Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter Eight


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter Eight: June 13th, Part Two


*to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia”*

Oh Quentin Fraaaaaady

You’re breaking my heart 

You’re shaking my fangirl heart daily…


This week on the The Show That May Kill Me, we learned the true meaning of “be careful what you wish for” thanks to our former buddy/now baddie Quentin: sure, I wanted him alive, but NOT LIKE THIS, GUYS.  Also, I’m left with an air of confusion about how the story will progress- we’ve seen the consequences of HRG’s trigger-happy fingers thus far, but are there going to be FURTHER repercussions later on?  The mind boggles.






HRG, YOU DUMMY.  Though I can’t exactly blame him for wanting to kill Erica, this is not the time for rash decisions, being that the ENTIRETY OF THE HUMAN RACE IS AT STAKE.  Luckily, PAST HRG is there to stop him and Erica only gets shot in the butt- I mean, thigh, but didn’t it totally look like it was her tush for a second?- before being saved by Quentin, who’s searching for Phoebe.  And that’s where everything goes to crap: Erica brings Quentin to Phoebe and is able to turn him to the dark side of the Force.  Enter Luke-Skywalker-style “no” scream here.  The other problem? Erica SAW that there were two HRGs and knows something’s up.


Meanwhile, both versions of HRG confront each other in an empty room in the hospital, which is bizarre and somehow doesn’t cause a tear in the space-time continuum and end the world right then.  Nevertheless, Future HRG leaves to find Hiro, while Past HRG agrees to have his memory wiped by Mysterious Pennyman Caspar (instead of The Haitian, which makes me wonder if HE is alive now, too?) to keep Claire’s twins safe.  They intend to head back to the summit to do so, but Harris intercepts them and brings them to a familiar face: Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg)!  Matt is working for Renautas (SERIOUSLY, Matt?) and attempts to read Past HRG’s mind.  He’s able to find out that Claire’s dead from childbirth, but before he can find out anymore, Caspar is able to slide a penny to Past HRG and wipe his memories, then knock out Harris.  Thankfully, Matt’s still enough of a good guy to let Caspar and Past HRG escape.  They go back to the summit, Caspar wipes the rest of Past HRG’s memories from the day, and leaves him there… only to be rescued by HRG’s future fiancee!


Future HRG and Molly Walker track down old man Hiro, who is living in Odessa with Tommy and his mom (more on that below).  But, thanks to Future HRG’s RIDICULOUSLY EPIC LAPSE IN JUDGMENT, he was followed by Harris.  Tommy’s able to quickly teleport Harris to a different part of the room so that HRG can shoot and kill him.  Tommy then teleports HRG to Angela Petrelli and Malina to check on them.  Angela relays to HRG that she’s been having visions of the world ending in fire and blood, with Tommy and Malina in Odessa under a clocktower that specifically reads 11:53.  They hatch a plan that Malina will come find Tommy in a year’s time.


They momentarily go back to Odessa.  HRG instructs Caspar to watch over Tommy and protect him.  He tells Molly to keep tabs on everybody from far away.  He has Tommy teleport him back to the future and the Renautas facility in Midian.  He’s greeted by a now-alive Quentin… but the butterflies HRG has stepped on have changed his friend’s future in a big way- he’s now secretly working for Erica.  He tells Quentin about the twins, how they’re not babies, and the plan to have them save the world.  AND NOW EVERYTHING’S ALL SCREWED UP, HRG, GREAT JOB.


Hachiro and Miko




After confronting Erica about the spreading of the lie that Hiro was killed in Odessa AND one of the terrorists along with Mohinder (who’s being impersonated by a Mystique-esque evo to look even more guilty), Hachiro realizes that he chose the wrong side.  When he tries to get back into “Evernow” to retrieve Hiro from his prison, he finds he’s locked out.  So Hachiro uses his power (I’m unclear on what exactly it is- technology manipulation of SOME sort, clearly) and creates Katana Girl/Miko from the memory of his daughter as another way to rescue Hiro.  Shortly thereafter, Harris comes to his apartment and takes Hachiro away, unbeknownst to Miko.






