Heroes Reborn Recap: Chapter 10


By Shannon Fox, @shannonfox


Chapter 10: 11:53 to Odessa


But what do you MEAN we’re not getting a new episode until JANUARY 7TH?!?!


If you weren’t aware, Heroes fans, we’ve got a long over-a-month wait ahead of us for our final three episodes.  And unfortunately, this week, most of our heroes had a one-way ticket to Bad Decisionsville, which is not a good place to be when we’re getting so close to the final showdown.  Will they be able to pull themselves together during the holiday season?  Only time will tell, but let’s see where we ended up this week:





I mean, I’m pretty sure we all thought that Tommy was in some serious, deep doo-doo when he ended up at Erica’s house last week.  So, of course, you’d think that all sorts of alarms would be going off when he wakes up the next morning with a scar on the back of his neck and being told that he randomly “passed out”.  Oh, and Phoebe is still keeping him from being able to use his powers.  So when Erica tells him that she just wants to EXPLAIN everything, Tommy is thankfully distrusting of her and intends to stay that way.

UNTIL Erica tells him that Hiro opened a bridge from the present to the future so that she could save humankind from the HELE.  The bridge, of course, is broken now that Hiro is who knows where, so Erica needs Tommy to reopen it.  And so, he agrees to take her to the future to check things out.  And this is where Tommy’s bad decisions begin.  He’s impressed with her “Gateway” facility in the future, particularly after she manages to convince him that the HELE will occur no matter what he and his sister do.  He agrees to help her transport people and supplies, as long as she agrees to take on as many people as he can transport when the time comes.  And she does, of course, pretty much JUST as she’s ordering Miko to be executed on sight (more on that below).  Right, TOTALLY trustworthy.

Erica has Tommy transport Quentin and Phoebe, who aren’t getting along all to well, back to the present.She wants Phoebe to find Harris and Tommy’s sister. But just after Tommy does so, Miko arrives, calls Tommy the Master of Time and Space, and he teleports away with her.  Oooo, Erica’s PISSED.

HRG, Malina, and Luke



HRG is taking Malina to Midian to look for Tommy, after the whole crazy ice cream shop debacle with Luke and Joanne.  Of course, poor Luke wants to come along and help, since he’s doing his best impression of Princeton from “Avenue Q”.  But HRG is having none of that, and leaves him behind.  He bonds with his granddaughter during their road trip and tells her about Claire and Erica’s plans.

Of course, Luke follows them like the adorable puppy he is and, as soon as they stop for gas, tries to prove his trustworthiness to HRG and Malina.  Unfortunately, though Luke and Malina had been getting along pretty well, his connection to Joanne freaked her out.  Luke admits to HRG that he and his ex had been on an evo-killing spree and he’s changed his ways, but that seems like the last straw for HRG- he tells Luke to get lost.

Unfortunately, HRG and Malina’s road trip is interrupted by this ginormous, crazy, tornado-y storm looking thing.  Seriously, it’s intense.  But Malina is ready to show off her nature powers; she works her mojo and dissipates the storm, but not before a flying car almost takes out HRG.  But he’s teleported away at the last moment… but by whom?

Even though Malina totally saved everyone, all the people who saw her go all “evolved human” are apparently the worst and start turning on her! And guess who comes to Malina’s rescue?  That’s right, Luke- they find HRG’s glasses but can’t find him and are forced to flee the angry crowd. Hm, good thing he was following them, right?

Carlos, Farah, Taylor, and the Hero-Truthers



Inexplicably Evil Matt Parkman is still trying to get info about Malina from Farah at Sunstone Manor.  He hasn’t gotten far with her, so he brings in Carlos to jog some memories and that’s where Farah joins the Bad Decisions Club:  when Carlos remembers their time in Afghanistan and his feelings for her, she lets it slip to Matt that she’s still in love with Carlos.  Matt, of course, uses this information to threaten to kill Carlos, and Farah falls for it.  She gives up Malina’s plans to head to Odessa.

