or Hiro’s (who died at the Odessa summit, apparently).  She is merely trying to save the planet and their species, which requires sacrifice.  She mocks him for wiping his memory to protect someone, but before she can tell him who, Harris arrives with Miko’s sword.  He tells her Erica that she’s needed at Renautas and she leaves, letting him take care of HRG, Quentin, and Taylor.  But before HE can do anything, Miko crashes through the window, grabs her sword, unsheathes it, and disappears, off to save her father.  Quentin is able to knock out Harris, and for now, they’re safe.


Back at Renautas, Richard informs Erica that they’re running out of time.  In less than a week, due to a reversal of the magnetic poles, the earth will be fatally vulnerable to waves of solar radiation .  It will wipe out 96% of all species on earth within days.  But Erica doesn’t seem too fazed, looking forward to “starting over”.


Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain

  • As shown by the film WALL-E, we can all agree that the 4% of species that survives the solar radiation includes cockroaches, right?
  • Was it just me, or was Carlos adopting a bit of Batman voice while dressed as El Vengador?  Oh, Carlos.
  • Quentin mimicking Erica while they questioned her was THE BEST.  I’m telling you guys, Henry Zebrowski is a national treasure.
  • So, okay, I had multiple friends complaining about Luke setting his house on fire when it was so close to neighboring residences this week.  GUYS.  HE’S KILLED MULTIPLE PEOPLE IN COLD BLOOD, A LITTLE PROPERTY DAMAGE AIN’T NO THING.
  • The EPIC glasses totally sound like Iron Man’s repulsor’s starting up, don’t they?
  • I gotta admit, I’ve been having at least one “LOUD EXPLETIVE MOMENT” a week with the show lately.  This week’s was definitely when Phoebe showed up.  She may be a baddie, but umbrakinesis is SO COOL.  Also, I want an epic throw-down between Phoebe and Luke SO FREAKIN’ BAD NOW.
  • The reveal of the solar radiation stuff makes me wonder what the deal was with the light show in the sky last week.  Specifically, Luke wasn’t able to use his powers… so is Phoebe also doing some mojo on the skies like Malina has been?  Or does the solar radiation mess with Luke’s powers?
  • I mean, no wonder Luke turned vaguely evil after Dennis died.  DENTISTS ARE INHERENTLY EVIL, so it was really only a matter of time.
  • Ren’s FACE when Miko tells him that he’s one of the only things she has left!  He is a puppy dog.


What did you think of this week’s episode?  Got any theories on what’s ahead?  Tell us in the comments below!


  1. PrinOctober 19th, 2015 at 10:43 am

    The “save his dad” possibly means Nathan Petrelli, since Tommy’s adoptive mother lets the first name “Nathan” slip while she’s arguing with Pennyman.

    Also, did you notice on the screen of Most Wanted Evos behind the fed who was questioning Tommy, that one of those folks was the suit-wearing woman from the church basement (whose name is [was] apparently Sue Grandry)? Second row, first on the left, after Mohinder.

    The thing about Luke setting his townhouse on fire is different because this is his (former) neighborhood, filled with people he knows, whom he and Joanne were probably at least friendly with, maybe even families whose kids played with Dennis, not strangers. I mean, the guy’s firm was called Tooth Tamers, for heaven’s sake. That doesn’t really scream Orin from Little Shop of Horrors.

    That a Harris duplicate would think he’d need EPIC to spot Miko, whom Harris Prime has met in person and had a conversation with, is a little weird to me. Maybe the cloned Harrises don’t function at quite 100% or with complete autonomy?

    They also neatly dodged the question of whether the EPIC glasses would show squat if anyone used them to look at Miko; my going theory is still that she’s a construct of her father’s rather than a normal human or an Evo. (That is, unsheathing the sword returns her from being materialized in the real world to her natural state as a computer program.)

  2. Tammy HodgesOctober 19th, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Great recap. You captured everything perfectly as always…

    My feelings/ramblings

    …..Luke & Melina will be the two that take on Phoebe, but don’t count Quentin out… I think he’ll try to “talk her off the “ledge” & get caught in “the cross fire” which will jolt Phebs out of her “evil-ish-ness.

    Unfortunately I think Luke is going to make the ultimate sacrifice by “absorbing” the fire ball coming at Earth & Malina’s gonna have to use her powers to “blast” him out into space.

    As for Tommy… Not sure who his Dad is but I feel certain we are all in for a HOLY HECK moment!!

    Now…who haven’t we discussed????
    Joanne!! She be crazy!! She ain’t done yet.

    So much for the ramblings of this old brain ??

  3. DeeZeeOctober 19th, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    In regards to Luke setting a rowhouse on fire and endangering his neighbors’ property and lives…

    They are trying to make us believe that he has had a turnaround. He just said he wants to “atone” for what he’s done. But, by showing such disregard for his innocent neighbors’ homes, he is still acting pretty self-absorbed and lackingof concern for anyone but himself.

    If that’s what the writers were trying to get across, they did a good job. But, if they are trying to show someone on the road to redemption or atonement, they did not do a good job.

  4. JayneOctober 20th, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Maybe Luke’s powers are such that he could make sure only the one house went on fire.
    I wonder why Farah wasn’t able to get in contact with Caspar – he must have been too busy looking after Tommy! I’m wondering who/what their contact was supposed to be.
    As always, can’t wait for the next episode!!

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