(Okay yes, I know his name is technically Nathan, but I have a feeling that he’ll be called Tommy still, once we return to the present, so that’s what I’m sticking with.  Let’s move on.)  Just when we thought that Tommy’s power was V8-ing stuff all over the place, it turns out that he’s a power-absorber, just like his grandpa, but can only hold one power at a time.  Which, of course, explains why Claire couldn’t heal AND explains why Hiro is unable to time travel once he takes himself, the twins, and Angela back in time.  Angela also decides that this means that they have to keep the twins separate so that Tommy doesn’t absorb Malina’s power by accident.  So Angela takes Malina and brings her to Geneva, and Hiro takes Tommy and raises him in Odessa, teaches him how to use his power, and is a REALLY ADORABLE FATHER, OKAY?  Oh, and just like I said last week, Hiro and the nurse from the hospital totally get together, which explains why she’s Tommy’s mom.  CUTE.


When Future HRG arrives at their home in Odessa, Tommy is happy to meet his grandpa.  After he makes a pit stop at Angela’s, he teleports Molly to India, who wants to make sure that Mohinder’s mom knows the truth about her son.  But after he sends HRG back where he belongs, another Harris arrives with more back-up.  Hiro tells Tommy to teleport himself, his mother, and Caspar away to Carbondale. He gives him the 9th wonder comic book and tells him to read it for guidance.  Tommy doesn’t want to leave him, but Hiro makes him go and stays behind to fight Harris.  BUT HE SURVIVES, OKAY, BECAUSE HE’S HIRO AND HE HAS TO.


Tommy is desperate to go back and save Hiro, but before he can do so, Caspar wipes his memory.  All he remembers is his mother.






We FINALLY found out Carlos’ connection to the story this week, as small as it may seem to be: it turns out that his meh-ness towards his “Military Hero” status comes from the fact that he ISN’T a military hero.  Our invisigirl, Farah, is!  Carlos and Farah were in the same unit back in Afghanistan (and had a bit of a fling going, too).  When they came under attack, Farah saved everyone, but made Carlos take responsibility for it so that her evo status could remain a secret.  At the end of her tour anyway, Farah leaves to go work for her “old company”, A.K.A. for Angela Petrelli!  Angela tells Farah that Malina must meet with Tommy in Odessa, but no sooner.  There’s something she hasn’t told Malina…


Luke and Joanne




Even with all those stomped butterflies from HRG’s rash actions, some of the events of June 13th must still take place and that, unfortunately, includes the death of little Dennis Collins.  But that also means that we got to see Joanne’s transformation from overprotective mother to psycho-killer extraordinaire: when the snow-creating evo comes to their hotel room to thank Luke for saving him, Joanne snaps and stabs him.  Like a lot.  In the neck, with a pair of scissors.  Granted, it was in the process of trying to save Luke, who was being ice-choked by the guy after a scuffle erupted, but girl SERIOUSLY enjoyed letting her inner Michael Myers out.


Random Notes from Shannon’s Brain


  • It’s totally my head-canon that Joanne ACTUALLY killed that evo because she was afraid he was going to break out into “Let It Go” from Frozen and she JUST COULDN’T HEAR IT AGAIN.  In which case, good job, Jo: we’re ALL friggin’ tired of that song.
  • I’m not onboard with the whole “a shapeshifter is posing as Mohinder” thing, MAINLY because it’s just going to cause lots of “but was that REALLY the person or just a shapeshifter” confusion.  I’m also in a state of “who’s dead/who’s alive/what did HRG change” confusion, but I suppose that will be revealed in coming episodes.
  • So if Caspar giving someone a penny can take away a person’s memories, are the memories actually “stored” in that penny, or are they gone forever?
  • I’m totally glad that Farah slapped Carlos.  Get your crap together, dude.  Not only is his connection to the story minimal at best, but he actually IS reaping the rewards of her hard work and being super-douchey about it.  Also, it’s learning more towards him NOT being an evo, but that still doesn’t explain his THREE STORY DROP with BASICALLY NO INJURIES.
  • Uh, way to blame your husband for your kid’s death because he saved another person while you didn’t even get off your butt to LOOK for him in the last episode, Joanne.  You’re getting some major side-eye.
  • How come Tommy didn’t absorb Malina’s power in the womb?
  • So back in chapter one, Luke says that Dennis “died in his arms”, but that didn’t happen, as we saw in this episode.  Is that an “oops” or a result of HRG’s butterflies?
  • Can we all agree that Malina got the better deal of the twins? Good lord, that HOUSE!
  • The fact that past HRG had to yell at future HRG for being an idiot is funny, because aren’t you supposed to LEARN as you age?  Ugh, Noah, you’re the worst in this episode.
  • Hiro is the best dad.  Can he adopt me? I want to be adopted by Hiro, too.
  • I’m very upset about Quentin.  I AM VERY UPSET.


That’s it for this week’s recap! Got any theories/comments about this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

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