Afterwards, it looks like they’re going to kill Carlos, but our boy FINALLY grows some and fights back.  He even saves Farah, awakening her with a magical Sleeping-Beauty-esque kiss.  Sort of.  They then proceed to run into Taylor Kravid, who snuck into Sunstone with the shapeshifting evo on the Hero-Truther Squad posing as her mother to search for Micah and Francis.  They team up and find out that all of the evo’s have already been transported to Odessa, which leaves the three of them, plus the Hero-Truther crew, to fight the Renautas Guards. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, Matt was knocked out by Taylor when he “overheard” her thoughts, along with the shapeshifter posing as Erica.  He’s found by Harris, and tells him about the information on Malina that he got from Farah.  He then pays Micah Sanders a visit, who is holed up in a glass cage of some sort.  Matt asks him to pull up Erica’s list of people she’s taking to the future with her.  He needs to guarantee his family’s spot on it.  Sure enough, he and his family are on it.

Miko and Ren


Miko has appeared, somehow, in the future and just outside Renautas’ Gateway Facility.  Because it’s what she does, she breaks into Renautas (kicking some serious booty along the way) and runs into not only Otomo, but also her real human counterpart.  Apparently, Renautas has been keeping the REAL Miko alive after her accident to ensure Otomo’s loyalty. Otomo tells Miko that she has one final mission to complete, but she needs to rescue the Master of Time and Space again… and he’s there at the facility!

Meanwhile, poor little Ren is still searching for Miko in “Evernow” at a cafe.  Out of nowhere, a shogun soldier from the game appears, so naturally, Ren is all like “what the-?” and follows him to some sort of martial arts/fencing training facility, where he finds Otomo.  But it’s not the REAL Otomo, he’s like a projection or copy or something (I clearly don’t understand Otomo’s powers).  He tells Ren that Miko is dying and to save her he needs to go to the future, giving him a helix necklace to help him.  Then Otomo disappears.  Afterwards, Ren spots an advertisement for Renautas and gets on a bus to start his journey.

Random Notes From Shannon’s Brain


  • “Dude. You have like the coolest power ever!” says Quentin, and I must say that I’ve MISSED his great lines.  Not to mention that Phoebe’s “SAY WHAT?!” expression was great.


  • Did anyone else expect the entire cast of Mad Max: Fury Road to drive by in the future? Just me? Okay.


  • Um, MAYBE HRG shouldn’t be so judge-y and dismissive of Luke, when the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE is paying for his stupid mistakes from the past, you know?  Like, PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES AND ALL THAT, HRG!


  • I was totally excited when Quentin started questioning Erica’s decisions.  We could still get our adorable Panda Ginge back!  Also, Phoebe needs to slow her roll with the teenage angst, possibly wash her hair, and maybe go on a Hot Topic shopping spree.


  • When Erica called Miko a “tenacious little construct”, I definitely thought for a minute that she was going to say something that WASN’T “construct”.  But this is basic cable, not HBO.


  • Matt’s reaction to Harris shooting the shapeshifter was great: “ASK A QUESTION, FIND OUT FIRST!!”


  • When Erica told Phoebe to “find Harris and his sister”, I was momentarily confused and thought that Joanne was Harris’ sister, which brought about a WHOLE new set of questions about Joanne, but I was wrong.  But that totally would’ve explained his exasperation with her in the last episode, right?


  • Uh, love you, Tommy, but you are no “Master of Time and Space”.  That’s Hiro.


  • Okay, HRG, 1) what did you actually expect to DO when you got out of the car during the tornado storm, 2) You really didn’t try very hard to keep Malina from displaying her powers or staying close to her to protect her, 3) SERIOUSLY YOU OWE LUKE AN APOLOGY AND A COOKIE BECAUSE HE’S DOING A MUCH BETTER JOB THAN YOU ARE AT THE MOMENT.


  • I know that Malina is kind of wary of Luke after seeing his fight with Joanne, but like… she couldn’t have been like, “Okay, Gramps, he’s not so bad, he got me candy and explained to me the evils of tomatoes”?


  • I SINCERELY do not understand Otomo’s powers.  One bit.


  • Taylor is doing WAY too much for a pregnant lady.  Someone should have her lay down for a bit or something, instead of taking part in perfectly choreographed chase scenes.


That’s it for this week!  As usual, leave your thoughts and theories in the comments, and I’ll see you back here in January!

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